C99 – It’s also Good to be Trained by the Wife!

As Yan Chengyu fixed his gaze on Ann Yan, it felt as though he were sizing up his prey. Ann Yan furrowed his brow in response.

Yan Chengyu’s persistent, scrutinizing stare was becoming increasingly irritating. Ann Yan couldn’t help but wonder what was behind that intense gaze.

Although Ann Yan had briefly entertained the thought that Yan Chengyu might have a genuine interest in him, he quickly dismissed it. Yan Chengyu always seemed like a shrewd hunter, not someone who desired to be the hunted.

“Second Brother, your predatory instincts are on full display!” Yan Xingwei remarked with a hint of amusement, keeping his voice down. “What if you end up scaring Second Sister-in-law away?” he added in a playful tone, casting an intrigued glance at Ann Yan’s unwavering demeanor.

Yan Chengyu responded with a sentence that sent shivers down people’s spines just by listening to it. His words carried an air of nonchalance, as if such situations were commonplace. It appeared that Yan Chengyu was a seasoned expert in the art of hunting.

“The object of your affection is truly in a pitiable situation,” Yan Xingwei sighed suddenly. However, he made it clear that he had no personal investment in the matter. He cared little for the other party’s fate because he was simply too lazy.

Yan Chengyu replied to Yan Xingwei with a smile, but Yan Xingwei didn’t share his sentiment. “Don’t lump me in with you,” Yan Xingwei retorted. “I don’t have your peculiar tastes. Besides, I have no interest in playing cat and mouse games with others. It’s too troublesome, and just thinking about it exhausts me.”

“Is it really peculiar?” Yan Chengyu chuckled. To him, it sounded perfectly fine. As long as he could make the other party willingly submit and provide him with full enjoyment, what was wrong with that? In fact, the mere thought of it thrilled him.

The soldiers standing nearby were taken aback by Yan Chengyu’s behavior. This was the first time they had seen him act in such a manner. They all shared a common thought: Could he actually be serious?

Subsequently, the soldiers turned their collective gaze toward Ann Yan, their expressions conveying a sense of “Captain, you’ve got quite the challenge ahead.” Yet, they also exchanged subtle smiles, as if to say:

“Who do you think will come out on top?”

“It’s gotta be the captain!”

With the determined look on Chengyu’s face, it was evident that the captain was in for an interesting experience.

“But you guys said Chengyu couldn’t possibly outmatch the captain?”

“Nonsense, that’s just a show of respect. After all, Ann Yan is our captain; we can’t not show him some courtesy!”

“You guys are quite mischievous.”

This was a man who wasn’t cruel or merciless—just unconventional. Learn a thing or two from him.


The soldiers effortlessly communicated through their expressions, creating a captivating visual display of understanding.

Ann Yan couldn’t help but cringe at the soldiers’ audacious behavior; it was as if they were shouting their thoughts aloud.

“It’s time for a break,” Ann Yan declared sternly, casting a chilly glance over the soldiers.

The soldiers could only manage nervous laughter, their inner thoughts racing, “Have we given something away?”

Yan Chengyu, naturally attuned to the soldiers’ expressions, raised an eyebrow at Ann Yan and offered a fleeting smile. In Yan Chengyu’s eyes, Ann Yan resembled nothing more than a little mouse! His heart ached for him for a brief moment.

Inside, Ann Yan seethed with anger. He barked, “Yan Chengyu, run ten laps around the training field.” Without further explanation, he joined the formation.

Yan Chengyu chuckled upon hearing this. She was truly adorable; her demeanor hadn’t changed one bit.

“I’m being coached by my wife!” Yan Xingwei, standing nearby, couldn’t resist teasing. “Way to go, Second Brother!”

However, before he set off, Yan Chengyu left him with a parting comment, “Don’t you find it amusing to receive occasional coaching from your wife?”

Yan Xingwei’s expression darkened as he silently thought, “Second Brother, you’re quite the character!”

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