C56 – A Fickle Man

Lee Tao was overwhelmed with despair.

The magnitude of this loss was sufficient to wipe out his finances entirely.

Curiously, tucked away in a corner of the carriage, there was an inconspicuous random box, containing unassuming Bamboo Slips.

Even if he were to sell himself, he couldn’t cover the cost.

This artifact had been handed down through millennia.

There must be some imperfections on it.

If Su Ming insisted that the damage resulted from the kick he’d delivered, it would be impossible to explain.

When Lee Tao observed the excitement among the elderly passengers and heard Old Master Zhang’s uttered figure.

In that moment, Lee Tao’s blood surged, and he fainted from sheer terror.

“This individual cannot be allowed to leave!”

“I witnessed him kicking the carriage earlier.”

“Indeed, if this treasure is harmed, he will be held responsible.”

While Lee Tao remained unconscious, he faintly perceived the discussions of the surrounding individuals. A gathering of people encircled him.

It was all over!

It was utterly ruined!

Without uttering a word, Lee Tao rolled his eyes and lost consciousness.

After all the commotion, the elders finally contemplated a crucial question.

Who was the driver?

What was the situation?

How could they casually stow away such a priceless item in a corner?

“Who was in control of the vehicle?”

“Do you comprehend the significance of these irreplaceable treasures? You all treated them recklessly.”

“Aren’t you squandering a divine blessing?”

The elderly men stared at them with fury.

“Allow me to clarify. We are fortunate that the artifact remains undamaged. Otherwise, the repercussions would be severe.”

“Indeed. Do you grasp that the value of a single Bamboo Slip is beyond measure?”

“Who is the driver? Reveal yourself immediately. How could your employer allow you to employ a truck for transporting such a treasure? What kind of training have you received?”

The elderly gentlemen were all incensed.

How could they resort to using a mere vegetable delivery truck?

If any harm came to it, who could shoulder the consequences?

“Look here!”

One of the gentlemen, his hand trembling, read aloud what was inscribed: “By the heavens, it reveals the burial site of an ancient nobleman in early summer, as far as I’m aware, it remains unexplored. Who could have committed such an act? Using this vehicle to transport an object of such immense value. If it’s damaged, it would be an immense loss.”

These elderly men treated these items as though they were their own grandchildren.

They clung to them, quivering with distress.

Truth be told, if Su Ming had only produced one Bamboo Slip, these elderly men might have fought over it to the death.

After all, its worth was immeasurable.

When the bystanders heard their discourse, they all nodded in agreement.

Their words held considerable merit.

If they possessed such an item, they would undoubtedly safeguard it meticulously.

How could they disregard it and treat it like trash?

Observe the front of the vehicle; it clearly bears marks of a collision.

It would be a tragedy if this treasure were inadvertently harmed.

What was even more critical was that these Bamboo Slips were just a part of it. The shelves contained bottles and jars of antique jade artifacts.

If any of these were to fall and shatter, it would cause immense anguish.

“Who was the individual operating the vehicle?”

“He’s certainly squandering a divine blessing.”

“If I were the driver, I wouldn’t dare to drive this. It’s way too costly for me.”

Su Ming glanced at the people around him and offered a faint smile. “All of these items are mine. I can place them wherever I please. Even if I were to use them as firewood, no one should be concerned, correct?”

Upon hearing this, the elderly gentlemen pondered.

Their thoughts converged: If you even think of burning these, we’d oppose you to the hilt.

Su Ming remained unfazed.

It wasn’t as though Su Ming lacked a sense of national duty.

In fact, he possessed a deep sense of responsibility toward his nation.

However, it was the attitudes of these elderly men that began to irk him.

These items belonged to him personally, and he could utilize them as he saw fit.

Must he heed others’ opinions on this matter?

Even if he decided to throw them into a fireplace for warmth, why should that concern anyone else?

You are all scholars, but does that grant you the right to meddle in someone else’s life?

“Young man, are these items truly yours?”

Inquired one of the elderly gentlemen, his eyes reddened.


Su Ming responded with a faint smile.

“Young man, please don’t jest with us.”

Another elderly man chimed in.

“Believe it or not.”

Su Ming saw no need for further explanation.

The nearby onlookers became apprehensive upon hearing their conversation.

What was going on here?

Were they planning to rob him?

The expressions of these elderly men hadn’t softened since they acquired these items.

Could they genuinely be considering theft?

If the elderly men each took one item and made a run for it…

Su Ming would have no chance of catching them!

However, in the next moment, one of the elderly men’s expressions abruptly changed, and he smiled warmly. “Young man, I must admit, I underestimated you.”

“Young man, please accept our apologies. We got a bit carried away earlier.”

“With such valuable possessions at your age, you are undoubtedly extraordinary. Do you happen to possess any other treasures? We could negotiate a fair price.”

“All of you should take a lesson from him. Look at this young man, so knowledgeable at such a tender age. It’s clear he’s an erudite individual.”

“Absolutely. You should all strive to emulate him.”

Two of the elderly men were now trying to win Su Ming’s favor, while the other two seized the opportunity to impart a lesson to their own students.

Su Ming was utterly bewildered.

Were they not just vehemently opposing him moments ago?

The surrounding people were equally flabbergasted.

Their recent aggression had been undeniable, as they appeared ready to champion the cause of these antique jade artifacts.

Why the sudden change in demeanor?

Their anger had dissipated, replaced by smiles and attempts to ingratiate themselves with Su Ming.

Did they have no principles?

What even were principles in the face of these valuable items?

In the presence of such treasures, principles seemed utterly insignificant.

President Chen, having finished reading, couldn’t help but inwardly acknowledge his inferiority to these elderly men.

The onlookers were left speechless.

Their abrupt transformation from confrontation to adulation was nothing short of shocking.

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