C123 – Xiao Yi’s Intervention

“Call the police? Involve the police? Wouldn’t that expose my involvement in pushing someone?”

In this moment, Elina finally comprehended the fear that had overtaken her.

Xiao Yi had been closely observing her reaction, and upon noticing her panic, his customary smile graced his lips.

“The most crucial matter now is to observe your wife’s awakening! You’re in no hurry to summon the authorities, are you? It can’t escape anyway,” Xiao Yi chuckled, concluding with a hint of purpose in his words, “Even the culprit won’t be able to evade justice.” Whom was he addressing intentionally? His words carried a veiled intent.

As expected, Elina’s expression turned even more terrified upon hearing this. Her complexion drained of color, and her hands, clutching her white coat, trembled uncontrollably.

“I want to know the outcome now.”

Mu Sifa’s demeanor remained resolute; he paid no heed to anyone, and his voice carried the tone of urgency.

“Alright, alright, alright. Don’t be upset; I’ll assist as well,” Xiao Yi comfortingly patted Mu Sifa’s shoulder.

Mu Sifa suddenly grew agitated, his brow furrowing. It was unclear whether it was due to his previous outburst or not. However, Shang Xiaojie’s fall a moment ago had left a lingering unease in his heart. It was impossible for him to forget it.

“I understand you’re concerned about your wife’s condition, but he needs you by his side at this moment. I’ll help you handle this matter with the authorities, so don’t worry,” Xiao Yi reassured Mu Sifa, patting his shoulder once more.

Having known Mu Sifa for a long time, Xiao Yi’s words didn’t raise any doubts. “Alright, I’ll entrust this matter to you two. I’ll go check on Xiaojie.”

With that, Mu Sifa didn’t linger and hurried to Shang Xiaojie’s side.

Xiao Yi watched Mu Sifa’s departure, his smile returning. However, he turned to Jia Tianxia and said, “You should begin investigating this incident first. We’ll have to wait for the surveillance footage before calling the police. Otherwise, the police won’t respond.”

Although Jia Tianxia maintained a smile, he felt an inexplicable unease. Yet, he couldn’t quite articulate it.

“Alright, I’ll go check the surveillance footage first. I’ll inform you once I have the information,” Jia Tianxia stated before leaving.

With Jia Tianxia’s departure, Elina’s anxiety escalated as she couldn’t risk drawing attention to the surveillance.

She hastily trailed behind Jia Tianxia, but before she could take the third step, Xiao Yi inquired, “Is there something amiss, Assistant Ai?”

“No, I’m perfectly fine! I just need to use the restroom.”

He didn’t dare to glance back at Xiao Yi, his heart racing once more.

“So it’s a restroom break. And? You don’t seem quite well. If you’re not feeling your best, don’t hesitate to take care of yourself.”

Despite his seemingly harmless appearance, there was something disconcerting about him.

Elina didn’t bother responding and hastily made her way outside, as though attempting to catch up with Jia Tianxia.

Xiao Yi folded his arms, wearing a knowing smile as if he were merely watching a spectacle unfold.

“He really doesn’t have a bright future, does he? Does he lack the courage to embrace recognition? Or perhaps he never contemplated his course of action following this incident?”

Nevertheless, observing her behavior, it was evident that she hadn’t anticipated this turn of events. She indeed appeared somewhat naive. Relying on her to stir up any significant commotion seemed quite unlikely.

Xiao Yi contemplated the matter internally before retrieving his phone. He couldn’t discern its contents or the recipient, but he received no response, only a simple message: “I understand.”

“Very well! Let’s see how far this situation can progress. We shall see!” His unsettling smile persisted.

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