C120 – I’m Rich!

Tang Yue had found a few peppermint plants, so he planted them in his own yard. Every day, he would pick a few of them and chew on them. Once Crown Prince Zhao smelled them, he also planted a few in his own yard.

Tang Yue smelled the fresh taste in his mouth, and unknowingly fell into this deep kiss.

“Stay away from Lord Xin Ling from now on.” Crown Prince Zhao panted as he told Tang Yue.

Tang Yue pushed him away and bent his back to calm the restlessness in his body. Men were sensitive creatures, especially in certain parts of their lower bodies. They could not be controlled by reason.

“Why… why should I stay away from him?”

Crown Prince Zhao touched his red cheeks. Warm fingers and abdominal currents connected to Tang Yue’s red and swollen lips. It almost caused Tang Yue’s rationality to collapse.

“This person is lecherous, and he eats both men and women. It’s better for you to stay away from him since you’re so unprepared.”

Tang Yue smiled. Of course, he knew that Lord Xin Ling was lecherous. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have opened up a manor and kept so many dancers for him to have fun with other young masters. However, he had just found out that Lord Xin Ling was a man and a woman.

He pointed at his own face and asked, “With my looks, Lord Xin Ling might not be able to take a fancy to me.” Otherwise, he would not be full of sarcasm when he saw him.

“That’s for the best. Just let Zhao appreciate your beauty alone.” Crown Prince Zhao lowered his head and kissed Tang Yue’s cheek and eyelids. His gentle movements and loving gaze caused Tang Yue to involuntarily sink into it.

Tang Yue’s heart was beating faster and faster. He knew that it was not caused by physical impulses, but by the throbbing of his heart.

He thought to himself. It’s over, it’s over. I’m probably going to die in this kid’s hands for the rest of my life. What should I do?

“What are you thinking about?” Crown Prince Zhao bit his earlobe. Tang Yue shivered and almost jumped out of the car.

“Nothing…” Tang Yue touched his earlobe and looked away. His heart rate could not calm down.

The carriage stopped at some point. Tang Yue pulled the curtains and looked outside. Only then did he realize that they had arrived outside the second gate of the Crown Prince’s Palace. There were dozens of guards and servants standing around quietly. However, the large courtyard was completely silent.

This was the feeling that the Crown Prince’s Palace gave him. It was solemn, disciplined, and like a well-trained army. It was a strong and upright atmosphere.

“Get out of the car. I’ll take you to see where you’ll be staying in the future.” Crown Prince Zhao jumped off the carriage and turned around to pull Tang Yue out of the carriage. Tang Yue quickly pushed his hand away and jumped off the carriage himself.

What a joke! How could a man like him let his opponent do such a thing? Did he even want to lose his face?

Even if he could not ask for the fate of getting married in the future, he would not allow himself to develop in the direction of a sissy.

The two of them walked side by side into the yard. Tang Yue had only taken one step and could not walk anymore. Was… was this still the crown prince’s residence that he was familiar with?

It had only been a dozen days since he entered this door. Why did it feel like time and space had changed?

Tang Yue had come to this courtyard before. Furthermore, Crown Prince Zhao had clearly stated that this would be their new house. He had even shown him the drawings, but why didn’t he know that the remodeled courtyard would look like this?

There were small bridges and flowing water, pavilions and pavilions. It was as if this place had suddenly entered another world, and the style had changed so much that Tang Yue did not even recognize the Crown Prince Residence.

“Why did it change to this?” Tang Yue asked Crown Prince Zhao in surprise.

“I remember hearing you mention that there was a kind of garden yard. It was quiet and beautiful, so I tried to modify it. Are you satisfied?”

Tang Yue nodded fiercely. What was there to be dissatisfied with? The garden that he saw in the modern world was a historical relic. It had been copied or processed by later generations. It had lost its original classical taste.

The courtyard in front of him was different. Every blade of grass, tree, window, and door had a strong historical meaning. The floating clouds carved on the doorframe, the patterns carved on the window frames, the wondrous rock used for rockery, and the unknown fish reared in the pond were all things that could not be seen in two thousand years.

“It’s very beautiful. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful. His Highness has put in too much effort. It’s just a residence. So it’s not bad.”

Crown Prince Zhao pulled him inside. He had to explain the origin of this stone, the name of this tree, and the date of the flower. “I heard that you want to grow herbs by yourself in the future. There is also a small herbal field in the backyard. I can try planting it for you.”

Tang Yue lowered his head. His eyes were filled with emotion. The feelings he wanted to get in his previous life seemed to have come to fruition. A person was willing to decorate everything in the house according to the other party’s preferences. Even the details were not wrong. It could be seen how important this man was in his heart.

Tang Yue walked around and almost broke his legs. He randomly counted and found that there were over a hundred types of trees in the courtyard. Most of them were evergreen in the four seasons. Even in the harsh winter, they were still lush.

Not only that, there was a small bamboo forest that was especially unique. The two types of bamboo formed a diagram of eight trigrams. Tang Yue thought that the gardener in the manor must be very awesome!

“The current production of corn is too low. His Highness can also open up a few experimental fields and find some experienced farmers to give them some funds to develop better seeds. Not only can the corn be produced, but other crops can also be further researched.”

“Seeds are the source of plants. Since the beginning of planting crops, generations have paid great attention to growing crops. In the past few hundred years, their production has indeed increased a lot.”

Tang Yue did not know how much grain could be harvested from a kilogram of modern grain, but it must be many times more than here. Otherwise, with the population and land ratio of Nanjin, it was impossible for more than half of the people to be in a famine.

