C63 – The Power of Money

Initially, when Manager Chen’s call reached them, they were skeptical, suspecting a potential scam.

After all, who in their right mind would construct a villa in the heart of the city?

Yet, reality quickly shattered their doubts.

Upon receiving word at the corporate headquarters, the chairman himself dialed the number.

The chairman emphasized the need for top-notch quality on the project during their phone conversation.

Every single detail had to be flawless!

Any imperfection leading to Mr. Su’s dissatisfaction would result in immediate termination.

Given their company’s advanced technological prowess, constructing a villa posed no significant challenge.

They had even built skyscrapers on multiple occasions.

Their motto had always been to fulfill the customer’s request to the letter.

However, this time, the standards of their work were elevated.

In fact, even without the boss’s reminder, they understood that this mission was no ordinary task.

Who could own such a valuable piece of land in the bustling city center but someone extraordinary?

Even if he didn’t have specific demands, they couldn’t afford to be careless.

“Mr. Su, if you think it’s suitable, we’ll commence work.”

“Your two cars can be parked right here. We’ll demarcate this open area for your use.”

“After that, we’ll enclose the perimeter with a layer of colored steel tiles, separating it from the outside. Once we finish the wall, we’ll remove the colored steel tiles.”

The man inquired, “Do you think this plan will suffice?”

Su Ming responded with satisfaction, “Alright, no issues.”

Despite the System’s ability to conceal the crops, to the workers, the ground appeared to be planted with ordinary wheat, which had already started to sprout.

Even if they entered, they wouldn’t see the grapevines and trellises.

Only Su Ming had that privilege.

Nevertheless, Su Ming believed in being cautious. After all, he’d regret it if the treasures on the grape arbor were damaged.

If Su Ming were to enter and return with a basket of treasures, it would seem as though they had materialized out of thin air, and he wouldn’t be able to explain.

The colored steel tiles would make a difference.

At the very least, they could help cover his tracks.

Furthermore, he could opt to harvest at night, which was relatively safer.

Su Ming sighed inwardly.

On television, he often witnessed conflicts, cursing, and animosity between parties.

Yet, he found himself getting along quite well with the construction workers.

The power of money was indeed remarkable.

Soon after, the survey team arrived, conducting a brief measurement of Su Ming’s land.

The area available for Su Ming’s cultivation was two acres, equivalent to 1,333 square meters.

It measured roughly 38 meters in length and 35 meters in width, resembling a square.

Adjacent to the field was a corridor, approximately two meters wide, where Su Ming’s car was parked. Beside it lay an empty space.

The thatched cottage stood at the far end of this empty space, facing south.

In front of him stretched a vast expanse of land designated for the villa’s construction.

It measured 15 meters in length and 20 meters in width, totaling 300 square meters.

Su Ming would only discover this when examining the land certificate later on.

This particular piece of land had been specially generated by the System for Su Ming.

It was a unique gift from the System.

This implied that there was land available for cultivation. Apart from the corridor and the area it occupied, Su Ming had approximately three acres of prime city center land.

Nevertheless, he could only utilize two acres for farming.

Once granted permission by Su Ming, the man wasted no time and immediately commenced work without uttering a word.

The laborers worked with remarkable speed. In under two hours, they erected a substantial wall constructed from colorful steel panels, reaching almost three meters in height.

They left a convenient entrance for Su Ming to come and go as he pleased.

Moreover, they installed a few specialized lights inside.

Because once the colorful steel wall was erected, it would obstruct natural light, making the interior somewhat dim at night.

The workers outside began working overtime.

After all, this was a task personally assigned by their superiors.

Who would dare to slack off under such circumstances?

Nonetheless, Su Ming’s lifestyle remained undisturbed.

He continued to enjoy his meals, beverages, and leisure activities without a care.

Even at eleven o’clock in the evening, the laborers were still hard at work.

Su Ming contacted the nearby hotel and ordered four tables of food, requesting them to deliver the dishes.

Originally, Su Ming had intended to invite the laborers to dine at a restaurant.

However, the supervisor declined the offer. One reason was that the construction site required personnel for supervision, with at least four individuals needing to remain.

Leaving someone behind would not be appropriate.

So, Su Ming ordered the dishes to be delivered.

He located a random table and shared a meal with the laborers.

Additionally, Su Ming purchased some cigarettes and gifted each of them a carton.

The workers were delighted to work for such an employer, which spurred them to put in extra effort.

After the meal and some conversation, Su Ming retired for the night while the laborers continued working overtime.

The following morning, Su Ming awoke early.

After a quick wash, he stepped outside to assess the situation.


Su Ming was taken aback, thinking to himself, “They work incredibly fast.”

In just one night, they had completed the foundation and nearly finished constructing the courtyard wall.

The primary reason for this rapid progress was the use of a special, fast-setting cement.

Furthermore, it was exceptionally sturdy.

Such cement was rarely produced and expensive, making it uncommon in construction.

Typically, builders didn’t require this specialized cement as they didn’t have the luxury of extended working hours. Ordinary cement sufficed.

However, understanding Su Ming’s urgency, the builders opted to employ this cement, accelerating the construction process and minimizing the timeline.

“Mr. Su.”

Evidently, the man had not rested the previous night. “The wall is nearly complete, but this is just the beginning.”

Su Ming nodded. “I’m not in a particular rush, so there’s no need for you to overexert yourselves.”

“It’s alright, Mr. Su. Late nights are part and parcel of our trade.”

“Nevertheless, headquarters stipulates that I will oversee this work today to ensure quality. Henceforth, there will be three shifts, each under the charge of a designated supervisor to assist you.”

Su Ming nodded in acknowledgment.

Su Ming purchased breakfast for the workers before departing.

Despite his extended stay in the city center, he had been occupied with farming and trading during this time. He had not had a proper opportunity to explore the nearby shopping districts.

Su Ming chose a direction at random and took a leisurely stroll.

After all, he had no pressing tasks at hand, and the crops in his field required additional time to mature.

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