C108 – I Miss You

Fang Xiang was the closest to Guo Fan when she walked in from the door. It was understandable for her to sit next to him. Plus, she was asking about Guo Fan’s identity, so it was reasonable for her to walk towards him.


What was reasonable about that?!

Guo Fan could almost smell the faint fragrance. His heart skipped a beat. He had given a warning, but Fang Xiang still came over. What was she trying to do?

It was obvious that she was doing this on purpose…

However, no one else was surprised. Gong Wei gently smiled and said, “This little friend Xia Shui is not simple. He took less than half a cup of tea just now. He went straight to Jolcana Road and brought Lang Qing to Sword Pavilion. It really shocked everyone to the point that their jaws dropped. There were geniuses in every generation. Just like the waves in the White Dragon River, each wave was stronger than the last. If it wasn’t for his extremely strong courage and heroic spirit, he definitely wouldn’t have done it.

The trial in the Jolcana Road has always been about courage. Even the strongest swordsman would feel fear in the face of death. However, today, I have finally witnessed what it means to be fearless…”

Gong Wei praised Guo Fan. His tone was full of solicitation.

Guo Fan showed a shy smile and said, “No, it was the Pavilion Master who praised me. I was just lucky. He had taken advantage of his ignorance to come all the way here. If it wasn’t for that, the formation would have been extremely delicate and dangerous. How could I come here so quickly?”

Fang Xiang, however, smiled as she looked at him pretending to be shy and cute. She said, “Don’t belittle yourself. In the past few hundred years, no one has ever used such a fast speed to break through the Jolcana Road’s trial. Although you are not a member of the Sword Pavilion, you have reached a level that even the people of the Sword Pavilion can’t reach.”

She said, “As a Night’s Fall Sword City Lord, I have never seen anyone who is so suitable for the path of the sword in all these years. Whether it is forging a sword or using a sword, your talent is pretty good.”

Fang Xiang was caught off guard and reached out to grab Guo Fan’s hand.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…

In front of so many people, what was she trying to do?

Guo Fan was shocked. Then he looked at Fang Xiang, who was looking at him with a sneaky and cunning look. She held Guo Fan’s hand and took out a token with a flip of her hand. She put it in Guo Fan’s hand.

“This is my identity token. In Night’s Fall Sword City, seeing this token is like seeing me in person. It can be considered as a meeting gift for the younger generation. In the future, in Night’s Fall Sword City, you can mobilize a quarter of the guards. No one will dare to bully you.”

Oh, it’s a token. Then it’s fine.

What’s there to be fine about!? Who would give an identity token to an unfamiliar junior as soon as they met?!

Guo Fan was about to have a heart attack. He looked at the master of Sword Pavilion out of the corner of his eye and found that the old man’s expression did not change. Instead, he suddenly realized something and felt relieved.

What are you feeling gratified for?

If you knew that the previous master’s wife had an affair with me, would you still feel gratified?

I’m afraid you have to feel gratified.

Guo Fan’s mouth twitched. He pushed the token away and said, “This, this is too expensive…”

Before Fang Xiang could say anything, Gong Wei smiled and said, “Just take it. It is a gift from an elder. Master Duan thinks highly of you.”

Guo Fan subtly took the token and said, “Since that is the case, it is impolite to decline.”

Gong Wei pondered and asked, “The value of a Sky Cloud Sword is indeed huge, and its significance is extraordinary. If one used the right to use the Night’s Fall Sword Array once to exchange for it, it would also be worth it. But now that we are close to the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference, will there be any mistakes?”

Fang Xiang said seriously, “After all, the Profound Yin Family is the Profound Yin Family. There is no need to use such dirty tricks. Furthermore, I have already sent people to monitor the progress of their reformation and monitor them closely. There will definitely be no mistakes.”

Guo Fan looked at the token in his hand. A line of words suddenly appeared on it. “I miss you.”


The city lord, who was talking about serious business while secretly transmitting love messages, really had the feeling of a young girl uploading a small note in class.

The Sword Pavilion’s Pavilion Master nodded, “I always believe in your ability and wrist, but there is still one more thing that needs to be taken note of. I heard that the Devil Cult has taken action again, so the city needs to strengthen its defenses, and no one with an unknown identity is allowed to enter.”

Fang Xiang nodded and said, “Yesterday, we investigated those people with fake identities, but they are all disciples of sects who are unwilling to expose their identities. There are no members of the Devil Cult.”

In other words, it was through the fake identity that we found the flaw…

Guo Fan instantly understood the reason why Fang Xiang recognized him.

“That’s good.” Gong Wei nodded and asked about the current situation of the Sword Singing Conference in Night’s Fall Sword City.

They talked for a long time and saw that it was almost time.

Guo Fan stood up and said, “Since Lang Qing has been sent here, my mission has been completed. I still have to register in Sword Singing Platform. I have to leave now. Thank you for your hospitality, Pavilion Master…”

Fang Xiang suddenly stood up as well. “Pavilion Master, I am also tired. It is on the way, so I will go with little friend Xia Shui.”

Gong Wei waved his hand and naturally agreed. He also instructed, “Xia Shui, you are in the limelight this time. I’m afraid that many people will notice you. You still need to be on guard so that no one will do anything to you.”

Guo Fan nodded and agreed. Lang Qing temporarily stayed in the Sword Pavilion to show that he would work hard to become the champion.

After leaving the room, there was still the rumbling sound of the river outside. There was also the faint sound of the chains on both sides of the river. The two of them, one in front and one behind, went down the mountain along a small path that was opened up by the Sword Pavilion.

Because there were still many disciples of the Sword Pavilion around, the two of them still maintained a distance from each other.

Fang Xiang who was in front said as she walked, “When you have finished registering, I will send someone to find you and bring you to see me.”

Guo Fan nodded, “Xun Yimu is in your residence now?”

Fang Xiang paused and turned around to smile. “Of course. She lives in my Lanfang Garden and is thinking about how to catch you.”

Guo Fan could not help but laugh. “And then she asked for your help?”

This was really something that could not be said… There was no other way than walking into a trap.

Although Xun Yimu herself did not know about it, when she thought about how seriously she asked Fang Xiang to help open the Night’s Fall Sword Array, Guo Fan felt that she was stupid and cute no matter how he thought about it.

Fang Xiang rolled her eyes at him and lightly snorted, “You are still smiling? Isn’t it because you provoked her? Is there still that Sun Fen who chased after her from Blistook Pavilion to the southeast corner of Middle Continent? No wonder you came here.”

She said that she was complaining, but her tone was also filled with pride. In front of this woman, this was the time Guo Fan felt the most secure during this period of time.

Guo Fan laughed and said, “Other than you, I can’t think of any other place to hide.”

Fang Xiang said in her heart, “When one day you don’t want to hide in my place but come to find me, then I will be even happier. But sooner or later, such a day will come.”

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