C46 – Do not Shout

Zhang Xiaoloong didn’t have any evil thoughts in his mind. When he was removing the impurities in his opponent’s body, he was even more afraid that something would go wrong. Therefore, his mind was completely focused on circulating his Divine Power, and he was in a state of emptiness.

When he finished circulating his divine power, his palm contained some force, and he lightly patted Lee Xiulian’s back.

It was not shocked. The warm airflow just now was too comfortable, and she had not yet reacted to it.

But this light pat immediately caused her stomach to flip and she lowered her head to vomit a mouthful of stinky liquid.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Lee Xiulian was very embarrassed by the thing she vomited. Especially in front of Zhang Xiaoloong, she felt that she did not have any face at all. She just kept coughing to cover up her embarrassment.

“It should be fine now.” Zhang Xiaoloong continued to pat her back. “I learned this massage technique from an old god. Even if Elder Sister Lianzi had any discomfort in the past, I can guarantee that she will recover this time.”

Lee Xiulian saw what he said and suddenly became curious again. “Yes. I didn’t expect Xiaoloong to have such an ability. I feel like I have taken a bath all over my body. Don’t mention how comfortable I feel. You are still in god state.”

Not only did she not feel uncomfortable on her body, but the crazy idea that she had just had also disappeared without a trace.

The changes brought about by the divine power had unknowingly given Zhang Xiaoloong an extraordinary and attractive temperament. However, Shennong’s divine power was not specifically used to urge female favors. On the contrary, it was the exact opposite. This wisp of divine power possessed the most gentle and peaceful power, and it could nourish one’s mind. It could also calm down all sorts of wild thoughts.

Lee Xiulian, for example, was secretly surprised in her heart. Why did she have such a crazy thought just now? Why did she want to have something with Zhang Xiaoloong here?

If she really said it out loud, not only would it scare Zhang Xiaoloong, it would also be that the other party would really agree to mess with her. If she was seen by others, wouldn’t she still be alive?

As the saying goes, good things don’t come out of the house. Ugly things spread far and wide. If something really happened to anyone, almost everyone in the village would know about it the next day.

Urban people didn’t even know the other party’s name when he lived in the opposite village, but it was different in the village. Once someone’s wife left the house, no one in the village wouldn’t know who she was. If something really happened, everyone within a dozen miles would be able to recognize her.

Lee Xiulian was secretly glad that nothing happened just now. She definitely could not be so impulsive in the future.

But speaking of which, it was also strange. She had never been this rare towards a man. Even when Wang Tiezhu had just become a coward, she did not remember how rare she was. What was the matter now?

“I have nothing to do. I learned to play and did not expect it to eat. It was quite useful. If Elder Sister Lianzi felt any discomfort at all, I will pinch it a few more times for you. It will definitely work.” Only now did Zhang Xiaoloong notice the wonderful effects of the divine power.

He couldn’t help but curse himself for being careless. He should have thought of this long ago.

His father, Zhang Daniu, had never been in a good condition. Since using divine power to clean his meridians was effective, if his parents were to come here once, he would treat them if they were sick. No illness to strengthen one’s body was the most important thing. It was much more important than building this greenhouse.

“No wonder this old man kept saying that you have the ability. Now it seems that you have quite a lot of ability.” Lee Xiulian praised him sincerely, “Then you should be busy first. I will not stay here to accompany you. Let’s go back and take a look.”

It was not that she did not want to stay here to accompany him, but she was afraid that she would be so lucky if she stayed here alone with Zhang Xiaoloong. If that kind of uncontrollable thought appeared again, she really did not know if she would be so lucky.

Wang Tiezhu agreed to let her have a child, but that was under the circumstances that no one else knew. If she really got hit by someone, given how important she was to face, she would probably choke her to death first before hanging her.

Even if it was not that serious, Lee Xiulian did not want to carry the reputation of having her spine stabbed everywhere. Furthermore, that would also make Zhang Xiaoloong suffer. The other party was still young.

Zhang Xiaoloong did not think that this woman would have so many thoughts in her mind. He only gave a simple reply and continued to check if there was anything wrong with his vegetable farm.

After two hours, the sun fell to the western horizon. He finally heaved a sigh of relief and walked home.

Just as he walked to the door, he saw Liu Mei hurriedly pushing her bicycle out. Zhang Xiaoloong quickly went up to her. “Mother, it’s almost dark. Where are you going?”

“You brat, you still know how to go home?” When Liu Mei saw her son come back, her heart ached for him and did not eat. However, she scolded him, “Quickly go back and eat. Jingjing has caught a cold. I originally wanted to go and find your Uncle Yang. Bring some medicine for her. Who knew that your Uncle Yang would not be able to find someone when he comes out? Wait for me to go to the small temple village to take a look.”

“It’s almost dark. Even if the temple village is close, it is still three miles away,” Zhang Xiaoloong reminded. “You just wait at home for a while. Will Uncle Yang not come back in a while?”

“The child is not feeling well. I also feel uncomfortable looking at him. What’s the point of sitting here and waiting? I should go and take a look. I should bring some medicine back earlier so that I can feel at ease.” Liu Mei ignored him and continued to push the cart out.

Zhang Xiaoloong was speechless. Three miles was not too far. According to the meter, it was 1,500 meters. But the countryside said that this distance wasn’t very accurate, so it was only a rough estimate. It also referred to the distance between the periphery of a village and the periphery of another village.

It was possible that you would need to walk one mile out of the village to find the doctor’s home and another mile. Putting all these aside, even if it was just the three miles of road in the middle, after the sky turns dark, only the stars and moon shine brightly, and the land is filled with crops. There were also many graves and other places, people who did not have the courage. However, they could not walk on this kind of road.

In the past, he had a cold and a fever, but he had never seen his mother pay so much attention to him. It seemed that during the few days that he explored the land, Yang Jingjing had successfully surpassed his position as his son and became one of the most important people in the family.

“Okay, Mom. You only know that doctor in Lin Village? With your ability to ride a bicycle, Uncle Yang might have already returned. You might as well wait at his door.” Zhang Xiaoloong said with a smile.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have come back just now. I might really come back after a while. Then I’ll go to your Uncle Yang’s house to take a look. Come back after you get the medicine.” Liu Mei clicked her tongue a few times and felt the same thing.

“Oh my god, mother. If you continue to be like this, I won’t be willing.” Zhang Xiaoloong pretended to be dissatisfied and dragged Liu Mei home. “It’s just a feeling. What’s the big deal? I can cure this small illness of hers.”

“You really think you can do whatever you want since you have already become a deity.” Zhang Daniu walked out of the house. “What’s with the land? It has been a few days. I’m afraid that not even an acre of land has returned.”

“Alright. I don’t have time to talk to the two of you about the land. I have to go and get the medicine.” Liu Mei pulled her son’s hand away and was about to walk out again.

“I already said that I can treat it. What medicine is there to take?” Zhang Xiaoloong grabbed it and thought that he could take advantage of this opportunity to try the effect of the Divine Power again. He turned his head and walked towards Yang Jingjing’s room.

Soon, a voice came.

“What are you doing?”

“Treating you…”


“Don’t call me…”

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