C121 – Do You Think His Fiancé Is Dead?

“His Highness is so eager to hand over the financial power to me, could it be that he wants me to help you make money?” Tang Yue teased.

“With your simple mind, I don’t dare to let you do business. Otherwise, if you lose all the money in our family, we will have to drink to our hearts’ content.”

“…” Tang Yue stared at Crown Prince Zhao seriously for ten seconds. “The entire South Jin will be yours in the future. With such a powerful backer, how can we lose money when doing business?”

Crown Prince Zhao led him to the secret room next door. The walls were painted with unknown paint. There was a strange smell, but the room was very dry. There were bamboo slips all over the room. Layer after layer of shelves led to the roof.

“Why did you hide the books here?” Tang Yue thought to himself. With the preciousness of books in this era, the value of this room was probably much higher than that of the room next door.

Crown Prince Zhao casually took out a bamboo scroll and handed it to Tang Yue. Tang Yue took it and wiped off the dust on its surface. He opened it and quickly browsed through it, only to find that it was a text that he could not understand.


“The language of South Jin was created by our ancestors 500 years ago. We have abandoned the original language. A portion of this place is those lost ancient books. Such books are not allowed to circulate outside. I can only hide here.”

Tang Yue touched the knife marks on the bamboo slip and asked doubtfully, “The bamboo slip’s lifespan is limited. I’m afraid it will be hard to keep it for hundreds of years.”

Crown Prince Zhao nodded. “These were secretly given to me by my master before his death. They have been copied by generations. Nowadays, very few people can understand these ancient characters.”

“Then I have to find a way to translate them into the language of South Jin in order to use them.” Tang Yue estimated that there were at least a thousand bamboo slips here. They must be useful if they could be passed down from generation to generation.

If they could be promoted, it would be the best outcome for these books.

It seemed that he had thought of a way to create paper and printing. Unfortunately, his knowledge was limited, and he did not know if he would be able to create them in his lifetime.

“Indeed. Sometimes, I would wish that I was a few years older. There are many things that I have to do. Even if I don’t have enough power, I just don’t have the strength to do it.”

This was the first time Tang Yue had heard him say that he wanted to ascend to the throne. However, he didn’t have the slightest bit of resistance in his heart. All he felt was a slight heartache.

He was clearly at such a young age, yet he had already placed a heavy burden on himself. He really did not know whether it was good or bad.

“His Highness is only fourteen years old. Why don’t you wait until you are forty and look back? You will definitely be proud of yourself.”

Crown Prince Zhao smiled. “What about you? Will you be proud of me?”

Tang Yue choked. He laughed. “Well… why don’t you ask me when you’re forty?” When that time comes, everything will be uncertain, drifting, and hesitant. They will definitely find a place to settle down.

“Good.” Crown Prince Zhao treated this as a promise from Tang Yue. He was full of joy and did not reveal it. He brought Tang Yue out of the basement.

Tang Yue walked up the smooth stairs and joked, “Your Highness can build a secret passage underground. When the enemies invade, we have to find a way to escape.”

Crown Prince Zhao stopped walking. There was a flash of deep thought in his eyes. He promised firmly, “When I am alone, I will not let the enemy set foot on the land of South Jin.”

“I have ambition, but let’s go out first. Let’s talk about it later. It is already late at night, isn’t it?”

Crown Prince Zhao then remembered that the two of them hadn’t had dinner yet. He strode out and closed the secret passage door to get someone to pass on the meal.

The food in the Crown Prince’s Palace was several grades higher than the food in the Tengyun Villa. In the entire Ye City, this was the only place where Tang Yue could eat and have an appetite other than his own home.

“Hungry?” Crown Prince Zhao personally picked up a piece of fried fish for Tang Yue.

Tang Yue nodded and took a bite. The golden skin was crispy, but the fish inside was fresh and tender. He had a good grasp of the fire.

“Looks like I have to learn cooking skills from the chefs in the mansion when I’m free. I’m really envious.”

