C119 – Carrying Shang Xiaojie to the Hospital

“What… What was going on? Why did it suddenly fall down?”

“Are they alright?”

“Oh my god!” The child is bleeding from his forehead.”

“There are also people who were stepped on. How could they be so careless!”


The moment Shang Xiaojie fell, the others were also shocked. Several people on the side also rolled down, but they didn’t directly hit Shang Xiaojie, who was at the corner of the stairs.

“Wife? Wife, don’t scare me, Wife.” Mu Sifa ran to Shang Xiaojie, picked him up and screamed anxiously, his eyes filled with panic.

Shang Xiaojie, who was in his arms, didn’t do anything, and closed his eyes tightly.


The world suddenly rushed in, not knowing why he was here. It was probably due to Mu Sifa and the others not leaving for a long time, so they came and asked him about the meal in the restaurant.

Seeing Shang Xiaojie in Mu Sifa’s arms, with his forehead bleeding and unconscious, Jia Tianxia was also frightened. He quickly separated the crowd.

“What, what happened?”

Aren’t you going to watch a movie? How did something happen!?

“What are you standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and clear the path.” His eyes were red and his lips were trembling.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Jia Tianxia quickly led the way and led Mu Sifa out.

Along the way, everyone was also looking on blankly. They did not know what had happened, but they were all discussing amongst themselves.

When Mu Sifa rushed out of the cinema hall with Shang Xiaojie in his arms, the staff was also shocked. However, before they could inquire anything, Mu Sifa and the rest had already disappeared.

“This… Did something happen?”

“I don’t know!” It seems like that little cutie was injured! “What’s the situation!”

They were the two staff members who were surrounded by Shang Xiaojie from the beginning. They watched worriedly as Mu Sifa carried Shang Xiaojie into the hospital.

Loong Xiaoyi frowned, as if he was concerned about this matter. After all, they were classmates and had talked this morning.

Mu Cheng was silent as he stared at Mu Sifa hospital.

After a long while, he said, “I’ll go and check the situation.” Then, he walked towards the screening hall where Shang Xiaojie and the others were.

Loong Xiaoyi watched Mu Cheng’s leaving figure curiously. He seemed to be surprised that Mu Cheng would take the initiative to do such a thing, unlike his usual self.

At this moment in the projection room.

After Mu Sifa and the others left, Elina on the stairs sneered, “Fight against me? Shang Xiaojie, Shang Xiaojie, you’re still a little too inexperienced?”

After she finished muttering to herself, she slowly walked down the stairs and arrogantly left through the people who fell under her feet.

Unbeknownst to Elina, not long after she left, a man sitting in the last row pushed his eyes and revealed a faint smile. “I’ve really got something good.”

The man said while looking back at the video he had just taken. It just so happened to be Elina pushing Shang Xiaojie.

At this moment, another man was sitting beside him. He was wearing sunglasses even though it was clearly dark in a movie theater like this. He was dressed meticulously in a black suit, causing people to feel pressured yet they didn’t dare to meet his gaze. He emitted a sense of danger that made people want to avoid him.

“I was just here to see what kind of person Mu Sifa had fallen for. I didn’t expect him to be a weak chicken. I even saw an interesting scene.”

The light smile on the man’s face was lingering at the corners of his lips, revealing a hint of unfathomable thoughtfulness.

“The rest is up to you.”

The man just let out a sound like that.

“I knew it would.” He shrugged and sighed, a little lazily.

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