C608 – Wang Chuan Is Resurrected

“Impressive swordsmanship!”

A voice filled with admiration emanated from the massive hand.

“There are only a handful of individuals in the Chaotic Battlefield that I hold in high regard. Zhang Hao is one, Wutian is one, Zhang Xuan is one, and now you, Zhang Changsheng, have joined their ranks!”

“I never anticipated encountering someone as remarkable as you in the Chaotic Battlefield!”

Another, even more intense beam of light struck the enormous hand, drowning out any remaining sound.

The longsword clashed with the massive hand, resulting in a resounding impact echoing through the Void.

A much more dazzling golden light radiated from Zhang Changsheng’s body, causing ripples to ripple throughout the Void.


Within the Void, the Great Dao quivered, and suddenly, one of the Great Daos within the Void shattered.

The sky was bathed in a radiant golden glow, blinding everyone to the point where they couldn’t keep their eyes open.

The colossal hand dissipated!

The entire Heavens Battlefield was drenched in a rain of blood, as a potent surge of Spiritual Energy burst forth, akin to a balloon being punctured.

This unexpected turn of events left the spectators on the ground utterly astounded.

Particularly those who had doubted Mr. Zhang. They now stood dumbfounded, unable to believe that an Imperial Emperor had shattered Tianji Zi’s hand. Even Luo Hou wouldn’t have dared to underestimate that hand, which had been formed from the power of the Great Dao.

The destruction of such a formidable palm left many of them in disbelief.

They found it challenging to accept what they had just witnessed.


All of a sudden, a faint cracking noise emanated from Zhang Changsheng’s body, and fissures resembling a spider’s web began to appear across his form.


Blood sprayed from the fractures.

“Big brother!”

Zhang Changxin held Zhang Changsheng up. At this moment, Zhang Changsheng’s face was full of smiles, but his life was fading away.

Zhang Changxin quickly took out a life herb and stuffed it into Zhang Changsheng’s mouth, looking forward to making up for Zhang Changsheng’s life force.

Everyone was shocked.

What a domineering strike!

He poured all of his life force into that sword and instantly activated it.

Sword Drawing Style!

What a domineering sword aura!

However, the side effects were also huge, and that was life.

After this sword strike, Zhang Changsheng’s life could be considered to have come to an end.

Despite this, everyone was still shocked.

A big hand that could kill an ultimate warrior at the Monarch Stage, this was a heaven defying existence.

Zhang Changsheng’s spiritual energy exploded, and his body broke apart. Even his bones were shattered. There was not a single bone in his body, and his entire body was as weak as a pile of meat.

Zhang Changsheng had no way to absorb the life force medicine that Zhang Changxin had stuffed into his body.

It was like a glass ball being stuffed into a sponge, and then squeezed out by the sponge.

Luo Hou looked at Zhang Changsheng in a daze, his eyes showing respect.

Although Zhang Changsheng was a junior to him, he had done something that he could not do. This alone was enough to win his respect.

He glanced at Zhang Changsheng, then at the river of time. After that, he turned around and left.

Qiao Dangdang and the others heaved a sigh of relief. Even if Tianji Zi hadn’t done anything, he wouldn’t have done it a second time.

Today was an exception.


At this moment, Zhang Xuan, who had his eyes closed, opened his eyes. A bright light flashed in his eyes, and his big hand stabbed into a certain part of the river of time.

“Come out!”

His hand was extremely fast, and as if he had caught something, he threw it to the side.


An object that looked like a ghost jumped out from the river of time and roared. It looked at Zhang Xuan at first glance and then rushed over.

Wherever this thing passed, a death energy was instantly born. Cracks actually appeared on the Void.

On the ground, a huge chasm appeared. The earth trembled, and magma gushed out from the cracks.

In an instant, the heavens and earth showed signs of the end of the world.

“This is…”

“Retreat, don’t touch it. This is the specter of time and space, an existence that the Heavenly Axiom watches over time and space.”

“Space-time specter!? Is it because Zhang Xuan has awakened the river of time?”

“Cut the crap, don’t touch it. When they come out, they will only attack the people who have blasphemed against time. If the others don’t provoke them, they won’t attack us.”

Someone reminded when they saw that someone wanted to attack the ghost.


Zhang Xuan was taken aback upon spotting the space-time ghost. It was a grotesque sight, resembling a soul-state skeleton.

“This is bad. Zhang Xuan provoked the space-time ghost because of Wang Chuan. He’s in serious trouble this time!”

“Even Yin Tianzi and Tianji Zi wouldn’t dare to provoke the space-time ghost. Can they not comprehend the Time Great Dao mastered by Yin Tianzi and Tianji Zi? That can’t be true, can it?”

“It’s not that they can’t comprehend it, but that they dare not. They fear provoking the space-time specter. It’s unkillable, untrappable, and once it latches onto you, only death can free you from its grip.”

Concern filled the villagers as they watched the space-time ghost. Zhang Xuan prepared for a confrontation, the energy in his palm crackling like lightning.

In a surprising turn of events, everyone was left dumbfounded as the haughty space-time ghost glided before Zhang Xuan. Just when it seemed ready to attack, it halted, gazing at Zhang Xuan with a hint of curiosity and sniffing the air like a puppy.

In the next moment, the aggressive aura surrounding the space-time ghost dissipated, and it began circling around Zhang Xuan without any hostile intent.

Gradually, the space-time ghost faded away.

The spectators watched this astonishing scene, puzzled by the inexplicable turn of events.

“Is that Zhang Xuan? His cultivation is so formidable that even space-time specters fear him!”

A man exclaimed with astonishment, noting the gentleness in the space-time ghost’s eyes as it regarded Zhang Xuan, as if a dog had found its master.

This surreal scene left everyone profoundly shocked and perplexed.

“Ouch! That hurts!”

Wang Chuan’s cry jolted the village awake. Wu Jinghua rushed to his side, asking, “Old Wang, how are you feeling?”

“Damn it, Old Wu, were you trying to strangle me?”

Wang Chuan swatted away Wu Jinghua’s hand, exasperated.

“What happened to me? Why do I feel like I slept for a century?”

Wang Chuan’s eyes held confusion, as if he had missed something crucial.

Wu Jinghua stared at Wang Chuan, hugged him tightly, and wept tears of joy. “You rascal, you’ve come back to life! Do you know that Sir nearly clashed with Tianji Zi to bring you back?!”

“I… died? Old Wu, are you joking?”

Wang Chuan looked at Wu Jinghua in shock. Upon seeing the genuine look in Wu Jinghua’s eyes, his own gaze grew increasingly vacant. He scanned the surroundings and found everyone wearing the same bewildered expressions, leaving him utterly perplexed.

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