C102 – Gossip

Mo Fei threw a stack of newspapers to Lou Yu and said excitedly, “Today’s newspaper, you read it, read it, read it.”

“What are you looking at?” Lou Yu asked in confusion.

Mo Fei sat down beside Lou Yu and said with a face full of gossip, “I thought the fact that you advanced to level 6 was a big deal no matter what. With so many school reports and 10 newspapers with 9 headlines being you, it’s a given.”

“In fact?” Lou Yu asked curiously.

Mo Fei replied with some pity, “In fact, out of these ten newspapers, nine headlines are about Zheng Xuan and Xu Zihan.”

“This: Shocking Explosion: Opposites became enemies by the example of a couple from the past.”

“This: Lust Zheng Xuan, Hua Li, turn around.” This: Lust Zheng Xuan, Hua Li, turn around.

“This: The mystery of Zheng Xuan’s love for Xu Zihan is revealed for you!”

“This: The lovers of yesteryear parted ways, destined to recognize the wrong person!”

“Look at this newspaper. Zheng Xuan’s picture is so big and yours is so small. To say that you’re just a piece of green leaf to set off another person’s red flower would be praising you, so you… A rotten leaf.” Mo Fei sneered.

Lou Yu was speechless as he saw the gloating smile on Mo Fei’s face. “Is it that funny?”

“Of course it’s funny. Speaking of which, everyone says you’re handsome, but no matter how I look at it, I feel like Zheng Xuan is more stylish than you! Look at his action of pinching Xu Zihan’s neck. How domineering, how mighty, how touching! He’s so handsome.” Mo Fei said complacently.

Lou Yu pulled over the newspaper from Mo Fei’s hands and ground his teeth angrily. No one knew who the newspaper was. The pictures of themselves were small and ugly, the pictures of Zheng Xuan were large and handsome, and the editor of the newspaper must have had a mental problem.

Mo Fei gloated while patting Lou Yu on the shoulder, “Young man, your charm is lacking! Say, don’t you think it’s time for you to reflect on yourself? You can’t be compared to a couple who cause such a ruckus and become the focus of attention for such a big event like your advancement?”

Lou Yu looked at the newspaper, the corner of his mouth hooked up, “I really didn’t expect Zheng Xuan to break off his relationship with Xu Zihan. Lou Yu looked at the newspaper, the corner of his mouth hooked up,” I really didn’t expect Zheng Xuan to break off his relationship with Xu Zihan.

Mo Fei scratched his head and said, “The newspapers said that Xu Zihan lied to Zheng Xuan. I also heard Zheng Xuan strangling Xu Zihan, so I asked who was the person that replaced you to enter the secret realm?”

Lou Yu raised his head, looked at Mo Fei, and asked with sharp eyes, “Then who do you think was the person that replaced Xu Zihan to go to the secret realm back then?”

Mo Fei replied without hesitation, “If you ask me, who should I ask?”

Lou Yu glanced at Mo Fei and said, “Don’t you know? “Why don’t you think about it?”

Mo Fei rolled his eyes as if he just woke up from a dream. “Are you talking about Yiyi?”

Lou Yu nodded, “I think so too.”

Mo Fei shook his head, “No, you must have thought wrong. How could that idiot Zheng Xuan match up to Yiyi? Of course not.”

Lou Yu shrugged and said, “I was just guessing. Have you heard about him from Yiyi?”

Mo Fei shook his head and said, “Nope! We have to respect each other’s privacy. I’m not gossiping like you are.”

Lou Yu: “…” He’s not gossiping, okay!

“Oh yeah, there’s something I forgot to tell you.” Lou Yu took out a Herba Cunninghami from the space ring.

Mo Fei’s eyes suddenly opened wide as he excitedly grabbed Lou Yu’s shoulder, “You really found it.”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “I’ve already used one. Here, take this one.”

Mo Fei grabbed Lou Yu’s arm, and probed Lou Yu’s meridian, saying with a face full of shock: “You have recovered.”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “Yes!”

Mo Fei blinked his eyes as he felt like crying but had no tears on his face. Damn it, he was trying his best to catch up to Lou Yu, but he didn’t have the chance. What a sin, was he going to be left behind by this person for the rest of his life?

“You don’t look well. What are you sad about?” Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei and asked in confusion.

Mo Fei forced a smile and said, “I’m just excited for you!” Congratulations!”

Lou Yu smiled and said, “Thank you! This Herba Cunninghami is for you.”

Mo Fei looked at the Herba Cunninghami in front of him, shook his head and said with a face full of disappointment: “This grass is useless now.”

“What do you mean?” Lou Yu asked.

“Herba Cunninghami must be refined into medicinal liquid within an hour after they are harvested in order for it to be effective. An hour later, the Herba Cunninghami’s medicinal effect will completely disappear. Just like ordinary weeds, the medicinal liquid refined must also be used within an hour.” Mo Fei explained.

Lou Yu was stunned, “Why didn’t you tell me before?” If he didn’t immediately refine the medicinal liquid, it would be a waste.

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly and said, “Who knows if you can find it!”

Lou Yu: “…”

Lou Yu frowned, he had originally thought that Herba Cunninghami only grew in the territories of level 6 and above level 6, and their appearances were strange. Even if there was no source energy fluctuation, someone should have researched them, but no one found out his value, so it turned out to be like that?

