C119 – Is It Really Okay to Drag It out like This?

“What is the name of His Highness’s horse? Snow Treading? Wind Chasing? Thunderclap?” Tang Yue asked while touching Crown Prince Zhao’s horse.

The horse snorted at him, wagged its tail, and continued to gnaw at the withered grass on the ground.

Crown Prince Zhao smoothed its neck. The horse rubbed his arm affectionately. Tang Yue was a little jealous. He did not know whether it was jealous or jealous of the horse.

“It’s a pity that I met you too late. Otherwise, I would have given you a precious colt called Snow Treading. It would be a perfect pair.”

Tang Yue turned his head and suddenly realized something. “Traceless?” It was indeed a classical name.

Crown Prince Zhao nodded and saw the mocking smile in Tang Yue’s eyes, which made him feel uncomfortable.

“It’s not too late to give it away now. Why don’t you find a partner for Wuhen?”

Crown Prince Zhao pointed at the young colt that was playing by itself. “You have it now. The colt needs to be raised from a young age. This way, you can develop feelings for it, and you have to do it again and again.”

“…” Tang Yue blinked twice. He felt like he had been teased. “Then I can change Little Red’s name to Treading Snow.”

Thinking back, how did he get such a stupid name for his horse?

“Even so, they can’t form a pair. My Traceless is too old.” Crown Prince Zhao’s eyes were a little sad. This horse had followed him for seven years. It was okay to run occasionally, but it was difficult for it to go to the battlefield.

Tang Yue wanted to say that he would get a pair of horses when he changed horses, but he could not say such cruel words when he saw the clear and innocent eyes of the horse.

“Does His Highness not want to race?” Tang Yue brought his little red over and asked it to have a good relationship with Wuhen.

However, the gap between the two horses was too deep, and they could not communicate normally. It was either you kicking me or I biting you. For the sake of a single blade of grass, they could fight.

However, Tang Yue’s colt was obviously not a match for the battle-hardened Wuhen. After being kicked down, it lay on the ground and did not get up.

Tang Yue could not bear to look at it directly. He grabbed its leg and gave it a slap on the stomach.

Crown Prince Zhao smiled. He turned his head and looked at the group of young masters who were playing like crazy. “I don’t like to play with people.”

Tang Yue initially thought that these young men had some ability. They were riding very well. At least in Tang Yue’s eyes, they were professional. He didn’t expect that they were just playing around in Crown Prince Zhao’s eyes.

The two of them went back to the manor first. They bumped into County Princess Tangxi and Lord Xin Ling at the gate.

County Princess Tangxi was dressed in men’s clothing before. She had secretly followed Lord Xin Ling. Her goal was very obvious. She had come for Tang Yue.

Tang Yue narrowed his eyes and turned his head to stare at Crown Prince Zhao, waiting to see how he would deal with this matter.

He was not someone who liked to be jealous, and it was not for the sake of being jealous. No matter what identity he had, he could not interfere in this matter.

“Tangxi, I remember that you should be kneeling in the ancestral hall right now!” Crown Prince Zhao berated her.

“Cousin Zhao…”

“Men, send the princess back to the residence and tell Old Prince on behalf of me. This is the last chance. If this happens again, don’t blame me for not giving him face!”

“Yes.” Two guards stepped forward and pulled County Princess Tangxi out forcefully.

“Cousin Zhao, how can you treat me like this? I…”

Seeing this, Lord Xin Ling quickly went forward to plead for County Princess Tangxi, “Your Highness is too rude to the princess. The princess did not do anything wrong.”

“Nothing wrong? Killing innocent civilians and disregarding human lives is not considered a mistake.” Crown Prince Zhao had a serious face, and his body was emitting an evil aura that Tang Yue had never seen before.

He had always been confused. Someone like him who had been fighting for a long time on the battlefield… He was not very old, so how could he not have any killing intent on him?

He even suspected that Lee Zhao was also a transmigrator. However, Lee Zhao was obviously not from his hometown. Otherwise, he would be like Zhang Chun, and the two of them would be able to resonate with each other as soon as they communicated.

“They are just two lowly peasants!” County Princess Tangxi refuted loudly.

