C605 – Tianji Zi Attacked


A hapless figure was violently hurled through the air, colliding with the Misty Rain Mountain, creating a massive crater upon impact.


A crimson stream gushed forth.


To the amazement of the onlookers, a canine silhouette streaked across the sky and positioned itself directly above the pit. With a forceful swipe of its paw, it descended like a sledgehammer.


A dull thud echoed, accompanied by a billowing cloud of dust.

The dog continued its relentless assault on the pit, as if it were crushing garlic cloves.

This sudden turn of events plunged the entire Yan Nong Jia into an eerie silence.

Bystanders stood utterly flabbergasted, unable to comprehend what had just transpired.

Even Guan Shengwu, who had been on the brink of a life-or-death duel with Qihuang, found himself momentarily stupefied.


The dog paid no heed to the bewildered spectators. Their encounter with Qihuang had been long overdue, and today, they were determined to exact revenge on behalf of the Qilin Race.


A Divine Ship dramatically cut through the sky, making a grand appearance before the assembled audience.


Little Guo Guo gleefully expressed her delight, evidently enjoying the spectacle.

The young girl gazed intently at her, filled with worry that something untoward might happen to her.

Onboard the Divine Ship, tension gripped the passengers as they anxiously observed the dog’s actions. When they saw that the dog had the upper hand, their excitement knew no bounds.

“Uncle Dog is amazing!”

“Go for it, Uncle Dog!”

“Who does this so-called Qihuang think he is? In the presence of Uncle Dog, does he even deserve the title of Sovereign?”


“Youngster, mind your language. What do you mean by ‘so-called Qihuang’? Avoid using derogatory terms in the future.”

Laughter and merriment erupted among the passengers aboard the Divine Ship.

This sudden twist in events once again rendered the entire Yan Nong Jia speechless.


The dog barked toward the pit, urging Qihuang to stop feigning death and emerge.

Before the echo could fade, a wooden sword pierced through the void and plunged into the pit.

“Damn it!”

Qihuang’s roar came out from the hole. He roared furiously and thrust his spear forward. The phantom image of a Qilin soared into the sky.

The wooden sword and the long spear collided. In the next moment, Qihuang cursed. The long spear in his hand instantly shattered into pieces.

This was the supreme treasure that his master had given him!

In the past, such a situation had happened before. It was just that the enemy’s weapon had shattered, but now it had been replaced by him.


The dog roared furiously.


Like cutting through tofu, the wooden sword stabbed into Qihuang’s chest without any resistance, causing blood to spurt out.

This sword not only shattered Qihuang’s body, but also his soul.

The entire world became silent.

Gradually, the wind started blowing.

Everyone was dumbstruck as they looked at this scene before them in disbelief.


Within the Void, a Great Heavenly Path collapsed with a loud bang. A violent energy suddenly spread out, and the Spiritual Energy on Yan Nong Jia instantly became hundreds of thousands of times denser than before.

“Crack crack crack!”

The sound of breaking mirrors could be heard from the surrounding people’s bodies. Everyone was stunned, then they were overjoyed, and started cheering.

This was a grand feast for breaking through. The Spiritual Energy was really too dense. Even those with poor cultivation talent were blown up like balloons at this moment.

At this moment, the entire tobacco farm seemed to have been dyed blood-red.

Within the Void, the phantom of a Qilin slowly appeared.


“It seems to be Lord Qihuang!”

“How is this possible? Lord Qihuang was killed?”

“What’s so strange about being killed? It’s not like he has never been killed before. Maybe someone from the courtyard has killed him!”

“When Qihuang released those news a while ago, I had already guessed that such a day would come!”

“Even Tianji Zi has to address him as a fellow Daoist. How could he be as bad as what Qihuang said? Not necessarily.”

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky.

The fall of a Half-step Extreme Tao Stage was naturally not something an ordinary Great Tao Stage or Imperial Emperor could compare with.

The higher one’s cultivation base was, the closer one was to the heaven and earth. When one fell, the phenomenon would naturally become more spectacular.

This could also be considered as a kind of recognition of the heaven and earth towards a Martial Cultivator.


Dog raised one of his claws and pointed it at the sky, indicating that he was going to be the one and only Qilin!

“And me! And me!”

Little Guo Guo’s body turned into lightning and appeared above the dog’s head. She copied the dog’s appearance and raised a hand, indicating that she was unique.

At this moment, all the forces that were close to Qihuang began to worry.

Although they claimed to be Tianji Zi’s men, they had never seen what Tianji Zi looked like. The one who had been making arrangements for them was just a dog by his side.

Many powers’ Sect Masters had survived from the ancient era. Naturally, they had no doubts about Qihuang’s strength. Only now did they know that Qihuang didn’t even have the strength to fight back in front of the small courtyard.

Not to mention the dog, even Guan Shengwu, who had just become a monk, was able to force Qihuang to a draw.

These people were afraid. In the past, they were only afraid of the small courtyard, but not the small courtyard.

But now that Qihuang was killed so easily, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake for them to eliminate him?

Without a doubt, this time, everyone knew about the existence of the small courtyard.

“Lord Qihuang is dead. Such a big incident has happened. Why hasn’t Tianji Zi appeared yet?”

Someone raised his head and roared.

At this moment, all the forces that followed Qihuang were hoping that Qihuang’s death would infuriate Tianji Zi. After that, they would eliminate the entire courtyard.

Otherwise, when the courtyard found out that they were related to the Heavenly Secret Sect, it would be inevitable that they wouldn’t eliminate them.


A gentle sigh suddenly echoed across the expanse of the heavens and earth.

In this very moment, the entire world quaked in response.

A crimson hue bathed the Chaotic Battlefield in its eerie glow.

High above in the heavens, the starry expanse shifted incessantly, causing many to feel a sense of vertigo, as if the world itself was spiraling towards its end.

At this juncture, every gaze was fixed upon the heavens. Who could be launching this assault?

The rumbling echoes within the Void showed no sign of relenting.

The clouds parted, revealing a hand to all observers.

Indeed, it was a hand, slowly descending from the distant horizon.

Despite its leisurely pace, it imparted a sense of extraordinary speed.


Upon spotting this hand, every hair on the dog’s body bristled with alarm. Without hesitation, it entrusted Little Guo Guo to Nannan.

Responding to the dog’s bark, everyone immediately recognized the figure.

It was Tianji Zi!

The mightiest being in existence!

Those factions that had once crossed paths with Qihuang were suddenly filled with excitement, even breaking into jubilant celebration, eager to declare their allegiance to the Divination Sect.

“Haha, Senior Tianji Zi, we are all proud disciples of the Divination Sect. Senior, obliterate this humble abode and elevate the prestige of our sect!”

“Eliminate that mutt! How dare it launch a clandestine assault on Lord Qihuang! Its punishment should be a thousandfold!”

“Not just the dog, but everyone within that courtyard deserves to meet their doom!”


The dog barked at Taoist Immortal Jiang, urging him to gather everyone and make a swift departure. Then, it retrieved a painting.

This artwork had been crafted by its master after awakening, and the dog had covertly taken it.

Harnessing the power of the Great Dao, the dog hurled the calligraphy and painting towards the descending hand.

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