C118 – Dressed in Fresh Clothes and Angry with the Horse

“The princess seems unhappy?” Lord Xin Ling walked to County Princess Tangxi and bent down to help her remove the snow from her shoulders.

It turned out that snow had started to fall on the mountain. Looking at it, the entire mountain seemed to be wearing a white hat.

County Princess Tangxi tightened the rope on her cloak and wiped off the ice stains on her face. She asked doubtfully, “Second cousin, why do you think His Highness would choose such an ordinary man as his wife? Could it be that he does not like women?”

“That’s not true. What kind of person is Crown Prince Zhao? Why would he choose a wife because of his personal preferences?” Lord Xin Ling shook his head and smiled. “The princess thinks too simply. Who is that Tang Yue? He is the son of Yueyang Marquis and the son of a concubine. He knows a bit of Qihuang Art. How can such a person move Crown Prince’s heart?”

County Princess Tangxi frowned. “That bitch only knows some medical skills. Why did His Highness choose him?”

Lord Xin Ling kept her guessing. He pointed to the mountains in the distance and said, “His Highness is concerned about the country and the country. Before his leg injury, he would think that the world must be his. But after this injury, even if he was crowned as the Crown Prince, he had to guard against it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Princess, what does His Highness need to stabilize his position? Power, connections, money, everything. He has power. He is in charge of religious sacrifices and prison justice. He has connections, too. There was a queen on top and State Duke Ann on the bottom, but what about money?”

“Why does His Highness need money?” County Princess Tangxi’s eyes were wide open. She could not believe what she had just heard.

“Why does His Highness not lack gold and silver? He privately recruited soldiers, raised mercenaries, and asked for money. There are many other things that we don’t know about.”

“Nonsense! Why would His Highness do something that goes against the Imperial Court?” County Princess Tangxi was Crown Prince Zhao’s loyal fan. No one was allowed to slander Crown Prince Zhao.

“Since the princess doesn’t believe me, I won’t say anything.”

“What does this have to do with your highness marrying that slut?”

“How can it have nothing to do with it? Everyone knew Yueyang Marquis’s wealth. Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion is a wealthy family. It is said that the dowry for Tang Yue is already a sky-high price. With the help of the Yueyang Marquis’s Mansion, His Highness was like a tiger that had grown wings.”

On the other hand, County Princess Tangxi, apart from having the title of princess and a pretty face, really could not bring anything to Crown Prince Zhao.

County Princess Tangxi bit her lips. “Then… This princess can make him a concubine. A concubine is already praising him!”

Lord Xin Ling smiled silently. This princess cousin of his really did not know her own limits. How could she do what she wanted now? Crown Prince was obviously going to abandon her.

Tang Yue’s heart was stirred by this woman, and his mood fell to a whole new level. Zhao Sanlang asked him to go for a horse race, and he even mocked himself. “With my ability to ride a horse, should I go for a horse race or a man race?”

On the west side of Teng Yunshan Mountain was a grass field with a gentle slope. At the foot of the mountain was the official horse field. A horse race was a compulsory event for everyone every year.

Tang Yue rode his colt slowly. In the distance, there were dozens of horses galloping against the wind. They looked majestic. The sound of whips, shouts, and shouts washed away the cold of winter. It made one’s blood boil.

“You don’t know how to ride a horse!” A cold voice came from behind. Tang Yue rode his colt around. “Why don’t I know how to ride a horse?”

“Tsk, a person at such a young age is riding a horse. He must be a novice.”

Tang Yue looked around County Prince and secretly praised the horse under him. “So what if he is a novice? I can ride it anyway.”

County Prince snorted. “I am a noble of South Jin. I have to learn how to ride horses since I can walk. In the future, the world will be fought over by riding horses.”

Tang Yue looked at him in surprise and clapped his hands three times, “County Lord, you are right. The future of South Jin will depend on you!”

He did not know that there was such a tradition in South Jin. Children learned to ride horses when they could walk. Wasn’t this something that only the minority in the northwest could do?

Regardless, this was indeed beneficial to raising the strength of their descendants. No wonder even Noble Heir of State Duke Heng had excellent riding skills.

Tang Yue looked at the group of young men who were running wildly. For the first time, he had a deeper understanding of this country.

When he first came to this world, everything he saw and heard was so backward and barren. If he wanted to eat, eat, or wear clothes, he did not want to eat. Not to mention fairness, everyone was equal.

But now, he realized that what he saw was a country and a nation that was working hard to develop.

History was moving forward bit by bit, and he gradually found his position in this world.

He could not be the person who stirred up the earth, but he could provide some assistance to the development of this part of history, allowing it to speed up a little. This was what he had to do in this lifetime.

“Crown Prince admires martial arts and literature. He is well-versed in both civil and martial arts. He will be the most outstanding monarch in South Jin. His wife, the families, doesn’t ask her to be virtuous, as long as she doesn’t do anything bad and doesn’t drag him down.” County Prince said with a serious expression.

Tang Yue was surprised. “How did the duke know that?”

“I heard it from Father and other ministers when I was young.” When mentioning his father who had passed away, County Prince’s eyes became desolate.

Tang Yue could imagine that Lord Ma was a good father. Otherwise, he would not have played such an important role in his son’s growth.

“I wonder if he has exceeded their requirements?” Tang Yue joked with himself.

County Prince rubbed his chin and thought for a while. He nodded and said, “So everyone thinks County Princess Tangxi is not bad. She has a good appearance and is full of defeat…”

“Pffft.” Tang Yue could not help but spit. Seeing the twelve year old boy seriously evaluate a woman and was so sharp, he really wanted to applaud three more times.

“Don’t laugh! This duke is telling the truth!”

“Continue!” Tang Yue pursed his lips and tried to keep his expression as calm as possible.

