C107 – In the Blink of an Eye All the Enemies Were Gone

“Pavilion Master, City Lord Fang requests an audience.”

What the fuck?!

Guo Fan, who was sitting at the bottom seat, twitched his mouth and almost blurted out the word fuck.

Then, he controlled his facial expression and pinched himself with his fingers. He pretended to be attentive and focused as he stared at the furnishings on the table.

Why did he have to come to Sword Pavilion at this time…

He was not afraid that Fang Xiang would kill people like Sun Fen. He was just afraid that Fang Xiang would lose control of herself when she recognized him in the Sword Pavilion. At that time, it would be very difficult to get off the stage.

After all, Fang Xiang’s identity was special… If there was any big news about her private life, it would inevitably cause an uproar within and outside the Sword Pavilion. She was a woman who held the power of the Night’s Fall Sword City, and there were many voices of disagreement in the Sword Pavilion.

For example, she was not the only nine-star swordsmith in the current generation. It was because of her identity as the widow of the former master of the Sword Pavilion. As compensation, she would be in charge of the Night’s Fall Sword City… and so on. If she lost her identity as the widow of the former master… She was afraid that the public opinion would rise and the pressure on her would be even greater.

But according to Guo Fan’s inference, she should be the first person to discover his identity.

Guo Fan took a deep breath in his heart and could only pray that she was calm enough.

In the front, Gong Wei turned his head slightly in surprise. His eyes could not see the focal point. “Why is she here?”

The person who reported to him said respectfully, “City Lord said it’s related to Profound Yin Family.”

Guo Fan continued to calm down. Wasn’t it just the Profound Yin Family? It should be to report Xun Yimu’s movements.

Gong Wei pondered and said, “So it is the matter of the Profound Yin Family. Coincidentally, Shi Guanting, who was depressed for the rest of his life. Now that his grand disciple is here, it can be considered as a coincidence. Perhaps the relationship between the Sword Pavilion and the Profound Yin Family will turn for the better.”

He waved his hand and the man left respectfully.

The master of the Sword Pavilion turned around and said, “Lang Qing, do you know about the grudge between your grandmaster and the Profound Yin Family?”

Lang Qing scratched his head and said, “Yes, but my master said that my grandmaster had already let go of this grudge before he died. He only hoped that he could show his best work in his life.”

Gong Wei smiled and said, “This is a good thing… Speaking of which, what about your master? Why did he send a grand disciple like you to Sword Pavilion?”

“Oh, it’s like this…” Lang Qing started to talk about how his master had no talent and how his master was despised by his grandmaster. In the end, he could only pass on the inheritance of his grandmaster to Shi Guanting, allowing him to regain his reputation.

After a while, the door of the room was opened once again.

The person who walked in was a woman wearing a snow green long dress. Because she was outside, she was wearing a thin veil, and one could vaguely see her graceful figure underneath.

Her eyebrows were deep green, her red lips and jade skin were red, and her fine black hair was tied up in a high bun. Her eyes were bright, and her expression was cold and solemn because she was involved in serious business. The mature beauty on the outside could not cover the biting cold majesty that had accumulated over the years. It was shockingly the Night’s Fall Sword City Lord – Fang Xiang.

Fang Xiang took two steps forward and lifted the sword in her hand a little, “Pavilion Master…”

Her words came to an abrupt stop. The female’s gaze landed on Guo Fan who was sitting by the side and met the latter’s eyes.

Their gazes met.

It was as if sparks had collided, and the woman’s eyes suddenly lit up with surprise. Her breathing seemed to have quickened a little, but there was no surprise or surprise in her eyes.

As expected, she had already found out that the person behind Xia Shui’s identity was Guo Fan, but it seemed like she didn’t expect Guo Fan to appear in the Sword Pavilion.

Guo Fan’s mouth twitched. His hands, which had been placed on the table, made a gesture of silence. His eyes indicated that he should restrain himself.

This woman’s eyes were also shining. The progress bar above her head was full. The pink color seemed to have spread to her body as well, and her cheeks were slightly red.

If she did not remind me, wouldn’t she have pounced on me…

Guo Fan was suspicious in his heart. He glanced sideways at the page of the illustrated guide that had been activated.

[Character: Fang Xiang (5-star)]

[Gender: Female]

[Title: Night’s Fall Sword City Lord – Bright Water Bending Condor]

[Level: Immortal Dao – Seventh Level Fusion]

[Status: Normal]

[Attribute interface (click Check)]

Card carry bonus: (Do you want to bring: Yes / No)

Another activation… It was only a short distance away from the maximum number of cards he could bring with him.

Fang Xiang’s heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her throat.

The person whom she had dreamt of for so many years was right in front of her eyes. Just a day ago, she was still looking at the information on the paper and arranged for people to meet him. Today, she had met him. It was really the opposite of the ground, only a few steps away.

Who could say that this was not fate’s arrangement?

Fang Xiang’s eyes were almost immediately moist. The feeling of happiness filled her heart and she wished she could hug him tightly and bury it in her chest to comfort him…

But Guo Fan’s actions and eyes successfully woke her up, reminding her what kind of occasion it was now.

Fang Xiang took a deep breath and tried to calm down. The sudden pause turned into a slight pause. She said, “The young master of Profound Yin Family, Xun Yimu, returned the sword of the Nine Stars Swordsmith, ‘Shi Guanting’, to the Sword Pavilion.”

She lifted the sword in her hand, revealing a black scabbard and a golden hilt. The hilt of the sword was in two rings, forming a cohesive circle.

Gong Wei paused and asked, “What is the price?”

Fang Xiang’s eyes instantly glanced at Guo Fan and said, “Night’s Fall Sword Array, she needs to use Night’s Fall Sword Array to trap someone in the city.”

Guo Fan’s mouth twitched. This was too cruel!

Using the Night’s Fall Sword Array to trap him, if he was not at the Physical Integration Period or above, he would not be able to get out.

Luckily, Xun Yimu didn’t know that in the Middle Continent, the most beautiful, smart, rich and powerful women were the targets of Guo Fan’s strategy.

Perhaps this was another meaning, “In a short amount of time, everyone will be facing an enemy.”

Gong Wei took out his sword and stroked it with his hand. He then pulled it out and “examined” it. “The Sky Cloud Sword… is indeed it. Two hundred years ago, it was ranked as one of the top ten famous swords as soon as it was born. However, after Shi Tu left, it stayed in the Profound Yin Family.

Now, it has returned to the Sword Pavilion.”

He sighed and turned to Guo Fan and Lang Qing. These two young men were very reserved. Even if they acted neither servile nor overbearing at the beginning, the generous and carefree Xia Shui seemed to be a little nervous at this moment.

It was no wonder… After all, the one in front of them was the Night’s Fall Sword City Lord. She was also a famous beauty back then. It was only after she became the City Lord that she gradually disappeared from the public’s sight.

The master of Sword Pavilion could not help but smile as a senior. “I haven’t introduced her yet. This is the Night’s Fall Sword City Lord. You can call her Master Duan. She is one of the few 9-star swordsmiths in the current generation.”

He pointed at Lang Qing and said with a sigh, “Today is really a coincidence. Shi Tu’s grand-disciple has also returned. The swords have also returned. The 9-star swordsmiths of Sword Pavilion are all here again.”

Lang Qing immediately stood up. His face was full of shock. “A 9-star swordsmith!” He quickly bowed.

Fang Xiang smiled and said, “So you are Shi Tu’s disciple. I think you will be able to shine in Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference this time.”

She walked over and sat next to Guo Fan as if nothing had happened. “May I know who this is again?”

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