C606 – The Power of the Calligraphy and Painting


At the moment when the painting was unfolded, a thick Taoist Charm gradually spread out. The Divine Rune swam around, as if the four symbols Divine Beasts were looking down on the world.

At this moment, everyone raised their heads and looked at the Void.




“Creak, creak, creak…”

The Taoist Charm transformed into a true Divine Beast, displaying a myriad of divine might. It was as if this wasn’t the evolution of a Taoist Charm, but a true ancient Divine Beast.

A terrifying aura burst out from the Four Symbols Divine Beasts, piercing through the entire heaven and earth. Those forces that wanted to curry favor with Tianji Zi had already taken the initiative to gather towards that hand. At this moment, they were all affected by the energy and turned into nothingness.

It was like a force that could destroy the world, but it let go of those neutral forces and swept towards the west in all directions.


“Is this the legendary power of Mr. Zhang?”

“Is this the power of a legendary god?”

The people of Lin family and the surrounding powers were shocked and dumbfounded. Some of them couldn’t help but kneel on the ground.

At this moment, even the hand stopped for a moment.

Although this moment was short, everyone could see it clearly.

Everyone finally understood that the rumor was a fucking fart.

Who said that Tianji Zi was much stronger than Zhang Xuan?

Who said that Zhang Xuan was afraid of Tianji Zi, so he had been hiding in seclusion all this time?


“Zhang Xuan’s strength has actually increased so quickly!”

A voice sounded out from his hand, and countless Qi exploded. The Void exploded with a loud bang, and that hand grabbed towards the painting.


When the Azure Dragon saw the hand, its eyes were as big as copper bells, and it roared furiously at the hand.

The other three elephant hoops were beside the Azure Dragon, causing the Azure Dragon’s might to become even stronger.

“Four Great Formations?! Interesting!”

An invisible tribulation fire suddenly burst forth from his palm.

The Azure Dragon charged towards the palm.



A violent force suddenly spread out, and numerous ripples swept out in all directions.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, that hand collapsed.

And that Azure Dragon also disappeared.

“Clang! Clang!”

The vermilion bird replaced the azure dragon’s position and roared towards the direction where the hand had scattered. Then, it suddenly charged over.

The Black Tortoise and the White Tiger followed closely behind!

In an instant, the sky became clear and cloudless, as if the scene just now had never occurred.

But the shock of everyone was far more than that.

At this moment, the entire Yan Nong Jia was silent. Everyone was prostrating on the ground, their eyes glazed over.

“Wow, Uncle Zhang’s calligraphy is so greasy!”

Little Guo Guo’s tender voice broke the silence of the Void.

“That is, my father, that is the most powerful person in the world!” Nannan just didn’t have a tail, or else she would have curled up.

Little Guo Guo nodded her head repeatedly. Her tail was raised up as if Zhang Xuan was so awesome that she had contributed a lot.

On the side, Taoist Immortal Jiang and the others were excited. Mister’s strength had given them too much face.

After today, they would see who would dare to say that the courtyard was inferior to the Divination Sect.


When the dog looked at the remaining people who were close to the Heaven’s Secret Sect, their hearts skipped a beat.

Taoist Immortal Jiang knew what the dog meant. The way he looked at those people became colder and colder.

“Pay attention to the people in the courtyard. Kill them without mercy!”


At this moment, the people in the courtyard were bursting with energy. When they heard Taoist Immortal Jiang’s words, they rushed towards those people one by one.

In an instant, the Great Dao in the Void broke apart, and a rain of blood fell down.

In the sky above the Yan Nong Jia, the Spiritual Energy was extremely thick. It was even liquefied. The people of the Lin family were shocked to the extreme. This was a heaven defying opportunity for the Lin family. From today onwards… The Yan Nong Jia would become one of the places with the densest Spiritual Energy in the Chaotic Battlefield.

Those who had offended the Lin family had their eyes wandering around, making plans in their hearts. It seemed like the Lin family had already climbed onto the chariot of the small courtyard. They had to apologize.

Putting aside the terrifying power of the old ancestor of the Lin family, Guan Shengwu’s little girlfriend also seemed to have the same surname as Lin. Was there some kind of connection between the two of them?

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that something was wrong. Immediately, they secretly ordered someone to bring the treasures of the sect. They had to hurry up.

It was obvious from the attitude of the courtyard towards those people who claimed to be from the Heavenly Mystery Sect.

They were afraid that if they were late, they would be punished.

The Lin family still didn’t know what the surrounding powers were thinking. If they knew, they wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

They also wanted to have something to do with the small courtyard, but they were just here to compete.


The dog called out to Guan Shengwu, indicating that Old Guan had gone out to train for too long. It was time to go back, otherwise Zhang Xuan would be worried.

“Uncle Dog, I’ll go back now!”

Guan Shengwu already had enough training. He really needed to go back and cultivate for a while. He also had many things that he needed to ask his master about.

The dog nodded. Then, it mounted the Divine Ship and flew away.

Guan Shengwu and Lin Ruoxi also greeted the people of Lin family and left.


In the courtyard.

A long river of time appeared. The strong power of time shocked Qiao Dangdang to the extreme.

“Great Grandfather, is my master powerful?”

Ouyang Jian asked in a low tone.

“Get lost!”

Qiao Dangdang said to his disciple.

Qiao Yiyi looked at the two children speechlessly. It was as if they could not live without a few words every day.

“Great Grandfather, tell me, Wang Chuan has already died in body and soul. Can Master really resurrect him?”

Qiao Yiyi was also full of curiosity. If a human body and spirit were destroyed, could he really jump out of the long river of history?

This was not a simple death, but the destruction of both body and soul. Even the signs of living in this world had disappeared.

If such a person could be resurrected, wouldn’t it be the same for those who had died in history?

Qiao Dangdang replied, “How can it be so simple? Although Wang Chuan’s body and soul were destroyed, it hadn’t been a long time. Furthermore, Zhang Xuan had been preparing for this for a period of time. This means that reviving a person isn’t that simple!”

“Old Ancestor, you should stop now. In order to revive Wang Chuan, it’s not worth it to hurt you.”

Wu Jinghua brought the people of Pangu Sect and knelt down.

His eyes were full of pleading.

The surrounding people looked at Wu Jinghua and the others with complicated expressions. To be honest, Wang Chuan’s death made them feel extremely sad. They also wanted Wang Chuan to come back to life.

However, just like what Qiao Dangdang had guessed, they also guessed that there must be a price to pay for Wang Chuan’s resurrection.

Now that the outside world was in chaos, they were afraid that something bad would happen to _.

Their master was the pillar of the village. If anything happened to him, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zhang Changsheng put his hands behind his back and looked at the river of time quietly, as if he was comprehending something.

“Found it!”

At this moment, Zhang Xuan smiled and stretched his hand into the river.


At this moment, the Void was torn apart, and a hand slapped over fiercely.

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