C97 – The Second Brother

In the future? Hearing this, Yan Xingwei’s originally annoying face suddenly changed to a smile like Yan Chengyu’s. To be honest, when the two of them had the same expression, it gave off an indescribably subtle feeling. In short, it should be a disturbance caused by something dangerous!

He also followed Yan Chengyu’s gaze and suddenly said, “If elder sister finds out that such a person is here, she will definitely barge into the army and take him away. I dare to be sure.” Yan Xingwei, who had some interest, no longer had his previous laziness. At this moment, his lips were pursed into a smile as he looked at Ann Yan, who was getting closer and closer to them. A strange smile flashed in his eyes.

However, it couldn’t be hidden from Yan Chengyu’s eyes. He hooked his arm over Yan Xingwei’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Don’t think about using me to gag that madman.”

Since his guess was right, Yan Xingwei smacked his lips in annoyance, “Anyways, you also have some interest in Second Brother, don’t you? So what if you want Big Sis to take it as a theme?”

Yan Xingwei’s elder sister was Xu Yangyi’s father’s student. She was a super male caricature fan and currently had quite a few works. She could be considered a rather famous male cartoonist.

Yan Xingwei only got to know Xu Yangyi through his elder sister, and since the two of them were classmates, they gradually became good friends.

As these two big sisters who were not simple people, there was no simple way to put it. Yan Xingwei was so annoyed with her because as long as her big sister didn’t have any inspiration to draw comics, she would do whatever she could to make things difficult for her. For example, she would put the photos of Yan Chengyu and Yan Xingwei in the gay bar and ask someone out to meet them.

The two of them had been beaten up since they were young, so they were usually beaten to the point of yielding. They didn’t dare to disobey her unreasonable request because of this, which was also the reason why Yan Xingwei turned to Yan Chengyu.

“Do you think he will come back when I take him home?” With that infatuated look of hers, Iron Can might just tie her up and leave her as my wife for me.

Hearing Yan Chengyu’s words, Yan Xingwei seemed to be able to imagine his Big Sis’s crazy look. He sighed, “If our Dad and Mom didn’t leave early, would we have been driven mad by Big Sis?”

It’s possible. The two of them said to each other in their hearts.

However, at this time, Yan Chengyu suddenly looked at Yan Xingwei with a smile, “There are quite a lot of men in the army. Perhaps during your stay here, you can find yourself a ‘girlfriend’ to play with and bring home to work for Big Sis.”

He was planning to kidnap his little brother to come to the wrong end of the line! Second Brother didn’t seem to be any different from his elder sister.

However, Yan Xingwei merely sneered after hearing that, “I’m only interested in big-chested women, unlike you, who only look at your figure.” Where did a man come from?

However, Yan Chengyu did not think much of it, “Don’t be too full of yourself.” Ye Zichen patted Yan Xingwei’s shoulder. It really did look like there was a ghost.

Yan Xingwei heard this and was about to say that it was impossible, but Yan Chengyu suddenly said, “Can you imagine Yangyi’s hedgehog getting married to a man in the past? Now he’s the colonel’s wife, so say it! Was this life? Escape? There’s no way we can escape.” What he said made a lot of sense.

Yan Xingwei’s face darkened because he felt that there must be something behind the words Second Brother said to him.

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