Mo Fei looked at the Herba Cunninghami in his hands and said with a face full of regret, “What a pity, how many people are fighting over this Herba Cunninghami and yet still unable to get it!”

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei doubtfully. How many people were fighting over this? No one seemed to be fighting over it.

“Is the Herba Cunninghami useful to you?” Lou Yu asked.

Mo Fei nodded and said, “Sure. Although the chances of it becoming a heaven-defying talent like yours are small, but it should still be able to increase my talent by 20%.”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “20% is good. I’ll help you think of a way.”

Think of a way, Mo Fei said with his eyes wide open. Could it be that the Herba Cunninghami in this world have become rotten on the street?

Mo Fei could not help but ask: “Is there a lot of Herba Cunninghami in your planet?”

Lou Yu’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and he suddenly grabbed Mo Fei’s wrist, “Your planet? What do you mean?”

Mo Fei was stunned, he forced himself to calm down and said: “Third Prince, you scratched me?”

He had always felt that he had thought through many things. He had always felt that Mo Fei was special. The Mo Fei he had investigated was definitely not like this in the past. Mo Fei knew so much about things that he should never have, and it was impossible. Soul Shifter.

Mo Fei lowered his head and muttered, “Don’t look at me like that.”

Lou Yu said apologetically, “Sorry.”

Mo Fei glanced at Lou Yu and asked: “You still haven’t told me, are there a lot of Herba Cunninghami here?”

“It’s not too many, and it’s not too few either. Herba Cunninghami s only grow in the domain of level six Star Beast. It’s easy to obtain Herba Cunninghami s, but it’s not easy to preserve the medicinal effects.” Lou Yu said.

Mo Fei nodded and said: “Next time, find a Herba Cunninghami. Take me with you.”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “Alright!”

“Grandfather.” Lou Yu shouted at Ji Anguo.

Ji Anguo looked at Lou Yu with a smile and said with a hint of blame, “Finally willing to come see me?”

Lou Yu smiled embarrassedly and said, “I’ve been busy lately, did I come to see you when I was free?”

Ji Anguo looked at Lou Yu gently, “I didn’t expect you to be promoted to level 6 at such a young age. In the future, you will definitely be stronger than Grandpa.”

“If not for grandpa, then not like Lou Yu today. It’s all thanks to grandpa.” Lou Yu said humbly.

Ji Anguo smiled and said, “You! “I know how to make things sound good.”

“What I said was true.” Lou Yu looked at Ji Anguo sincerely.

Ji Anguo waved his hand and said, “Two days ago, I heard about a strange matter. Zheng Xuan and Xu Zihan had a falling out, and that old guy Zheng Hong has always disliked Xu Zihan. Unfortunately, Zheng Xuan has always been too stubborn, saying that he’s not going to marry Xu Zihan.”

Zheng Hong and Zheng Xuan’s relationship has never been good, so Zheng Hong did not dare to say too much about Zheng Xuan. Zheng Hong, that old fart, almost let out his firecrackers proudly when he knows that the two of them have broken up.

Lou Yu was secretly surprised. His grandfather had also become a gossiper, but he still explained, “I heard Zheng Xuan had mistaken him. Xu Zihan has been lying to Zheng Xuan.”

“The wrong person. If Xu Zihan is the wrong person, then who is the right person?” Ji Anguo looked towards Lou Yu.

Lou Yu was stunned and shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“It’s Mo Yi, right?” Ji Anguo said.

Lou Yu looked at Ji Anguo in shock with a face full of shock, “Grandpa, why do you think that?”

“It’s very obvious! Since Zheng Xuan is looking for someone in the finals, then that person must be one of the hundred of you contestants. If you exclude each and every one of them, then Mo Yi is most likely to be one of them.” Ji Anguo said.

“Why is it Mo Yi?” Lou Yu was confused.

“I was just guessing. Didn’t you realize that the two of them share the same cultivation technique and that it was complementary to each other? If I’m not wrong, the two of them should be cultivating a dual cultivation technique. These two should be related to each other.” Ji Anguo said.

Lou Yu suddenly stood up. He thought he could hide it, but the truth was, there was no wall that could hide the truth from the wind? Since his grandfather could think of this, then the others should also be able to guess that it was indeed the older ones who were wiser.

“Let’s not talk about Zheng Xuan anymore. What happened between you and Mo Fei?” Ji Anguo asked with a smile.

A blush appeared on Lou Yu’s face, “Mo Fei doesn’t like me very much.”

Ji Anguo laughed and teasingly said: “I remember you always worried that the person Princess Nalan picked for you would like you too much.”

Lou Yu’s face was full of awkwardness as he said, “Maybe I’m not good enough.”

“Don’t belittle yourself too much. You are already married. If you slowly cultivate your feelings, you will eventually recover.” Ji Anguo said.

Lou Yu nodded and said, “I think so too.”

Ji Anguo looked at Lou Yu’s expression and knew that Lou Yu had already walked out from Lin Feiyu’s shadow. He was immediately overjoyed.

“I didn’t expect that woman to do such a good deed once in a while.” Ji Anguo said sarcastically.

Lou Yu nodded and said sarcastically, “On the matter of my wife, I really should thank her properly.”

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