C58 – Defeat Zhao Sanduo

“Loong Chen, please refrain from acting hastily. While Zhao Sanduo may have a questionable character, his strength shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Xiao Yan hurriedly attempted to dissuade Loong Chen.

Having previously sparred with Zhao Sanduo, he was aware that Zhao Sanduo’s strength was on par with his own.

Loong Chen was undoubtedly a prodigy, but as a Level 2 Evolver, he might even struggle against a Level 3 or Level 4 Evolver with a higher cultivation base.

Nonetheless, within the Dragon God Temple, everyone was a genius. Challenging someone with a higher cultivation base here was an arduous task.

“Don’t fret, Xiao Yan. I have a plan.”

Loong Chen smiled, reassuring Xiao Yan.

“Very well, let’s proceed to the combat arena for our duel.”

Zhao Sanduo sneered, his intention going beyond merely defeating Loong Chen.

Murong Yuntian was seething with anger. He had explicitly stated his desire to cripple Loong Chen and render him powerless.

“No need for further delay. We can settle things right here; it won’t take long.”

Loong Chen shook his head and suggested.

“You’re fully aware of your own limitations. You know I could finish you off in a single strike. Alright, if you’re in such a hurry to lose, I’ll grant your wish.”

A malevolent grin spread across Zhao Sanduo’s face, and in a flash, he transformed into a blur, standing in front of Loong Chen.

He drew his right arm back like a bowstring, launching a powerful punch towards Loong Chen.

“Zhao Sanduo seems to be using at least 80% of his strength in that punch. Is he aiming to eliminate Loong Chen with this blow?”

The onlookers could feel the sheer force behind Zhao Sanduo’s punch, leaving them astonished.

Xiao Yan’s expression shifted dramatically. He wanted to intervene but was aware that once both parties had agreed to the duel, interference was prohibited.

“Is it going to end soon?”

The prevailing belief was that Loong Chen wouldn’t be able to evade Zhao Sanduo’s incoming punch.

While Loong Chen undoubtedly possessed remarkable talent and surpassed everyone at Dragon God Temple, evident from his successful ascent to the seventh floor of the Tower of Trials, talent didn’t necessarily equate to sheer strength.

The chasm between him and Zhao Sanduo was too vast.

Loong Chen keenly sensed the force behind Zhao Sanduo’s punch, causing him to narrow his eyes.

It appeared that Zhao Sanduo aimed to incapacitate Loong Chen with this strike.

In truth, Loong Chen had no intention of dodging Zhao Sanduo’s punch. He had a different plan in mind.

“Invoke World Dominating!”

Loong Chen activated the World Dominating technique, resulting in an immediate sixfold surge in his strength.

Throughout his time in the Tower of Trials, Loong Chen had amassed a substantial number of attribute points. Without employing World Dominating, he could already muster a punch packing nearly twenty thousand kilograms of force.

When his strength increased sixfold, it reached well over a hundred thousand kilograms.

A typical Level 4 Early Period Evolver, by contrast, boasted a strength of only one hundred thousand kilograms.

“Channel Lightning Superpower!”

A punch wielding a staggering strength of 100,000 kilograms was unleashed, and it crackled with electric energy.

Upon the collision of their fists, lightning erupted, propelling Zhao Sanduo several steps backward in an instant.

Astonishingly, Loong Chen remained utterly stationary.

“Zhao Sanduo appears to be at a disadvantage!”

“How can this be? Isn’t Loong Chen only a Level 2 Evolver? How can he exhibit such formidable strength?”

“It seems he has harnessed lightning and is also an Awakened!”

The onlookers gasped in astonishment, for Awakened individuals were far scarcer than Evolvers.

Furthermore, potent Awakened individuals were every bit as formidable as their Evolver counterparts, if not more so.

“I’ve clearly underestimated you. You’re an Awakened, after all. Nonetheless, the outcome won’t change. Let’s put an end to this!”

Zhao Sanduo wore a somber expression. He had indeed miscalculated Loong Chen’s abilities, which had led him to hold back in their initial encounter.

The first round had put him in an unfavorable position, leaving him feeling rather embarrassed.

Consequently, his anger flared.

“Dragon Fist!”

With a resounding shout, Zhao Sanduo poised himself to strike at any moment. Behind him, an image resembling a dragon and an elephant materialized.

Of course, the dragon and elephant phantoms weren’t real; it was the sheer force and presence he exuded that made people envision them.

With a roar, Zhao Sanduo’s right sleeve burst open, revealing his well-defined arm.

Loong Chen had encountered the Dragon Fist in Dragon God Temple’s online store before. It was a 3-star combat skill that, once unleashed, tapped into the power of a dragon and elephant.

“Zhao Sanduo is using the Dragon Fist. Is he aiming to finish off Loong Chen here and now?”

“Seems like Zhao Sanduo is genuinely furious. He’s resorting to the Dragon Fist. Loong Chen might not just be defeated; he could end up severely injured.”

The spectators sighed in unison, well aware of the formidable might of the Dragon Fist.

Xiao Yan clenched his fists, a worried expression on his face.

Having sparred with Zhao Sanduo multiple times, he understood that the Dragon Fist was one of Zhao Sanduo’s most potent techniques.

Even he wouldn’t dare to underestimate its power.

Zhao Sanduo gathered his energy to its peak and then launched a punch toward Loong Chen.

The sound of this punch slicing through the air resembled the roars of dragons and elephants.

However, just as Zhao Sanduo approached within a meter of Loong Chen, he suddenly halted in his tracks.

Subsequently, an overwhelming gravitational force swept over them, forcing Zhao Sanduo to his knees under its immense pressure.

“How is this possible?”

Zhao Sanduo’s pupils narrowed, sensing an overwhelming pressure akin to a colossal boulder bearing down on him.

This force made it nearly impossible for him to remain upright, and even breathing became a struggle.

“This is the application of an exceptional talent domain. It’s coming back to me now; he’s the youth from that video!”

Someone within the onlookers suddenly burst out in recognition.

Loong Chen had been invited to join the Dragon God Temple primarily because of a video showcasing his defeat of Mo Qitian, which had gone viral.

What truly piqued their curiosity wasn’t just his ability to defeat a Level 3 Evolver at such a tender age but the mastery of his extraordinary talent domain.

Even a Level 5 Evolver might find it challenging to grasp such a power.

Yet, Loong Chen was merely a Level 2 Evolver.

Following that individual’s exclamation, more and more spectators started recalling the incident.

They had all seen that video, though many had let it slip from their memory.

At this very moment, they remembered that Loong Chen was indeed the person featured in the video.

“This can’t be!”

Zhao Sanduo bellowed, gritting his teeth and summoning every ounce of his strength.

Eventually, he managed to stand upright.

However, as he raised his head, Loong Chen’s silhouette materialized right in front of him.

“Within my domain, you’re nothing more than a speck.”

Loong Chen declared dispassionately, then extended his fist leisurely.

Although this punch seemed feeble, upon contact with Zhao Sanduo’s chest, it sent his body hurtling through the air.

He coughed up a mouthful of blood, creating a crimson mist that hung in the air.

Zhao Sanduo plummeted to the ground and skidded for several meters before coming to a halt.

“Initially, given your hostility towards me, I should’ve ended your life. However, you’re quite fortunate because you claimed to have covered all my expenses at the cultivation room. Hence, I’ll spare you,” Loong Chen stated calmly.

Zhao Sanduo glared at Loong Chen. Upon hearing his final words, fury welled up within him, causing him to cough up yet another mouthful of blood.

After that, he fainted.

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