C59 – I’m Here to Sell

After making up his mind, Su Ming no longer hesitated.

He washed up and ate something. Then he took the car keys and packed a few bags of things.

He had too many things, so he planned to sell everything he could sell.

Now, all his money was stored in the bank.

Su Ming drove to the Tianhua Bank.

“Mr. Su, you’re here!”

When the security guard at the door saw Su Ming’s car, he walked up to greet him. The security guard said, “Mr. Su, I’ll stop the car for you.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Su Ming got out of the car. He opened the back door and was about to reach for the two black plastic bags in the car.

Suddenly, the other two security guards rushed over.

“Mr. Su, we’ll help you move your things.”

“Be gentle, don’t break these things.”

Su Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the three security guards.

One of the security guards went to stop the car. The other two security guards followed behind Su Ming with the things in the back seat.

As soon as Su Ming turned around, the door of the bank opened.

The lobby manager quickly ran over and said with a smile, “Mr. Su, you’re here. Please!”

After Su Ming entered the hall, he was welcomed to the second floor and to the VIP room.

After making good Longjing tea, the lobby manager smiled at Su Ming and said, “President Chen is not here, but don’t worry. President Chen told me before that as long as you come, we will do business for you as quickly as possible.”

“It’s nothing.”

The two security guards placed two old plastic bags on the table. Su Ming smiled and said, “I came here to save money.”


The lobby manager was stunned.

Su Ming smiled and opened the two plastic bags.

The plastic bags were full of cash.

In addition to RMB, there were also a lot of foreign currencies.

The lobby manager was stunned for a moment and looked at Su Ming in confusion. With Su Ming’s status, he indeed had the ability to make so much money. But why did he have so much foreign currency?

Could it be that these foreign currencies were fake?

This was absolutely impossible!

Mr. Su had hundreds of millions of dollars in his bank card, and he owned land worth ten billion. Therefore, he did not need to use fake money.

Although the lobby manager was very confused, he didn’t dare to ask.

If he angered Su Ming, President Chen would definitely teach him a lesson.

“Don’t worry, we’ll send someone to do it immediately.”

With that, the lobby manager called over two bank staff and started counting the money.

Ordinary people had to line up to do business, but Su Ming only waited for less than ten minutes.

“Mr. Su, this cash is a total of 123.5 million yuan.”

The lobby manager said with a smile, “We have already deposited the money into your account.”


Su Ming nodded and said, “Sorry to trouble you.”

The lobby manager hurriedly said, “It’s our honor!”

After leaving the bank, Su Ming drove to the Wanding Mansion.

It was the largest trading building in the area, and also the largest luxury goods trading place in the entire city.

After parking the car, Su Ming took out a worn-out travel bag from the trunk.

This was the travel bag that Su Ming had used when he was studying. It was originally black, but after many years of use, it had turned a little white.

Those who could enter and leave this building were all wearing gorgeous clothes.

Many people frowned slightly when they saw Su Ming, who was wearing a set of ordinary clothes and holding a shabby travel bag in his hand.

Some people even thought of the scenes of robbery in movies.

They felt that Su Ming would open the travel bag later and take out a knife to rob others.

Su Ming didn’t care about the strange looks around him.

Su Ming took the elevator to a store that specialized in recycling bags.

“Hello, sir.”

A pretty saleswoman stood in the doorway and looked at Su Ming with some curiosity. “Sir, this is the place for recycling bags. What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to sell bags.”

Su Ming blinked.

“I’m sorry, sir. We only want high-end luxury goods here. Your bag is a little old, so we won’t take it.”

The saleswoman was a little embarrassed.

Sir, it’s not that we look down on you.

We really won’t accept your bag. It’s a little too old.

It might break at any time.

Su Ming was stunned. “I’m not selling this bag. I’m selling packaging in this bag.”

“So that’s how it is.”

The young lady was stunned for a moment. “Please come in, sir. Please wait a moment. I’m looking for a connoisseur.”


Su Ming nodded and took his old travel bag. After entering, he sat on the sofa.

Not long after, a young man walked over.

“Sir, I heard that you want to sell bags?”

There was a sign hanging on the young man’s chest that said “apprentice appraiser.”

Obviously, the people in the shop did not believe that Su Ming could take out a valuable bag. His bag was probably fake.

This bag might even have been stolen by him.

Therefore, the female shop assistant found an inexperienced apprentice appraiser.


Su Ming smiled faintly and opened his bag. He took out a bag and casually threw it on the table in front of him. “How much do you think this bag will sell for?”

The young man actually didn’t pay much attention to it.

This was because such a person had come to their shop before.

Some people stole other people’s bags to sell.

Some people also collected high-quality fake bags, hoping to sell them as the real deal.

These people were all caught or chased out without exception.

But when he saw Su Ming’s bag, he was immediately stunned.

The bag was white and small in size, but its outer color did not reflect light, like milk.

It was a limited edition product released by a luxury brand a few years ago. The surface of the bag was patented.

The material and craftsmanship of this package were naturally first-class, but the surface was the selling point of this package.

He had heard that many famous celebrities had bought this bag.

He didn’t expect to see a bag with his own eyes today.

The young man swallowed his saliva and hurried over. He sat opposite Su Ming and put on a pair of white gloves. He carefully picked up the bag.

The workmanship, brand logo, serial number, and all other details were perfect. This bag was authentic.


The young man hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you have an invoice for this bag?”

“I do.”

Su Ming nodded. “The invoice is in the mezzanine of this bag.”

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