C109 – The City Lord Who Poached Us

Fang Xiang suppressed the sudden surge of ambition and resentment that welled up within her. She couldn’t help but acknowledge that, as a woman, it was hard to completely quell such feelings, especially when she laid eyes on the person she loved…

Nevertheless, the Night’s Fall Sword City Lord possessed an unwavering resolve. She had endured years of solitude and now stood at the pinnacle of power in this icy city. She swiftly reined in her emotions.

She could be as ruthless and unfeeling as winter towards her adversaries, but she also had the capacity for tenderness towards those she cared for, even doting on them.

Fang Xiang turned to observe the young man’s strained smile as he was cornered by possessive young girls. Even his smile held a hint of bitterness and helplessness.

While it was true that one might argue the victims had it coming, but since he was cornered… she couldn’t fault herself for rescuing him from their clutches and offering him protection within her own domain.

The present scenario featured Xun Yimu, the young master of the Profound Yin Family, and Sun Fen, a Destiny’s Song Sword Cultivator from Blistook Pavilion. It seemed that the former was relentless in pursuing someone she had even confined to a basement. As for the clash between the latter and Luo Shun, it might not be exactly what it appeared; their encounter appeared to be coincidental. Judging by the intensity of the attack at the scene, it had certainly taken its toll on the individual in question. If she survived, she’d likely be crippled. It was evident that she had initially approached Guo Fan with intentions of killing him.

These two posed clear and immediate threats that needed to be dealt with first.

Furthermore, the information also mentioned two individuals from Veplon Country who were almost married to Mr. Xiaobo, suggesting they were no longer concerns. There was no need to fret over them any longer.

The seductress from the Secret Jewel Inn and Song Ru, who appeared to be associated with Guo Fan, displayed no unusual behavior. In summary, the two influential women were the most formidable adversaries.

So long as she had the capability to handle them, keeping Guo Fan by her side, even if temporarily, wouldn’t be a daunting task.

Before parting ways, Fang Xiang guided them to a secluded spot. She was intimately familiar with Sword Pavilion and Night’s Fall Sword City, aware of every concealed nook and cranny that eluded prying eyes. Their farewell involved a lingering embrace and a kiss on the young man’s forehead, akin to an affectionate gesture towards a child.

She was well aware that she no longer held the authority to make grandiose promises to this young man. The fervent vows shared with a Devoted Partner were no longer fitting. Remaining by his side and comprehending him constituted the most profound declaration of love.

“No matter how distant your journey takes you, no matter how long it lasts, I’ll await your return in Night’s Fall Sword City.”

Fang Xiang gently smoothed his clothing, radiating warmth and familiarity like a traveler returning home. Her demeanor differed from Su Feng’s, who seemed intent on ensnaring someone with her gentleness.

Guo Fan couldn’t help but think that she would make a wonderful mother for his future children. He held her smooth hand and nodded while glancing at the progress bar.


This was the most straightforward means for Guo Fan to secure favorability, and it put his mind at ease.

He mused that if everyone were as exhilarating and electrifying as Li Xieren, life might lose its appeal.

Fang Xiang spoke softly, “I’ll escort you to the Sword Singing Platform… Currently, Xun Yimu harbors suspicions about you and has dispatched followers to keep tabs on you. However, she remains uncertain. It seems that your connection with that vixen has cast doubt upon her understanding of life.”

She playfully winked at Guo Fan. “Tell me the truth. Profound Yin Young Lord doesn’t seem like someone easily swayed. The Profound Yin Family members are notoriously haughty and indifferent to men. What kind of enchantment did you employ?”

Guo Fan cleared his throat and replied, “Well… It’s also because… her Profound Yang Bead is exclusively in my possession.”


Fang Xiang was stunned and said, “Profound Yang Bead?”

Guo Fan nodded and explained, “I acquired the Profound Yang Bead through a unique method, and it inadvertently fused with me… So, logically speaking, I am now the vessel for the Profound Yang Bead.”