“A woman like her doesn’t even have the right to be a troublemaker…”

“How could she not have? County Princess Tangxi is indeed devastatingly beautiful, enough to cause chaos in the country.”

“That depends on who married her. Her Highness does not care about appearance, so she will definitely not be charmed by her beauty.” County Prince said firmly.

“He was still young then, right? How did you know he wouldn’t fall for her beauty? Could it be that only at a certain age will you know if he is lecherous or not?” He hadn’t even fully developed yet. Did he really know how to talk to them about women?

Tang Yue expressed his doubt.

“Anyway, everyone knows.” County Prince glared at Tang Yue. “Don’t interrupt.”

“Yes, yes. Please continue.” Tang Yue bowed.

“But Uncle Wang and his family regarded her as a treasure. They withdrew their marriage when they saw His Highness was disabled. This action made everyone very unhappy. So it is understandable that His Highness insisted on not marrying County Princess Tangxi.”

“And then?”

“After that, His Highness unexpectedly chose you. A man does not have the qualifications to become Crown Princess.”

Tang Yue understood. With everyone’s expectations of Crown Prince Zhao, perhaps they really hoped to pluck the stars and the moon to support him. Naturally, they hoped that he could choose the best wife. Beauty and wisdom coexist. Beauty and wisdom coexist, virtuous and generous… and so on.

But was there really such a woman in the world? He was afraid that he would not be able to find such a woman in this era.

“Then what changed your opinion or opinion?”

“Because His Highness said something.”

Tang Yue listened. County Prince tilted his head and looked at him. For the first time, he looked confused. “He said Tang Yue was destined to be a man. Who else could he be?”

“…” Tang Yue was stunned for a moment. “Is that it?” He did not know how convincing this sentence was, but unfortunately, he was pushed to G point by the four words “destined to be.

“Those who His Highness thinks are good are naturally good.” County Prince refuted angrily.

What do you mean by blind worship? This was it! Tang Yue admired Crown Prince Zhao’s ability to make a fan.

From seventy to eighty years old to just a newborn baby, no one would be able to escape his charm.

Tang Yue stared at County Prince for a few seconds and thought to himself, This kid isn’t that abnormal. At least he set a good example for himself. I don’t think his life will go astray.

“Then what does the duke think of me?” Tang Yue patted his chest and asked.

County Prince curled his lips and answered sharply, “Ugly is a bit ugly, but it is better than being stupid and unable to stir up any big waves.”

Tang Yue’s mouth twitched. “Haha, the duke is young and ignorant. I won’t argue with you!”

It seemed like this child still needed to be corrected. He really deserved a lesson. His mouth was so poisonous at such a young age. If he didn’t leave any room for negotiation, who knew how many people he would offend when he grew up?

However, if he were to fight on the battlefield in the future, he would probably not need to use force and directly use his mouth to scold the enemy to death.

“Go. Hyah… Hyah… Haha…” Tang Xiaolang, this horseshoe is indeed a good thing! Zhao Sanlang’s voice drifted over from afar, and then quickly followed the wind and left.

Tang Yue only had time to see him rush over in front of him. The red great demon fluttered in the wind, and his vigorous body was far from the image of the pretentious hypocrite he used to be.

He suddenly thought of a sentence: A young man dressed in fresh clothes and riding a raging horse, wielding a sword in the martial world, walking leisurely in a pavilion with white hair, looking at the mortal world with a smile.

“Horseshoe, this thing must be related to you as well, right?” County Prince stared at the distant figure and asked.

“Why do you ask?” Tang Yue thought that he had done a good job in keeping this a secret. When he gave the picture to Crown Prince Zhao, only the two of them were present.

However, he had given Crown Prince Zhao a lot of tricks along the way. This could not be hidden from the people close to Crown Prince Zhao.

“Because this duke has discovered that all unknown things are related to you. Mysterious medical skills, unfathomable medicinal formulas, sudden abilities, strange ways of speaking, and… strange personalities.”

Tang Yue had never known that his personality was also strange, but he did not intend to defend himself. A normal person and a truly strange person could not communicate normally.

Therefore, he decided to let this underage child go.

“Then it can only be said that the duke has prejudice against me.” Tang Yue shrugged, looking helpless.

County Prince did not continue asking. He rolled his eyes and raised his horsewhip high. He rode his horse and chased after Zhao Sanlang.

Tang Yue jumped off the horse and chose a sunny hill. He laid on the grass and basked in the sun.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, a faint shadow covered his vision. He opened his eyes and saw Crown Prince Zhao’s handsome and unyielding face.

The corner of his mouth slightly curved, “His Highness arrived half a day earlier than the plan.”

Crown Prince Zhao sat beside him and looked at the people and horses running on the grass field. He said, “I remember you in my heart. I had no business to do, so I came first.”

Tang Yue blinked and felt his ears heating up. He thought to himself, This kid’s ability to talk about love is getting better and better. What should I do, a modern person, if I can’t handle it?

“Doesn’t that mean he has become an ancient sinner?” Tang Yue mocked himself.

He had heard it just now. If he really delayed this matter because of him, Won’t the officials of South Jin kill me?

He said seriously, “Your Highness, in the future, don’t let a third person hear such words.”


[Your loyal subjects, the people of Dawn, are all staring at you with their eyes wide open. If there is even the slightest mistake, I will be crowned as a blue-faced calamity.]

Crown Prince Zhao was stunned for a moment, then he laughed out loud, “Haha… How could there be such a thing? A mistake is a mistake, how can you blame it on someone else? It is impossible for me to make a mistake because of someone. You are my source of trouble, not everyone’s source of trouble!”

“…” Tang Yue was about to faint. With such a handsome face and such a bright smile and such pleasant words, what should he do if his heart beat faster? Online waiting, urgent!

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