C118 – Push Xiaojie down the Step

Seeing Mu Sifa, Shang Xiaojie, and you and me next door, Elina’s tightly clenched nails all pierced into the flesh.

Shang Xiaojie, I, Elina, am irreconcilable with you. I want you dead, I want you dead.

With a malicious expression, if the conditions allowed, she would definitely stab Shang Xiaojie in the heart with the hairpin.

In the latter half of the movie, Mu Sifa finally stopped messing with Shang Xiaojie and let him watch it properly. Meanwhile, Mu Sifa stayed quietly with him and rubbed his neck from time to time as if he was still in love with Shang Xiaojie.

Elina wasn’t in the mood for that. She had endured her anger for more than an hour.

Finally, the movie came to an end. Everyone stood up with a satisfied expression as they continued to discuss the exciting plot.

“How is it? Does it look good?” Ye Zichen kissed Shang Xiaojie and asked out of habit.

“That’s great! The fighting part is really exciting. Our domestic movies are getting better and better!” He had a delighted expression on his face.

Seeing Shang Xiaojie so happy, Mu Sifa felt that it was worth it to be busy the whole day.

“Hungry?” He kissed him again and asked. At this moment, he was still hugging Shang Xiaojie and didn’t have any intention of getting up. He probably wanted to wait for the people in front of him to walk a little before going out.

Shang Xiaojie rubbed his stomach and replied cutely, “I’m hungry.”

“What do you want to eat? Or home for dinner?”

Go home?

Hearing these two words, Shang Xiaojie suddenly felt that it was a bit strange. Because he had always lived in the dorms at school, it was rare to hear such words.

“What now?”

“No, I’m fine!” He smiled, but it was a bitter smile.

“Shall we both have a candlelight dinner?” Mu Sifa suddenly laughed.

“Really?” Shang Xiaojie’s eyes immediately lit up and he jumped up and down like a child.

“Of course it’s true. I’ve just sent a message to the world that I’ve booked a restaurant for us on the tenth floor of this building. The things on top are pretty good, it should suit your needs.”

Hearing that, Shang Xiaojie was overjoyed, “I need to go to show my gratitude.”

Elina had also heard the conversation between the two of them, and it once again made her jealous.

Shang Xiaojie, Shang Xiaojie.

Ye Zichen yelled Shang Xiaojie’s name fiercely in his heart. When he was about to leave, she glared at the back of Shang Xiaojie’s head.

Shang Xiaojie seemed to feel the cold air, but when he looked back, the line of sight was already gone and Elina had already left.

“Let’s go, Mu Sifa. There aren’t many people left.” Shang Xiaojie urged, already impatient to have a candlelight dinner with Mu Sifa.

“Alright.” Mu Sifa put him down with a smile.

Although most of the people had already left, only a small portion of them were still below. There was still a small portion of people that had not come down. As it was the movie premiere, the number of people had already reached its maximum capacity.

Because there were too many people, Shang Xiaojie wasn’t that tall. Before long, he was caught in the middle by a few big guys. At the staircase of the corridor, he also separated from Mu Sifa.

“Mu Sifa.” He turned around to look for someone, but he was always blocked. He looked like a basketball player, and everyone was tall and big.

He finally managed to squeeze out of the crowd, but he also saw Mu Sifa behind him. Just as he was about to walk over happily, a pair of hands suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pushed him forward.

Mu Sifa’s eyes widened. “Wife.” He shouted, and his hand shot out as well, but Shang Xiaojie had already fallen, and because of his fall, it had become a stampede, and by the time Mu Sifa had trotted down the stairs to find him, Shang Xiaojie had already fallen to the foot of the stairs.

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