C122 – Mu Sifa Was So Angry!!!

Once again, Elina seethed with anger as Xiao Yi blatantly ignored her. How infuriating! Only Mu Sifa’s friends were allowed to work here! What was he trying to prove?

Hmph! Did he really think that I, Elina, had taken an interest in him? I just didn’t want to be indebted to him.

Elina found herself chuckling inwardly at her own predicament.

“Hello, Doctor Xiao.”

Jia Tianxia displayed deep respect towards Xiao Yi, much like his demeanor towards Mu Sifa.

Xiao Yi, the proprietor of the hotel where Mu Sifa stayed, and Xiao Ming’s sibling.

Being well-versed in medicine, he was employed by Mu Sifa.

“Very well,” he replied with the same warm smile. “I heard that Mu Sifa’s wife was injured and was taken to the emergency room, so I came to check on her.”

He chuckled once more. Did he have a penchant for laughter? Yet, there was always an underlying meaning in that smile, known only to him.

“I heard the incident occurred at the cinema, didn’t it?” He cast a meaningful glance at Elina and quirked an eyebrow. “Assistant Ai appears to have attended the movie too, just moments ago.”

Elina was instantly taken aback and flustered.

Had he seen me? Or had he noticed something?

Elina dared not utter a word. She was gripped by fear, clutching her white vest tightly.

“Isn’t that so?” He continued casually. “While sipping coffee by the second-floor window, I thought I caught a glimpse of Assistant Ai. Perhaps it was my imagination?”

So, it was I who spotted him at the hospital! What a scare.

Elina breathed a sigh of relief and replied with a laugh, “You’re absolutely right! I happened to sit in the same row as Sifa and Madam at the cinema. However, I left before the two of them, and I just found out about Madam’s situation. I was truly shocked; how could I have been so careless?”

She wore a terrified expression as if she weren’t the one responsible for it.

Upon hearing her response, a smile suddenly graced Xiao Yi’s face. However, he refrained from speaking and merely fixed his gaze on her.

Elina felt a surge of anxiety as his unwavering stare unnerved her. She responded with an embarrassed smile but inwardly cursed: “What are you staring at? It’s incredibly uncomfortable.”

Yet, her curses remained unspoken, as she didn’t dare to voice them directly.

A sudden hush fell over their exchange, leaving them in mutual silence.

After about a minute, the door to the emergency room finally swung open. Mu Sifa emerged, visibly relieved, with a nurse pushing Shang Xiaojie out behind him.

Shang Xiaojie remained unconscious, but his complexion was no longer as pallid as it had been initially.

“Boss, how’s everything? Is Madam okay?” Jia Tianxia was the first to step forward.

Mu Sifa responded, “It’s not a major issue, just a minor concussion, nothing more.”

Mu Sifa’s heart raced as he recalled the blood on Shang Xiaojie’s forehead and his sudden loss of consciousness.

“Retrieve the surveillance footage from the projection room. I want to know exactly what transpired.”

Mu Sifa’s demeanor turned cold in an instant. He was seething with anger, convinced that Shang Xiaojie hadn’t simply fallen down the stairs.

“Understood,” Jia Tianxia replied, berating himself for not thinking of it sooner.

“Also, contact the police.”

“Call the police?”

Jia Tianxia was taken aback. Shang Xiaojie’s injury, while unfortunate, didn’t seem to warrant police involvement. If it were merely a fall, the police might not take the case seriously.

Elina’s face turned pale, and she trembled upon hearing the mention of the police and surveillance system. She hadn’t anticipated Mu Sifa’s decision to handle the situation in this manner.

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