C98 – A Man Who Cannot be Offended

“Second Brother, what are you planning?” It was impossible for him to be just talking. After all, Second Brother’s attribute was the same as elder sister’s.

The unease in Yan Xingwei’s heart intensified, but Yan Chengyu only smiled, “Don’t think too much, I won’t do anything.” He obviously wouldn’t do anything, yet he was smiling at Yan Xingwei.

“Do you think that’s believable?” Yan Xingwei suddenly frowned and sighed. He revealed such a subtle expression and told me you didn’t do anything. You’re lying to a ghost! I’m not the little devil I was when I was a kid.

Yan Chengyu didn’t answer Yan Xingwei’s words. His gaze was fixated on Ann Yan who was walking over, and he was exposed.

Of course, Ann Yan knew Yan Chengyu had been staring at him since a long time ago, because he couldn’t ignore Yan Chengyu’s blatant gaze.

However, Ann Yan didn’t head in his direction, but towards the other soldiers instead. It seemed that he deliberately avoided Yan Chengyu. It might be as he said, a man like Yan Chengyu is too dangerous, we definitely can’t get close to him.

However, how could Yan Chengyu let him go? He smiled and said to Ann Yan, who was walking to the side, “Captain An Yan, this is my younger brother. He will probably stay here for a period of time. Please take care of him.”

He was obviously introducing Yan Xingwei, but Yan Chengyu’s gaze was fixated on Ann Yan. Yan Chengyu lightly pursed his lips, neither light nor heavy, but it was enough to make you not ignore his presence.

Ann Yan naturally frowned, because he didn’t know how to deal with a man like Yan Chengyu at all, rather he was too lazy to deal with him, because it was not his own dish. Moreover, he really hated Yan Chengyu speaking to him with a smile that seemed friendly, but somehow made him feel that it was dangerous.

However, when Yan Chengyu finished his introduction, the soldiers immediately started to jeer:

“Aiyo! This is the introduction for our family to get to know each other, Chengyu.”

“It can’t be that you really want to chase after Captain An Yan, right?”

“So serious!” However, the two of you will not be lazy when you’re together.

“Are we just waiting for the wedding candy?”


The soldiers were all teasing! However, there were also others who said:

“Captain An Yan isn’t so easy to get his hands on! Chengyu, can you please stop joking around!”

“Exactly! Furthermore, if the two of you are together, who will be the lower one?”

“Screech! Speaking of which, no matter how Captain An Yan sees it, it’s just an old man attacking an old man. Chengyu, do you want to sacrifice yourself?”

“Do you want Chengyu to be the next one? Although there’s no sense of beauty in it, it still sounds pretty good!”

“Hahaha! That’s right! Actually, it’s quite funny just thinking about it.”


After all, the atmosphere in the team was very important, and they didn’t want to be like the other teams. Other than training and training, there was no room for relaxation at all.

In short, the soldiers had found a time to rest, which was to tease Yan Chengyu and Ann Yan. Plus, Ann Yan wouldn’t put on airs like the other captains, so they could speak freely without fear that Ann Yan would be angry, and they had never seen Ann Yan angry before, even though they didn’t seem to laugh on the surface.

The one below, me? Hearing this, Yan Chengyu felt that it was a fantasy, so he smiled at them, “Of course, Captain has to be the one being suppressed!”

What he said was completely natural! Ye Zichen looked at Ann Yan dangerously.

Angry? Ouch! His expression was not bad! It was unknown what kind of expression that face had. It was inexplicable, causing people to feel some anticipation!

Yan Chengyu made an intriguing smile as the smile deepened on his face.

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