Fang Xiang didn’t know whether to laugh or be bewildered as she pinched her palm and asked, “This is truly an unusual occurrence in the realm of cultivation. Didn’t the Profound Yang Bead mention that it was concealed in the dantian upon its birth? How did you manage to acquire it?”

“How would I understand the workings of this ‘Flying Dragon Cloud Exploring Hand’? Can it steal anything?”

Guo Fan raised his hands innocently, and Fang Xiang found his childlike demeanor endearing. She pointed at Guo Fan’s forehead with a mischievous grin, much like a playful child causing trouble. “I finally comprehend why she pursued you as if you were a treasure. She even returned the sword to the Sword Pavilion, adopted a more conciliatory approach with the Profound Yin Family, and resolved this enmity…”

Upon reflection, it seemed like a win-win situation for her. She not only gained the opportunity to unlock the Night’s Fall Sword Array but also signaled a shift in the Profound Yin Family’s stance toward relationships with outsiders. Taking Guo Fan back served a dual purpose.

“But this means Xun Yimu won’t harm you. At worst, she’ll capture you, and I’ll find a way to rescue you. However, Sun Fen… She seems filled with murderous intent. How did you incur her wrath?”

“Well, it’s not really my doing. She has a fiery temper. In terms of arrogance, she surpasses even the Profound Yin Family. In the past, I bested her in swordsmanship. Now, she seeks me out, brandishes her sword, and demands that I defeat her. It’s not so much about wanting to kill me as it is about seeking an explanation from me. Or perhaps, she’s waiting for me to surpass her again, allowing her to quell her murderous intentions with a clear conscience.”

Guo Fan had reflected on his interactions with Xun Yimu and Sun Fen during his recent days of cultivation. Fear had driven him to flee, but in truth, these two individuals had a mutual fondness for each other. The progress bar existed. Regardless, it couldn’t easily transform into hatred.

Even Li Xieren’s true ailment had been resolved in a life-or-death situation. To be honest, Guo Fan shouldn’t have been afraid of facing Sun Fen in this context. Yet, just this once, he felt fear and apprehension.

However, now that he had unexpectedly encountered Fang Xiang, the dread and anxiety he had experienced regarding the altered attitude toward others vanished, leaving him feeling somewhat relieved.

To be fair, Guo Fan had also been a bit flustered when he unexpectedly encountered Fang Xiang.

His acting skills were lacking, but he decided to channel his genuine emotions into his strategy and adapt quickly.

Fang Xiang held his hand firmly and whispered, “But your current level of cultivation… It’s insufficient to surpass her. This has made her feel somewhat inadequate and uncertain about her next steps regarding you.”

Guo Fan felt that Fang Xiang truly understood him. She grasped the essence of his words immediately and offered her support.

However, it wasn’t the right time to delve into the details at this moment.

Fang Xiang’s eyes shimmered as she said, “I get it. Once you’re registered, we can discuss it in more depth. I’ll do my best to assist you.”

“For now, you should conceal your identity and avoid being discovered by these two. The Night’s Fall Sword Array is under my control. Regardless of the outcome, Sun Fen needs to plan her next steps…”

Their brief conversation didn’t take much time. Fang Xiang brought Guo Fan back to the Sword Singing Platform. As they arrived in front of the platform, Meng Jin’s voice reached Guo Fan’s ears.

“Let me tell you, half a cup of tea on Jolcana Road? Impossible! It definitely isn’t that Foundation Establishing Stage individual. If he can achieve that, I’ll eat this sword right now!”

Xia Cai from the Star Fox Sect suddenly appeared surprised and exclaimed, “He’s coming down!”

Meng Jin’s expression stiffened as he turned around to see Guo Fan smiling at him. Guo Fan’s half-smile was directed at the intricate and beautiful long sword in Meng Jin’s hand.

The scabbard of this sword was carved with hollow patterns.

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