C607 – The Ultimate Chop of the Longevity Sword

Almost as soon as the hand appeared, Zhang Changsheng moved.

A vast and mighty sword intent burst forth. His spiritual energy also solidified, and he forcefully attacked the hand.

A sword light lit up the heaven and earth, and slashed out in an instant.


With a dull thud, that hand instantly turned into a mist of blood.

Immediately after, another top-grade Dao weapon broke through the air and flew over.

“Zhang Changsheng, you are just a junior, how dare you stop me?”

A voice was heard.

When Qiao Dangdang heard this, he sneered and said, “I asked who it was. So it was Luo Hou. Why? Want to join in the fun?”


Separated by the Void in the distance, Luo Hou let out a cold snort. The Slaughter Divine Spear in his hand became even sharper.

“Luo Hou, if you want to revive Wutian, think of a way yourself. Otherwise, I will try the strength of an ultimate expert today.”

Zhang Changsheng said in a flat tone.

“Break through the sky!”

Luo Hou’s response was the Killing God Spear in his hand.

“I’ll join in the fun as well!”

Qiao Dangdang said with a faint smile. He stretched out his hand and a sickle appeared in his hand. Both of his arms shook slightly, and an incomparably intense energy of the Great Dao burst out from them.


The Void shook violently, as if a vast ocean had been lifted into a monstrous wave.


Luo Hou let out a low roar and thrust his spear forward. He wanted to push Zhang Changsheng and Qiao Dangdang away, then he stretched out his hand and entered the river of time.

At this moment, the heaven and earth suddenly started trembling.

A jade-like hand god came over.

“It’s Tianji Zi!”

Wu Jinghua exclaimed.

In the face of such a powerful warrior, no one was not afraid.

The moment the hand appeared, Zhang Changsheng suddenly said, “Old Qiao, Luo Hou will give it to you. Tianji Zi will be mine!”


Zhang Changsheng’s strength was incomparably powerful. An even more violent force suddenly burst out from his body. It broke through the space and bombarded the hand.


Qiao Dangdang was speechless. Zhang Changsheng actually wanted to fight Tianji Zi head on. That was the Time Superior Cultivator!

Even in the ancient times, not many people dared to fight him head on.

Wu Jinghua and the others’ eyes froze, “I knew it. The old ancestor is too stubborn. Today’s matter shouldn’t have happened.”

“The long river of time has appeared. When some experts see that the old ancestor can’t be distracted, they will definitely take action.”

Wu Jinghua looked at Zhang Xuan worriedly. He took a step forward and appeared around Zhang Xuan, guarding against any possible attacks that might happen in the dark.

At this moment, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Zhang Changsheng took out a golden long sword.

This sword was entirely golden in color. There was no aura coming from it, as if it was just an ordinary long sword.

At this moment, the commotion here had attracted the attention of all the people in the universe, and even those experts from the Chaotic Battlefield were attracted to this place.

When they saw this sword, all the experts frowned slightly.

This sword was really strange. It gave people a very strange feeling.

It was clearly ordinary and ordinary, but it gave people this kind of feeling. The hearts of the spectators trembled.

“Raising a sword with your own body, you are a talent! But if you want to stop me, you almost did it!”

Tianji Zi’s voice was heard, and it could not hide his surprise.

Along with his hand, a powerful wave of mental energy erupted to its limit.

After Zhang Changsheng pulled out the sword, he did not move. He just quietly looked at the hand.

“Zhang Changsheng is too presumptuous! He actually dared to attack Senior Tianji Zi!”

“He didn’t attack. Didn’t you see that he didn’t dare to move after pulling out the sword?”

“He dared to pull out his sword against Senior Tianji Zi. Perhaps he has already used up all of his courage. At this moment, he is already pissing his pants, isn’t he?”

“That’s right. It’s already very precious that Zhang Changsheng can still stand.”

Everyone looked at Zhang Changsheng who was standing there with a smile, and their eyes were full of ridicule.

Zhang Changsheng acted as if he didn’t hear what the people around him said. He held the sheath with one hand and the sword with the other.


Someone said disdainfully.

Zhang Changxin was the only one who was stunned by his big brother’s reaction. Then, he thought of something, and his eyes were filled with anxiety.

At this moment, his big brother’s sword was already in motion. He couldn’t stop it. Instead of worrying, he might as well worry about something for a while.

Zhang Changxin anxiously looked in the direction of Zhang Xuan. Currently, Zhang Xuan was wandering in the river of time. Obviously, even if he found Wang Chuan, it wouldn’t be easy to get him out.

After all, Wang Chuan was dead in body and soul, and the one who attacked him was Qihuang. It was very difficult for Zhang Xuan to find any trace of Wang Chuan’s existence.

That hand was about to reach Zhang Changsheng. Those who had a grudge with Zhang family in Chaotic Battlefield felt like they had seen the scene of Zhang Changsheng being crushed.

One of them was a junior, and the other was once the number one expert in the world. There was no need to guess who was stronger and who was weaker.

“Today, I will use the Ultimate Sword Slash!”

Right at this moment, Zhang Changsheng spoke. His voice was very calm, but it gave others the impression that he could do it.

Those people from the Chaotic Battlefield were dumbfounded.

They were puzzled as to why they had such a thought.

This thought was ridiculous.

How could Zhang Changsheng possibly defeat Senior Tianji Zi?

This was a fantasy!

Zhang Changsheng didn’t pay attention to anyone’s opinion. The moment the hand struck him, he pulled out the sword in his hand.

“Sword Drawing Arts!”

A dazzling light suddenly illuminated the entire Heavens Battlefield.


The crack in the Void suddenly erupted. The dazzling light caused everyone to close their eyes, unable to see what was happening.

“Today, I will kill to my heart’s content!”

Zhang Changsheng suddenly started laughing wildly. He had changed from his gentle and gentle appearance to a frenzied state.

A soaring killing intent shook the Void. The entire sky was filled with a blood-red color.

The sword chime resounded through the heavens and the earth. Vast and mighty energy of the Great Dao spread out from Zhang Changsheng’s body, enveloping him within in the blink of an eye. An extremely powerful energy was poured into the sword.

At the same time, his spiritual energy was also poured into the sword.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The sword became even more agitated!


Seeing this scene, Zhang Changxin could no longer hold himself back and shouted.

Almost at the same time, the eyes of Zhang Jiahao, Zhang Tiangang, and all the disciples of the Zhang family in Chaotic Battlefield turned red at this moment.

A dazzling sword light soared into the sky and slashed at the hand.

Luo Hou’s facial expression changed. He was too close to the hand, and he could actually feel the threat of death.

How was this possible?

What kind of sword force was this?

Zhang Changsheng was clearly just a puny Imperial Emperor, how could he wield such a terrifying force?

“Zhang Changsheng, damn, your grandma!”

Qiao Dangdang cried out strangely and immediately gave up on Luo Hou, dodging to the side.

Luo Hou also dodged to the side. He did not take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

All the experts in Chaotic Battlefield revealed frightened expressions. Some of them who had just insulted the Zhang family couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

“Puah Puah Puah…”

A series of blood vessels burst open, and beads of blood shot out from Zhang Changsheng’s body.

However, Zhang Changsheng did not have the slightest bit of worry. His eyes were filled with madness.


A loud sound like the ringing of a bell suddenly sounded out, sweeping across the entire area.

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