“Why do I need to learn? Just let the kitchen cook whatever you want to eat.” Crown Prince Zhao had clearly felt that his appetite had improved during this period of time. He had grown taller and heavier. This was all thanks to Tang Yue.

Without the new recipe he brought, no one knew that the original dish could be stir-fried with oil. Meat could be fried with oil. There were also various kinds of pastries that were full of variety and endless, capturing the heart of the eater.

It was already late in the night after the two finished their meal, so Tang Yue stayed next door. Thinking back to the month he stayed here, Tang Yue realized that he did not dislike the life in the crown prince’s residence.

This place was strictly disciplined, and the servants rarely sneaked around. There were no women, so there were no maids and maids who talked at the same time. Occasionally, conflicts between men could be resolved with a fist. It was simple and quick.

When it was dawn, Tang Yue was woken up by the knock on the door. He closed his eyes and shouted, “Zhao Sanlang, are you done?”

The knocking stopped for a moment, then it sounded even louder. Tang Yue suspected that the door would be kicked open in the next moment.

“Brother Tang, quickly get up, help…”

Tang Yue’s eyes instantly widened. He jumped up from the bed and opened the door barefooted. He saw Zhang Chun’s tender face.

“Brother Tang, I missed you so much…” Zhang Chun shouted and jumped onto Tang Yue. His four hands and feet wrapped tightly around Tang Yue like an octopus. He even gave Tang Yue a very open kiss on his face. He thought this greeting was very foreign.

Tang Yue did not realize that he had taken his hand. He did not care about it since he was young. However, he did not care about some people.

A hand grabbed Zhang Chun’s collar and pulled him off Tang Yue’s body.

“Why is it you again? Wang Dingjun, I’m telling you, don’t think you can bully others just because you know some martial arts. You will regret it in the future…”

Tang Yue looked at Zhang Chun being held in the hands of others like a chicken. He felt that this scene was very funny. It was really a waste of his previous life’s age. He was just like a ten year old child.

Wang Dingjun threw him on the ground and kicked him in a certain direction. He said meaningfully, “Let’s not talk about what will happen in the future. You can talk about this after you pass.”

Zhang Chun got up from the ground. Before he could stand up, he felt a person standing in front of him. He was less than 1.5 meters tall. He looked up and saw who was standing in front of him.

He subconsciously took a step back and squeezed out a smile before bowing in confusion.

Crown Prince Zhao looked at him with his hands behind his back and asked, “Is everything done?”

Zhang Chun patted the dust off his butt and nodded. “Yes, all the assets in the book have been recovered. It was all thanks to Crown Prince’s help. If not, they would still want to renege on their debt when they saw that I was young.”

Thinking about how much property he had, Zhang Chun felt his heart heat up. Even if he had been an actor for the rest of his life, he would not have been able to earn much gold, silver, jewelry, and land houses.

He really had to thank the bomber. If he could go back, he would have to thank him. His death was really worth it.

Crown Prince Zhao still had no expression on his face, “That’s good. Since that’s the case, Loyal and Brave Marquis should go and settle down earlier. If you don’t have enough manpower, I can send someone to help you clean up the house.”

“How can I accept this? Hehe. Zhang Chun felt that this Crown Prince was really too kind. A typical example of someone who was willing to help others. With such a backing, his life here would definitely not be too bad in the future.”

Thinking that he could also become a great official with power, Zhang Chun felt that there was nothing wrong with transmigrating to this backward and impoverished ancient era.

“Men, send the guests away.” Crown Prince Zhao glanced at Wang Dingjun. The other party consciously dragged Zhang Chun out.

“Wait… wait…” I have something to talk to Brother Tang about… Hey… Brother Tang…

Tang Yue helplessly watched him walk further and further away. He waved his hand awkwardly and then lowered his arm under Crown Prince Zhao’s calm gaze.

“Good morning. Have you had breakfast?”

Crown Prince Zhao walked over and picked Tang Yue up horizontally. Then, he carried him into the house under the shocked expression of the other party.

