C57 – You Are Deliberately Looking for Trouble!

There were a total of ten cultivation rooms in Dragon God Temple, but there were a few hundred members.

A few hundred people were fighting for ten cultivation rooms, which made the cultivation rooms very popular. As long as they could get one cultivation room, they would be considered lucky.

When Loong Chen and Xiao Yan arrived at the cultivation room, there happened to be an empty room.

“Loong Chen, you go in first. I will wait outside. If we want to cultivate in the cultivation room, we will need to spend Alliance dollars, so the people inside won’t stay for long.”

Xiao Yan said.

Cultivating in the cultivation room for an hour required 10,000 Alliance dollars. This was considered quite expensive.

This was to prevent others from taking it for their own use.


Loong Chen nodded, then he found the elder in charge of the cultivation room to register.

“You first hand over 100,000 Alliance dollars as a deposit.”

The elder said without raising his head.

This was a normal procedure. You have to pay a deposit before you can go in and cultivate.

Loong Chen challenged the Tower of Trials and obtained a few million Alliance dollars, so he took out his gold card without hesitation and prepared to give it to the elder.

However, at this moment, a card appeared on the elder’s table.

“I want this cultivation room.”

At the same time, a voice sounded behind Loong Chen.

Loong Chen frowned and turned around. He saw a young man in his early twenties standing behind him.

Loong Chen remembered this man. His name was Zhao Sanduo, and he was the sixty-seventh person on the Earth List.

“I came first. You should wait for the next one.”

Loong Chen said to Zhao Sanduo.

“As long as you haven’t paid the deposit, we are qualified to fight for the cultivation room. I want this cultivation room.”

Zhao Sanduo said coldly.

“There is only one cultivation room left. Tell me when you have decided.”

The elder lowered his head and said. It seemed like he didn’t care about this matter at all.

He was only responsible for registering and collecting money. He didn’t care about anything else.

“Zhao Sanduo, what do you mean?”

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s expression became gloomy.

Zhao Sanduo had clearly seen that Loong Chen was brought here by him, and Zhao Sanduo still dared to snatch the cultivation room.

Wasn’t this making him feel embarrassed?

“The cultivation room is public, there is no rule that only you guys can use it.”

Zhao Sanduo shrugged and said.


Xiao Yan was very angry, but he didn’t know what to say. Because what Zhao Sanduo said was not a problem.

“Forget it, Xiao Yan. Let’s wait until the next cultivation room is empty before going in.”

Loong Chen patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder and said.

He didn’t want to cause any trouble here.

“You’re right, but I still have a few brothers waiting for me in the cultivation room.”

As soon as Loong Chen finished speaking, Zhao Sanduo sneered again. A group of people appeared behind him.

Xiao Yan and Loong Chen’s faces instantly darkened. They weren’t fools. They could see that Zhao Sanduo had come to find trouble on purpose!

“I don’t think I have any conflicts with you, right?”

Loong Chen said in a low voice.

He had just arrived at Dragon God Temple. It was impossible for him to have any conflicts with Zhao Sanduo. Why did this guy deliberately cause trouble for him?

“Of course we don’t have any conflicts. It’s just that you have provoked Master Murong. Since you dare to provoke Master Murong, we won’t let you have a good life in the Dragon God Temple.”

Zhao Sanduo sneered.

Loong Chen immediately understood. He had a conflict with Murong Yuntian the first day he came to Dragon God Temple.

He didn’t expect this man to send someone to find trouble with him so quickly.

“Zhao Sanduo, you are a member of the Earth List. Are you really willing to be Murong Yuntian’s dog?”

Xiao Yan said coldly.

Anyone who could enter the Earth List was a one-in-ten-thousand genius. They were a group of proud and arrogant people. How could they be willing to be others’ dog?

But Zhao Sanduo seemed to be an exception.

“Xiao Yan, don’t pretend to be so noble. You might not even be Master Murong’s dog. Why do you think my strength improved so fast? It’s all thanks to Master Murong’s reward.”

“Not long after that, my strength will rise to another level.”

This Zhao Sanduo actually felt proud to be Murong Yuntian’s dog.

“Tell me, what do you all want? If you are only stopping me from entering the cultivation room, then I will come back in a few days. I don’t believe that you can still wait for me.”

Loong Chen said.

“I won’t bully you. This way, we will have a fair duel. As long as you can defeat me, I won’t stop you from entering the cultivation room. I’ll even pay for all the expenses in the cultivation room.”

“But if you lose, you’ll have to leave the Dragon God Temple and forever leave the ancient city in Yandu!”

There were already many people in the cultivation room. When the passers-by heard the commotion, they all gathered around.

When they heard that Zhao Sanduo was going to have a fair duel with Loong Chen, discussions immediately broke out.

“This seems to be Zhao Sanduo. Isn’t he the sixty-seventh Earth List? Who is that young man?”

“No way, you actually don’t know that young man? He is the ruthless man who broke Lord Dragon God’s record in the Tower of Trials not long ago.”

“Oh, I remember now. So he is Loong Chen. Although his talent was very strong, he was only a Level 2 Evolver now. How could he be a match for Zhao Sanduo?”

Loong Chen’s name had already spread across the entire Dragon God Temple, so someone quickly recognized him.

Although they knew that Loong Chen had broken the Tower of Trials’s record, they didn’t think that Loong Chen could defeat Zhao Sanduo. After all, this was the sixty-seventh Earth List, and in the end, Loong Chen was just a newbie who had just joined.

The gap between their levels was still too big.

“Zhao Sanduo, what kind of ability do you have to bully a newbie?”

Xiao Yan shouted angrily. Although he had high hopes for Loong Chen, Loong Chen was only a Level 2 Evolver after all.

What he had high hopes for was Loong Chen’s future, and his current grade was still too low.

“Don’t worry, I will replace you sooner or later, but not now.”

After saying that, Zhao Sanduo looked at Loong Chen again.

“How is it? If you are a man, don’t shrink back, or else you will be looked down upon.”

In the Dragon God Temple, it was possible to refuse a challenge, but very few people would refuse because once they refused, they would be looked down upon.

Whether one won or not was one thing, but whether one dared to do so was another. If one didn’t even have the courage to fight, then they would only be looked down upon.

“Alright, don’t use that goading method of yours. Since you’re in a hurry to die, then I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Loong Chen coldly harrumphed. How could he not see that Zhao Sanduo was goading him?

However, he still agreed because he had absolute confidence in himself.

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