C55 – If the Principal Agrees I’ll Consider It

“Coach Wang, thank you so much for your appreciation, but I don’t want to play sports!”

Jiang Hao seemed to have thought of something and changed the topic.


Wang Yangming was very disappointed when he saw that Jiang Hao had never thought about taking the road of sports. However, Jiang Hao suddenly changed the topic and gave him a glimmer of hope.

He immediately asked.

“Unless what?”

Jiang Hao looked at the excited Wang Yangming, rolled his eyes and said casually.

“Unless the principal agrees to let me become a sports student, then I will consider your suggestion!

However, if the principal does not agree, you cannot disturb me anymore!”

Wang Yangming was immediately delighted when he heard that. He was afraid that Jiang Hao would go back on his word, so he hurriedly agreed.

“Okay, it’s settled then. You can’t go back on your word. I’ll go and tell the principal now.

Just you wait. A good seedling like you can’t be wasted on eating books!”

As he spoke, he turned around and looked outside. He seemed to be somewhat impatient!

When Jiang Hao saw Wang Yangming so happy, he instantly felt happy in his heart!

“Alright, I won’t go back on my word!”

Jiang Hao smiled as he watched Wang Yangming leave happily.

“Will the principal agree to let me, the No.1 student in the joint exam of the four schools, be a sports student?”

“Hehe, even if he agrees, I will only agree to you. I will consider your opinion, but I will not agree to be a sports student!”


On the other side, Wang Yangming, who was still excited, did not know what Jiang Hao was planning.

He also did not know that Jiang Hao’s cultural studies results were not unsatisfactory, but very good. He was the number one student from the four schools in Tianhee City!

He jogged all the way to the principal’s office excitedly!

Without knocking on the door, he directly barged in!

At this moment, in the principal’s office, a slightly plump middle-aged man was sitting in front of his office desk. When he suddenly heard that someone had barged in, he immediately frowned and raised his head to reprimand the person who had barged in!

But when he looked up and saw that it was actually Wang Yangming, this old man, he felt somewhat helpless!

“Elder Wang, what’s wrong now?”

Wang Yangming was instantly displeased upon hearing this!

“Vice-chancellor Guo, what’s the matter? I came to see you, but you’re so unhappy?”

The principal was speechless when he heard that.

Wang Yangming was once the captain of the provincial sports team. He could not stay idle after retirement, so he was invited to the school to be a coach for the sports team!

He also respected Old Master, who had once led the Jiangbei Province sports team to win a grand prize in the country.

However, even though Old Master was almost sixty years old, his way of doing things was still very lively, which made him feel a little helpless.

“Alright, Elder Wang, you’ve fooled me. I didn’t come to the Treasure Hall for no reason. Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Principal Guo’s straightforward manner caused Wang Yangming to feel slightly embarrassed. However, when he thought of Jiang Hao, that young genius, he could not suppress the excitement in his heart!

He pretended to be mysterious and said.

“Principal Guo, it’s a good thing, a good thing! Let me tell you, I found a genius today, a monstrous genius!”

Wang Yangming’s excited look surprised Principal Guo, and his interest was immediately piqued.

“Oh, what kind of genius is it that is worthy of Elder Wang’s praise? What’s going on? Tell me about it.”

Wang Yangming hurriedly took out his phone from his pocket when he heard that. He clicked on the video and placed it in front of Principal Guo.

“Look, just this student. His basketball talent is definitely the only one I’ve seen in my life!”

He pointed at Jiang Hao who was showing off his basketball skills in the video and sighed.

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