Crown Prince Zhao sneered. “The so-called lowly peasants you speak of are also the people of South Jin. They are born in South Jin and have grown up in it. They have the right to live on their own. What right do you have to take their lives?”

“Cousin Zhao, don’t tell me that as a princess, I have to apologize to these two lowly peasants? You…”

“Shut up! Take him away!” Crown Prince Zhao waved his hand. The two guards ignored Lord Xin Ling’s interference and knocked County Princess Tangxi out and took her away.

Tang Yue had made such a guess before, but he did not expect that the person who framed him was really this woman. It seemed that this woman was not only brainless, but also cruel.

“Your Highness, your actions are a little too much. The princess is of noble status, how can she be compared with the cloth clothes?” Lord Xin Ling shook his head and sighed with emotion. Clearly, he didn’t agree with Crown Prince Zhao’s actions.

However, other than Tang Yue, the nobles felt that Crown Prince Zhao’s actions were a matter of taking revenge for his personal grudges. They felt that he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to take revenge on County Princess Tangxi for breaking off the engagement.

“I have made a decision, there is no need for Lord Xin Ling to say anything.” Crown Prince Zhao held Tang Yue’s hand and turned to ask him, “Do you want to go down the mountain with me?”

Tang Yue knew he did not want to stay here, so he agreed. “I’ll go pack my things.”

Crown Prince Zhao followed him into the yard. The yard was empty at the moment, and there were only a few rooms that could make some ambiguous sounds. Clearly, some people were still indulging in the warmth of their home and could not bear to come out.

When they arrived at the courtyard where Tang Yue lived, Crown Prince Zhao felt a little curious. He looked around and asked, “Do you like this kind of courtyard?”

“Do you mean the structure or decoration or the scenery outside the window?” Tang Yue did not bring many things, and they were not in a hurry, so he did not need to tidy up.

“Whatever you like!”

“I really like the scenery outside. It’s majestic, and I’m in the immortal realm. Living here gives me the feeling that I’m an expert from the outside world.” That was what Tang Yue really thought. In the movies, didn’t those reclusive experts like to live under cliffs or on cliffs?”

Crown Prince Zhao glanced at him and the corner of his mouth curved. He asked someone to come in and take his luggage, then he took Tang Yue’s hand and left.

Tang Yue ordered someone to pass on a message to Zhao Sanlang and the others. He told them that he would go back first. He clearly meant that he was afraid that they would not be able to find him, but he wanted to tell them, “Stop fooling around. Crown Prince is already unhappy. Hurry up and leave with the boss.”

Zhao Sanlang had a little bit of comprehension ability, let alone that. When Tang Yue and Crown Prince Zhao reached the foot of the mountain, they would have to wait. He came up behind us. He went down the hill. Ping Shun was naturally with them. Another loyal fan of Crown Prince Zhao had come as well.

However, Tang Yue discovered that County Prince appeared extremely calm when he saw Crown Prince Zhao. It was as if the person standing in front of him was just a stranger. He didn’t look like he was looking at his idol at all.

He didn’t know if County Prince was pretending to be too deep or if he had misunderstood.

Zhao Sanlang secretly grabbed Tang Yue and asked, “Why did you leave so quickly?”

Of course, Tang Yue would not say it was because someone saw that his ex-fiancée was in a difficult mood and was not in the mood to stay on top of her, so he answered, “His Highness still has urgent matters to attend to, so he went down the mountain first.”

Zhao Sanlang squeezed his eyes at him and said, “I am asking about you! Who asked about Crown Prince?”

Tang Yue pretended not to receive the signal. After he left the mountain, he got into the carriage in the Crown Prince’s Palace and waved at Zhao Sanlang. “Why don’t Sanlang finish his vacation and go back to training?”

Zhao Sanlang rolled his eyes at him. “Please forgive me. I have to go home and visit my mother.” It was rare to have a vacation, but it was stupid to go back and work overtime!

“Then Noble Heir…”

Ping Shun was quite quick-witted this time. He hurriedly replied, “This Noble Heir also has to go home to visit my father. He is already old, so it is very pitiful for him to be alone at home.”