“No… Put me down!” Tang Yue struggled and roared. He had never experienced such a thing in his two lifetimes. A man who was carried by a princess, he did not know where to put his face.

“Put me down!” Tang Yue’s face turned red. The two of them were about the same height, but this hug had weakened his momentum.

“You’re not wearing shoes!” Crown Prince Zhao said coldly, then carried Tang Yue onto the bed with big strides.

Tang Yue remembered that he was not only not wearing shoes, he was not even wearing a coat. He was so excited that he did not even feel cold. Now he felt cold all over.

His face turned even redder. He tucked his feet under the covers. Fortunately, there was a blanket on the floor in the room. Otherwise, his feet would have gone numb from the cold.

The two of them were silent for a while. Tang Yue broke the tense atmosphere and said, “Loyal and Brave Marquis is… still young. I just treat him like a younger brother.”

Crown Prince Zhao gave him a sidelong glance. It was obvious that he did not accept such an answer. “It’s fine if brothers hug each other. What’s wrong with kissing?”

Did he think his fiancé was dead?

Tang Yue could not explain that it was a popular meeting ceremony in 2000 years, or overseas. He could only say, “He is young and insensible, and he treats me as an elder. It is inevitable that he would get excited after being separated for so long.”

“Bo…” Crown Prince Zhao kissed Tang Yue on the cheek, which gave Tang Yue a shock.

“Is this the position?” Crown Prince Zhao stared into his eyes and asked.

Tang Yue touched the spot where he had been kissed. He felt a burning sensation. He did not feel anything when Zhang Chun kissed him just now.

“Probably… yes.” Tang Yue did not have enough confidence to answer.

Crown Prince Zhao leaned over and kissed him again. He licked his lips even more excessively and said in a serious tone, “This is the only time. Don’t do it again.”

Tang Yue was angry, but also a little happy. “You have to say this to Loyal and Brave Marquis.”

Crown Prince Zhao snorted. “Of course someone will warn him.”

Zhang Chun was dragged out of the Crown Prince’s Palace and had yet to recover from his anger. Why was he chased out of the Crown Prince’s Palace? Wasn’t the atmosphere fine just now?

As expected, accompanying the emperor was like accompanying a tiger. The thoughts of this superior were too hard to guess. He was like a woman, constantly changing.

Wang Dingjun threw him into the carriage, and he himself drove the carriage to Loyal and Brave Marquis’s manor in Ye City.

It was only after Zhang Chun returned that he found out that he still had a large residence in the capital. It was where Loyal and Brave Marquis had stayed when he had entered the city.

He sat next to the driver and hugged his knees. He said sympathetically, “I finally know how you got your bad temper. It’s no wonder you’re so perverted to have a boss with a bad temper.”

Wang Dingjun glanced at him and said with a cold smile, “The ignorant are fearless. This Wang deeply admires!”

“Hey, can you talk nicely?” Zhang Chun stared at him. “Isn’t it just a sap? Is it worth you holding a grudge until now? You’ve already gotten your revenge, what else do you want?”

He had been bullied by this bastard many times along the way. He either drank water with salt or stuffed ice into his quilt. If it wasn’t because he wasn’t familiar with this place, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything if he was young. If he went alone, he would definitely draw a clear line with him!

“Do you know that you walked a circle on the road to Huang Quan?”

Zhang Chun’s eyes widened even more, “You…” How did he know? Did he hear something in Qinyang City?

He didn’t know what kind of character Huangfu Chun used to have, but since he dared to commit suicide, he must have a completely different personality from himself. He just needed to ask around and he would know the difference between them.

What should he do?

Zhang Chun stayed a little further away from him. He was ready to jump out of the car and run away as soon as he told the truth. Although the success rate was very low, it was still better than waiting to be killed.

In this age of superstition, if people knew that this body had changed its soul, they would definitely be burnt to death.

He would rather die than be burned to death like Huangfu Chun. It was too damn painful!

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