If only he could get the seeds of corn, potatoes, or sweet potatoes now. These three were typical plants with high production rates. He did not study biology, and did not know when these plants had been transmitted to China. But it was definitely not during this period.

Now that the construction of boats was too backward, it was impossible for them to cross the sea. As a doctor, he did not have the ability to build boats. He could only think about it.

“Other than planting crops, we can also guide them to plant other crops, such as cotton, peanuts, oil and vegetables to increase family income.”

“I know about cotton, but what are peanuts and oil? Only aristocrats can afford tea leaves, and a large amount of planting will inevitably cause the price to drop.”

Tang Yue did not know if there were two kinds of plants in this era. Most of the vegetables and wild vegetables he usually ate were the kinds he had never seen or eaten before.

“In order to increase the production of food, the first thing we need to do is to expand the farming area. South Jin is vast and sparsely populated. Every family has many fields. As long as we do not encounter a disaster, I think we will be able to satisfy the problem of food and food.”

Crown Prince Zhao brought him into the study and took out a map of the South Jin. He pointed at this piece of land and said, “The South Jin is indeed vast and sparsely populated, but there are many mountains and few plains. There are not many fields that can be reclaimed. In addition, one person’s ability to work is limited. No matter how many fields he has, he will not be able to finish farming.”

“That’s true. Then the second point can only be improved from grain and tools. The growth of seeds is not something that can be completed in a year or two, so we can only start from tools.”

“Tools?” Crown Prince Zhao frowned and asked Tang Yue, “Tools? Some of the farming tools are made of wood and some are made of iron. However, we have strict control over the number of iron tools. They are much better than bronze. How should we improve them?”

“It’s hard to explain this with words alone. Tomorrow, get someone to take me to a nearby farmer’s house to take a look. I don’t dare guarantee that the improvement will be successful.”

Tang Yue remembered that farming tools were gradually improved in history. He had seen ordinary hoes, plows, and rakes on TV. If this era did not have them, they could be used.

He took out a pen and drew these three things. Crown Prince Zhao shook his head and said awkwardly, “I don’t know about farming.”

Tang Yue did not expect him to know either. A teenager was locked up in the Palace before he was ten years old to learn literature and practice martial arts. After he was ten years old, he went to fight and kill enemies. He did not have time to learn anything else. If he could even understand this, then he would really be a genius among geniuses.

“It’s fine as long as someone understands.” As the ruler of a country, one did not need to understand everything, as long as one was good at using people.

Crown Prince Zhao shook his head. “How many officials in the court know about agriculture? Who among the noble children can farm and grow vegetables? I don’t know how to do that.”

That’s true. No old farmer has the ability to become an official in the court. Officials are the messenger between the emperor and the people. They are the bridge that they communicate with. But if this bridge does not reach the shore, then the two sides will not be connected.

Tang Yue patted his shoulder subconsciously and comforted him, “Don’t worry. You will become a wise ruler for a generation.” He had this intention, this temperament, and this rare ability. He would definitely succeed when the time and place were favorable to him.

Crown Prince Zhao glanced at the hand on his shoulder and stretched out his hand to cover it. “With you, I will have confidence.”

Tang Yue’s mouth twitched. He pulled his hand out and shook it. “Ahem, I think we should wait until after the wedding. Of course, don’t think that you can pay less after saying so many nice words.”

Crown Prince Zhao pulled him to a bookshelf and took out a book from the shelf in the fourth row. The bookcase made a dull sound and opened a door.

Tang Yue was stunned, but he was not surprised. He just felt that this kind of mechanism was too common and needed to be replaced.

“Your Highness wants to bring me in?” It was better not to. There must be many secrets hidden in this kind of secret room. It was better not to help.

However, Crown Prince Zhao clearly did not intend to make him retreat. He pulled his hand and dragged him in.

Tang Yue was still curious and excited. He had never been to such a mysterious place before. What he saw in movies and television before was definitely not as vivid as what he saw in person.

Behind the door was a flight of stairs that went down. It was about the height of a floor. It was dark when they went down. Tang Yue could only rely on Crown Prince Zhao’s lead to stumble forward.

After walking for about a minute, Tang Yue could not help but ask, “Why didn’t His Highness bring a fire clip down?”

Holding his hand tightly, Tang Yue’s reply came from the darkness. “Isn’t this better? In a place where there is no light at all, they can hear each other’s breathing and feel the temperature of their palms. There is a feeling of being supported by each other.”

Tang Yue was defeated by his reason. He wanted to shake off his hand and shout at him. “I want to fucking forget about the martial world with you now!”

As if sensing Tang Yue’s strong disdain, Crown Prince Zhao touched the wall for a while. Just when Tang Yue thought he could light up the next moment, Tang Yue found a torch. He blew it and lit the oil lamp on the wall. The weak light illuminated a small area beside them.

“…” Tang Yue despised himself in his heart. He had watched too many movies. He thought there were electric lights here. He could light up the entire passage with a single slap. It was truly harmful.

He walked a few steps forward and found a big stone house. It was still dark. Crown Prince Zhao lit each oil lamp to light up the house.

From the moment he could see things, Tang Yue was stunned. He stared straight ahead without blinking.

He thought that he had seen enough treasures in the betrothal gifts from Crown Prince Zhao and the dowry prepared by Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion, but compared to the scene in front of him, he was much more low-key.

It was not that there was more money here, it was just that looking at the boxes of gold, silver, and jewelry piled up in a mess gave him a strong visual impact.

“These will all be yours from now on.” Crown Prince Zhao stood behind Tang Yue.

Tang Yue thought to himself, No wonder modern women like to take charge of their husbands’ pay cards. No wonder people say that the sweetest thing in the world is that you can buy whatever you want. I have money!

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