C48 – You Can’t Do That

Seeing that the man remained silent, Liu Mei found herself compelled to broach the subject herself. She felt the need to inquire, “Xiaoloong, about this… When did Jingjing become pregnant? Is that child yours?”


Zhang Xiaoloong, who had just taken a sip of water, involuntarily sprayed it out like a geyser.

“Sigh, I wasn’t referring to you. If the child isn’t yours… He shouldn’t have provoked another man’s daughter,” Zhang Daniu sighed with frustration. “But if it’s yours, why did you do that? What a good child!”

“What’s going on in your minds?” Zhang Xiaoloong managed a wry smile.

The earlier commotion had taken him somewhat by surprise, and he hadn’t expected his parents to jump to conclusions. It was probably because Yang Jingjing had experienced severe nausea, leading them to assume it was a pregnancy symptom.

“What do you mean, what are we thinking? It happened in broad daylight, they were making a racket in the house, shouting and yelling. It was like the whole village could hear them. Your mother and I aren’t deaf,” Zhang Daniu grumbled indignantly. This wasn’t how their child used to behave; this was too much.

“I was providing medical treatment,” Zhang Xiaoloong hastily explained. Otherwise, if his parents had genuinely recognized the situation, they might have pressured him into marrying Yang Jingjing immediately. “I was performing acupuncture. It can be quite painful, but her illness has improved.”

“Really?” Liu Mei expressed her skepticism.

“What reason would I have to lie? How could she have been perfectly fine one day and then suddenly have such severe nausea? There must have been a process, right?” Zhang Xiaoloong replied with a reassuring smile.

Liu Mei pondered it for a moment and concurred. Yang Jingjing had been living at home all this time, so if there had indeed been a pregnancy-related reaction, it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed until now.

The elderly couple exchanged glances and, ultimately, felt relieved.

“Let’s not make unfounded assumptions. I’ll give both of you a massage to ensure your bodies are completely relaxed. If there’s any illness, we’ll treat it; if not, we’ll boost your overall health,” Zhang Xiaoloong declared, rolling up his sleeves and preparing to give his all.

He knew that only when his parents were in good health could he focus on his work in the vegetable fields.

“Since when did Cheng Jiang become a village healer?” Zhang Daniu quipped half-seriously. “If I let you pinch me a few times, I’d recover from any ailment. Who needs to go to the hospital?”

Zhang Xiaoloong chuckled and said, “If you have any doubts, feel free to give it a try. Without trying, you won’t discover the astonishing results!” He added, “Mom, please bring a waste bin just in case. Dad might end up feeling even worse than Jingjing.”

Liu Mei remained skeptical, but she fetched a bucket as requested.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaoloong began his treatment. As he channeled divine energy into his father’s body, he realized that his father’s meridians were in worse shape than Yang Jingjing’s and even weaker than Lee Xiulian’s. This decline was likely due to his age and years of hard labor. No matter how potent the medicine, rapid recovery wasn’t feasible. It was improbable that he would regain his youthful appearance.

Additionally, Zhang Xiaoloong detected a shadow in his father’s lungs, likely the cause of his frequent coughing. If they hadn’t discovered it now and had waited for a hospital examination, it might have become untreatable.

Many older individuals, like Zhang Daniu, were reluctant to seek medical attention, citing the cost. As a result, minor ailments often progressed into serious illnesses that were challenging to treat.

Zhang Xiaoloong felt a mix of apprehension and relief. He diligently warmed his father’s meridians and meticulously eliminated impurities and toxins from his body.

Liu Mei approached her husband and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Zhang Daniu responded with a mixture of delight and discomfort, “Don’t mention it. It’s warm and strangely soothing. I never expected Xiaoloong to possess such abilities. Ouch… Wow, it feels lighter…”

Worried, Liu Mei said, “Is it painful? Be cautious, Xiaoloong.”

Zhang Daniu replied, “It’s not painful… Well… Ouch, ouch…” Despite his warm body, he suddenly experienced an itching sensation. “I wish it were a little painful!”

He attempted to scratch the itch, but Zhang Xiaoloong firmly held his hand and pressed it against his arm. The itch seemed to originate from his bones and couldn’t be relieved by scratching.

Concerned, Liu Mei said, “Xiaoloong, stop. Could there be an issue?”

Liu Mei was more anxious about the possibility of an issue arising, not that her son would harm her husband, but that his remarkable craftsmanship might be disrupted.

Zhang Xiaoloong reassured her, saying, “Don’t worry. It’s just an itch. It’s normal for my father’s aging blood vessels. This is the second time they’ve been stimulated to regenerate. Didn’t you notice the hole in his hand? When scabs form and flesh regrows, it can sometimes feel itchy. This is a typical reaction.”

He added, “It might become slightly painful later. In some areas, there are numerous impurities that need to be cleared, which can cause discomfort.”

While there was some truth in what he said about the itching sensation, it’s important to note that the regeneration of blood vessels is elastic, which mitigates the intensity of the itch. Zhang Xiaoloong’s mention of itching served another purpose: to expel toxins and impurities from the lungs.

Neither Yang Jingjing nor Lee Xiulian suffered from any serious ailments; at most, they were slightly under the weather. However, Zhang Daniu was in a different situation; his lungs harbored actual toxins that needed cleansing. This process might entail some discomfort.

Zhang Xiaoloong was concerned that if he directly cleansed Zhang Daniu, he might not adjust to it well. By introducing this itch, it would not only be more bearable but even somewhat enjoyable.

“Then please, make the pain come quickly. I can’t endure this itch any longer.” Indeed, once Zhang Daniu heard that there would be pain involved, he promptly requested it himself.

A man like him could easily endure a little pain, but the itch deep within his bones was intolerable.

“Don’t worry, we’re almost done.” Zhang Xiaoloong simulated pressure on an acupuncture point and commenced the detoxification of Zhang Daniu’s lungs.

Zhang Daniu experienced pain, but it wasn’t overly intense. It did, however, significantly alleviate the itching. As the pain grew more pronounced, beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

“Xiaoloong, no, you can’t continue. Can’t you do it a few more times?” Liu Mei noticed the sweat on her husband’s brow and swiftly advised her son to halt.

Despite their frequent arguments, the couple had a strong bond. When the man suffered, the woman felt genuine heartache.

Zhang Xiaoloong had been wholly focused on his cleansing task, but now he acknowledged his mother’s concern with a pat on his head.

She was right. There was an old saying: “When sickness arrives, it’s like a mountain collapsing; when it departs, it’s like pulling silk.” He had contemplated using his Divine Power to eliminate all toxins at once, but that might not be the best approach for his body.

The human body possessed its own repair and immune mechanisms. Even if Divine Power was applied, it was still an external force. Excessive use of it was akin to taking a potent tonic, potentially causing additional harm.

The correct method involved gradual detoxification over time. This way, with each removal of poison, the body’s natural functions could slowly recover. It was more conducive to a healthy recovery, avoiding severe reactions.

In any case, he was there to ensure the poison would eventually be eliminated. He had been too hasty earlier, but fortunately, he had received a timely reminder. Otherwise, his Divine Power could have inflicted irreparable harm to his body.

After a gentle pat, the impurities within Zhang Daniu were expelled. The filth gushed out of his mouth like a torrent, neatly captured by the plastic bucket that Zhang Xiaoloong had prepared in advance.

“What happened?” Liu Mei asked with concern.

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