C96 – Call Him Second Sister-in-law

Yan Chengyu grinned as he observed Yan Xingwei hang up the phone. “What did Yangyi say? Want you to come over?”

Yan Xingwei let out a lazy sigh. “I have no idea.”

Hearing this, Yan Chengyu was left momentarily speechless. “Ending a call without waiting for a response isn’t exactly the best etiquette.”

Yan Xingwei shot him a look as if he were taking a page out of Yan Chengyu’s book. “Does Second Brother even have the right to say that?”

Yan Chengyu chuckled and casually tousled Yan Xingwei’s hair. “Don’t act all mature and responsible. All you’ve learned is how to tease me.”

“True,” Yan Xingwei sighed again, then reluctantly smoothed down the hair that Yan Chengyu had ruffled. He had initially thought of telling Yan Chengyu not to treat him like a child and to stop messing with his hair, but he figured that Yan Chengyu wouldn’t pay much heed, so he couldn’t be bothered.

Yan Xingwei had just arrived, and Yan Chengyu happened to be taking a break, so he decided to take him for a walk. However, as both brothers were seldom seen in public, they inevitably drew attention wherever they went.

Yan Xingwei cast a brief glance at the expansive training field and at the soldiers undergoing grueling training in the scorching sun. Just the sight of it made him feel exhausted.

Yan Chengyu led him to the other side, where his team was resting in the shade of a tree, and introduced him briefly, “This is my brother, Yan Xingwei.” A concise introduction.

Nevertheless, his teammates promptly chimed in one after another:

“The younger brother is also a male model! Your family’s genetics are truly remarkable, Chengyu.”

“You’re saying he’s a high school student?! But he’s so tall; he must be over 18!”

“What are kids eating these days?!”


The soldiers stood there in disbelief, their gaze fixed on Yan Xingwei. However, Yan Xingwei uttered softly, “This is rather troublesome.”

It could have been the scorching weather or perhaps the soldiers’ loud cheers, but Yan Xingwei couldn’t help but express his annoyance. He was clearly someone who preferred to avoid complications.

Yet, when Yan Chengyu heard his comment, he immediately lowered his head and explained, “He’s approaching the age to enlist in the army, so I came here to assess the surroundings. Please pardon any inconvenience over the past few days.” With a meaningful glance, he signaled to Yan Xingwei to be discreet and cooperate.

Yan Xingwei caught Second Brother’s unspoken message. Though he was reluctant to voice it, he realized that avoiding it would only lead to more trouble down the road. Consequently, he followed Second Brother’s lead and added, “Please guide me in the future.”

The soldiers assumed Yan Xingwei was simply bashful, and they didn’t think much of it. Some even approached him, offering friendly embraces and saying candidly, “I’ll watch your back from now on.”

Yan Xingwei glanced at them but refrained from responding, as he had no need for anyone to cover for him. Just as he was about to suggest to Yan Chengyu that they find a place to rest, they both noticed a man approaching.

Yan Xingwei’s initial thought was, “Oh no, Second Brother has set his sights on someone new.”

However, when his gaze shifted to Yan Chengyu, who was suddenly wearing a smile, he couldn’t help but be taken aback. Yan Xingwei then playfully remarked, “Should I address him as Second Sister-in-Law from now on?” His tone sounded jesting, yet it carried an air of seriousness that left people wondering about the underlying meaning.

In response, Yan Chengyu smirked and raised an eyebrow, replying, “I can’t say for sure right now, but who knows what the future holds.” It appeared that there was a promising story yet to unfold.

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