C56 – Principal Guo’s Strange Behavior & Wang Yangming’s Shock

“Indeed, you’re right.”

Principal Guo directed his gaze at the video and silently nodded in agreement.

In that moment, Wang Yangming couldn’t contain his excitement as he exclaimed,

“Principal Guo, this exceptional student is a part of our school! Nurturing such a prodigious talent is an even greater opportunity!”

Principal Guo returned Wang Yangming’s enthusiasm with a thoughtful look and replied,

“Our school? Didn’t you personally seek him out within our institution?”

Wang Yangming felt a tinge of embarrassment creeping in at the mention of this. Had he really gone to look for Jiang Hao? He had even proposed conditions to recommend him to the provincial sports team, yet Jiang Hao had remained hesitant.

If that was the case, Wang Yangming couldn’t afford to lose face.

Suddenly, a bright idea struck him.

“Principal Guo, I’ll approach him directly! But Jiang Hao insists on your approval before agreeing.”

Wang Yangming’s statement left Principal Guo momentarily stunned.

“If I give my approval, he’ll agree?”

Principal Guo couldn’t help but break into a smile.


“Very well, I…”

At that moment, Wang Yangming looked expectantly at Principal Guo, who was on the verge of consenting.

But suddenly, Principal Guo seemed to have an epiphany, and his voice abruptly ceased.

He promptly rose from his seat.

“Elder Wang, what did you say his name was?”

Wang Yangming was equally taken aback by Principal Guo’s sudden change in demeanor. He observed Principal Guo’s anxious expression and provided an honest response.

“Jiang Hao, he’s a student from Grade Three, Class Eight. He sits in the back row. It appears his academic performance isn’t particularly outstanding.”

Principal Guo’s face stiffened upon hearing this revelation.

How could he not be aware of Jiang Hao in Grade 12 Class 8?

Grade 12 Class 8 was his primary focus.

In this recent joint school examination, Jiang Hao, the dark horse, had unexpectedly entered the spotlight, causing quite a stir among various individuals.

He was among them!

The impressive score of 747 points left some students who considered themselves geniuses feeling quite amazed!

With such an outcome, can you still claim that his academic results are lacking?

Elder Wang, are you attempting to jest with me?

No wonder Jiang Hao had you inquire on his behalf; he’s quite a clever young man!

In this moment, Principal Guo cast an unusual gaze upon Wang Yangming.

Principal Guo’s peculiar look caught Wang Yangming off guard.

“Principal Guo, why are you regarding me in such a manner?”

Wang Yangming was perplexed.

“Elder Wang, are you unaware of the joint examination between the third-year and twelfth-grade students in Tianhee City?”

The Jiang Hao you mentioned may not have excelled academically, but he secured the first position in this combined examination with a score of 747 points!”

Principal Guo explained, somewhat exasperated.

Wang Yangming was utterly flabbergasted upon hearing this.


“Is that even possible? 747 points? First place among the four schools in the joint examination?”

“Could there be another student with the same name?”

Wang Yangming hesitated, as in his perception, shouldn’t the top scholar everyone talked about be a studious individual who wore glasses and sat at the front, not someone who excelled in sports?

Principal Guo, upon hearing this, felt a tinge of helplessness.

“Elder Wang, there’s only one Jiang Hao in Grade 12 Class 8. If my memory serves me right, the Jiang Hao you mentioned is the student who secured the first place in the joint examination among the four schools!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent you to consult me!”

Upon hearing Principal Guo’s words, Wang Yangming instantly grasped the situation and became somewhat anxious.

“But, his basketball talent is truly exceptional…”

Before Wang Yangming could finish his sentence, Principal Guo raised his hand to halt him.

“Elder Wang, no matter what you say, I won’t permit this student to be converted into an athlete.

Furthermore, do you comprehend his intentions?

He never had any intention of becoming an athlete. As for why he requested you to approach me, it was merely his way of rejecting the idea. He must have realized that I wouldn’t consent!”

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