Tang Yue thought to himself. State Duke Heng is busy with work all day long. It would be strange if he had the time to relax at home. Otherwise, he would not let his son grow up as he pleased.

He turned to County Prince. Just as he was about to say something, he automatically replied, “The Crown Prince’s Palace is very boring. I don’t like going there.”

Tang Yue wanted to say, but he didn’t ask you that.

He stole a glance at Crown Prince Zhao’s expression, wanting to see if he had the feeling of being despised by others, but it was obviously impossible.

“Next spring, His Highness is going to war, right?” County Prince asked with a straight face.

Crown Prince Zhao nodded. “You are still young. You can think about it in a few years.”

“No, His Highness went to war at the age of ten. The boy is already twelve. He can also go to war to kill the enemy.”

“…” Except for Crown Prince Zhao, the other three people looked at County Prince in shock.

The news was so shocking that Tang Yue felt that this world was too unreal. Each and every one of the little ghosts was so valiant. It was too unbelievable.

However, the average lifespan of this era was much shorter than modern times. Therefore, twelve years old was already the age of half a capable man getting married. There are a lot of fathers at the age of fourteen, and most men enter the second half of the family business after fifteen. Tang Yue was still in junior high at that time.

Zhao Sanlang pulled County Prince and said excitedly, “Don’t mess around… Is that a fun place to fight? What if… what if you are a princess?”

County Prince looked at him and shook his hand away. “What does this have to do with you?”

Zhao Sanlang frowned. “You are still young. Won’t you die on the battlefield?”

“Chi. I don’t know who is the one who gets beaten up by me every time!”

Tang Yue held back his laughter. Zhao Sanlang flew into a rage out of humiliation. “That was what I asked you to do!” Did he really think he was powerful?

County Prince coldly laughed. Tang Yue’s fine hairs stood on end as he heard the other party say, “If you don’t believe me, I can still beat you until you believe me!”

These words were really domineering! Tang Yue had no choice but to give him a thumbs up. At the same time, he thought, This royal family’s background is indeed different. It’s just that its domineering side is revealed.

Tang Yue saw that they had the urge to immediately fight to decide the outcome of the battle. He quickly pulled Zhao Sanlang back. “Alright, don’t you still have to go back and see your mother? If you don’t leave now, it will be completely dark.”

Zhao Sanlang bowed to County Prince. “I’ll ask the duke for advice another day!”

“I will accompany you to the end.”

Was it really okay to be so arrogant?

Tang Yue closed the door, and the carriage limped towards Ye City.

He could still hear Zhao Sanlang and County Prince’s quarrels from a distance, but the former kept talking, while the latter sneered or refuted with disdain, adding a lot of fun to the boring journey.

However, Tang Yue had no time to care. After getting into the carriage, he was pressed down by Crown Prince Zhao, and his lips were blocked before he could speak.

“Oh…” What kind of rhythm was this? Was he going to shake the carriage?

“Don’t let your imagination run wild!” Crown Prince Zhao took a bite of Tang Yue’s mouth and went deeper into it.

The tongue and the tongue intertwined. The heat and the cold coexisted, but the cold outside could not extinguish the fire inside. The two of them quickly got ready for battle.

A hand touched Tang Yue’s belt. When the clothes were opened, a cold wind blew into his chest, and only then did Tang Yue react. He hurriedly shouted, “Stop!”

Crown Prince Zhao’s hand stopped on his collarbone. He looked at him with red eyes. The evil fire seemed to jump out of his eyes and burn Tang Yue to ashes.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His throat moved up and down. Crown Prince Zhao held it in his mouth and muttered, “Wife has no right to stop.”

In this era where men respected women, women’s obedience included serving the bed.

However, Tang Yue was not a woman, nor was he a woman of this era. He kicked Crown Prince Zhao away with one kick. “There seems to be a saying in our treaty that we can’t kiss without brushing our teeth. We can’t go to bed without washing our feet. There is no special service!”

Crown Prince Zhao walked up to him and let out a sigh. “You gave me teeth.” The brush is very useful. Before I came here, “Yes.”

“…” Tang Yue looked at him blankly. Why did this style suddenly change from a hungry wolf to a wood-dog?

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