C116 – Would You be Angry If I Did Something?

No matter how one analyzed it, Mu Sifa’s actions had unintended consequences, ultimately infuriating Elina.

After all, a woman of Elina’s caliber possessed a strong sense of self-esteem, and her emotions ran deep. She couldn’t willingly withdraw from the competition, only intensifying her jealousy.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion. It can cloud one’s judgment and even incite violent thoughts.

“Mu Sifa, could we change seats?”

Shang Xiaojie’s hands shook, clearly still affected by Elina’s earlier expression.

Since Mu Sifa hadn’t seen Elina’s prior expression, he continued without pause.

He gently moved Shang Xiaojie to sit on his lap and even shared an intimate kiss with him.

Shang Xiaojie, who had been quite frightened earlier, now blushed at Mu Sifa’s affection. His previous fear quickly dissipated.

“Why do you always kiss me like that?” “Can’t you be more serious?” Shang Xiaojie scolded Mu Sifa but momentarily forgot he was seated in Mu Sifa’s lap, which felt rather embarrassing.

Someone behind them noticed the scene and blushed as well. However, due to the dim lighting and Shang Xiaojie’s positioning, they mistook him for the short-haired girl.

Elina’s jealousy-laden remarks had pushed her to her limit.

Elina couldn’t let herself explode here. After leaving the theater, she had numerous ways to deal with Shang Xiaojie.

Elina tried to regain her composure and suppress her emotions.

She succeeded in holding back her outburst because Mu Sifa caught her smiling.

Mu Sifa’s earlier frown disappeared, replaced by a moment of confusion. Elina’s smile seemed slightly different from her usual demeanor, though he couldn’t pinpoint why.

What was this woman up to now?

Mu Sifa became more guarded against her. After all, Elina had been with him for years, and while he could discern her subtle expressions, her thoughts remained elusive.

Shang Xiaojie, sensing Mu Sifa’s shift in attention, hugged Mu Sifa’s neck tightly and noticed Elina’s smile.

Huh? Why did her expression change again?

This left Shang Xiaojie perplexed once more, as he always saw Elina’s terrifying expression, but when he looked again, she was invariably laughing, which sent shivers down his spine.

“Mu Sifa, your assistant can be so unpredictable at times, it’s a bit unsettling!”

“Is that so?” Mu Sifa didn’t pay much heed to Shang Xiaojie, possibly not liking him paying attention to others.

Suddenly, an unexpected touch made Shang Xiaojie shudder.

“Why are you doing this again? There are cameras in the theater.”

“So what? It’s so dark; what harm could it do?” He disregarded Shang Xiaojie’s warnings and whispered in his ear, quite teasingly.

Initially, Mu Sifa only intended to show Elina some consideration, but with Shang Xiaojie in his lap, how could he stay composed? If he didn’t make a move and tease him a little, he’d feel like he missed an opportunity.

“Wife, would you be angry if I make a move later?”

Mu Sifa asked.

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