C62 – Speed

Manager Chen acted with impressive speed.

Her efficiency was remarkable; as soon as Su Ming returned, his phone rang.

After confirming the time and location, she promptly ended the call.

Not much time passed before trucks arrived, unloading materials onto the ground.

The construction crew specialized in erecting structures, capable of constructing walls and villas effortlessly.

Several migrant workers and a handful of contractors arrived one after another.

“You must be Mr. Su, correct?”

A man in a suit approached Su Ming upon spotting him.

“That’s me.”

Su Ming nodded and inquired, “May I ask who you are?”

“I am overseeing this project. My responsibility here is to build the walls and villa for you.”

The man offered a friendly smile.

During their conversation, Su Ming discovered the construction team’s impressive track record, including the construction of the Guoxing Building.

Suddenly, the man remembered something and mentioned, “Mr. Su, please select the design for the villa and the walls.”

“The courtyard wall doesn’t require excessive aesthetics, just practicality,” Su Ming replied.

After a moment of contemplation, Su Ming added, “As for the villa’s design, I haven’t decided yet.”

“Mr. Su, we’ve built numerous villas and have a variety of pre-designed blueprints on hand. I brought them with me this time,” the man explained.

From his briefcase, he retrieved some blueprints and continued, “If these designs don’t meet your preferences, you can provide specific requirements, and we will customize the design accordingly. Once you approve it, we can begin construction.”

“Rest assured, we are a professional construction team, and we understand the importance of using high-quality materials, especially since you and Manager Chen are acquaintances. You needn’t worry about delays; we’ll work swiftly.”

Su Ming was momentarily taken aback.

In truth, he wasn’t in such a rush.

Their efficiency, however, was quite impressive.

Su Ming feared that after spending a single night in the thatched hut, he might wake up the next morning to find the courtyard wall and villa already built.

The construction team’s pace was often determined by the promptness of the buyer’s payments.

Su Ming not only paid promptly but also generously.

This immediately motivated the construction team to act swiftly.

“I don’t have many demands for the villa,” Su Ming mused.

He stroked his chin and elaborated, “It should accommodate four or five people in the future.”

Su Ming planned to bring his parents here.

He was in his twenties and felt it was time to settle down and start a family.

“It would be ideal if there’s an underground storage area.”

“Certainly!” the man responded promptly, understanding Su Ming’s request and producing a blueprint.

“What do you think of this?” he asked, pointing to the blueprint.

The man proceeded to provide Su Ming with more details about the design.

“This villa comprises five floors: three above ground and two below. Each floor measures approximately 220 square meters.”

“After evaluating your available space, there’s approximately 70 square meters left.”

“I intend to construct an enclosed swimming pool and an underground garage at the entrance.”

“The underground garage will be situated beneath the open area, and it can be expanded to about 100 square meters.”

The man continued, “The size of the underground garage is flexible and can be adjusted according to your preferences.”

Su Ming had never imagined he would own a villa.

For most people, living in a city center villa meant purchasing an existing one.

Customizing a villa generally required moving to the suburbs.

However, Su Ming was in a unique position because he owned this piece of city center land.

He had the freedom to design his villa as he pleased.

In the future, a ten-billion-yuan villa would suddenly emerge in the city center.

Su Ming had minimal requirements for the villa; it needed to be spacious and comfortable.

Moreover, this blueprint was a closely guarded secret within their construction company.

It had been designed by an internationally renowned architect, and the company had invested heavily to acquire it.

Combining elements of both Eastern and Western cultures, ancient and modern styles, the blueprint was truly unique.

Su Ming nodded in approval.

“Mr. Su, rest assured, this is just an initial design. We will pay meticulous attention to every detail.”

“Interior decoration will take some time. If you have any additional ideas or requests during this period, feel free to let us know. We’ll do our utmost to accommodate your wishes.”

“You can either purchase furniture and appliances for the villa yourself or let us handle it for you.”

“Alright,” Su Ming agreed.

This arrangement was much more convenient for him.

He wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

“Are you planning to be a farmer in the city center?” the man quipped.

He raised an eyebrow and continued, “I noticed a truck and several farming vehicles, along with some basic farming tools. You’ll need a reliable irrigation system, and we can construct a larger warehouse nearby for your agricultural equipment.”

“We’ll create a discreet entry in the wall to facilitate your access.”

The man went on.

Su Ming couldn’t help but admire him silently.

The man was exceptionally thorough!

Su Ming hadn’t considered these matters previously.

However, what impressed him most was the man’s ability to think ahead and anticipate all the necessary details.

Of course, Su Ming understood that this level of attention was reserved for exceptional projects.

The construction team had experience building many villas, but constructing a villa on a ten-billion-yuan city center plot was a first.

This level of detail was unexpected.

In truth, Su Ming didn’t require these extras.

He hadn’t contemplated such features before.

Nevertheless, upon the man’s arrival, he had meticulously considered every aspect.

His professionalism was evident.

Su Ming was well aware that for a standard villa project, such attention to detail wouldn’t be necessary.

However, the circumstances were different now.

They were building a villa on a ten-billion-yuan plot of land, likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It was something they had never done before and might never do again.

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