C55 – Mirror Image Esper

Loong Chen’s clenched fist penetrated the illusionary image of his own heart.

Following that, the illusory image of Loong Chen’s body began to dissipate.

With rapt attention, Loong Chen observed as the other version of himself faded away before his very eyes, giving rise to an inexplicable sensation within him.

It felt as though he had extinguished that other self.

“An attribute in proximity to the Host has been detected. Would you like to acquire it?”

Just as Loong Chen was privately reflecting on the situation, a system notification abruptly chimed in.

Swiftly, Loong Chen discerned that in the exact spot where the illusory Loong Chen had vanished, a luminous orb had materialized.

This orb appeared to be more than just your typical Attribute Points.

“Pick it up.”

Loong Chen silently commanded, and in the ensuing moment, the radiant orb was drawn into Loong Chen’s being.

“Picking up done. Obtained mirror image, extraordinary talent, Level 1.”

Doppelganger Ability: This unique talent enables the user to create a mirror image of themselves with identical appearance, abilities, and combat prowess. The user can freely switch positions between the original body and the mirror image.

Upon hearing the system notification in his mind, Loong Chen couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

This extraordinary ability was undeniably formidable.

It meant that when he employed the mirror image and this extraordinary talent, two Loong Chens would manifest, and their positions could be interchanged at will.

Consequently, if Loong Chen collaborated with the mirror image in battle, the outcome would be far more potent than the sum of their individual strengths.

Moreover, if the need arose, he could employ the mirror image to safeguard his own life.

“Unfortunately, the duration of the mirror image’s existence is limited. Perhaps with increased levels of this extraordinary talent, the mirror image’s duration will extend.”

Loong Chen ruminated. Currently, both the mirror image and the extraordinary talent were only at level one, allowing the mirror image to persist for merely five seconds.

The time frame was rather brief.

“System, upgrade the mirror image and the extraordinary talent.”

“Consuming 5,000 empirical values to enhance the mirror image extraordinary talent to level 2.”

“Consuming 10,000 empirical values to advance the mirror image extraordinary talent to level 3.”

“Spending 20,000 empirical values to elevate the mirror image extraordinary talent to level 4.”

Although Loong Chen had not acquired an abundance of Attribute Points in the Tower of Trials, he had managed to accumulate a substantial amount of empirical values. Now, he could employ them to improve his mirror image and extraordinary talent.

A Level 4 mirror image and extraordinary talent would permit him to summon a mirror image of Loong Chen for a duration of 5 minutes.

One should not underestimate these five minutes; sometimes, even a mere second could alter the entire course of a battle.

“The seventh level has been successfully conquered. Do you wish to continue your challenge on the eighth level?”

The mechanical voice of the Tower of Trials resounded once more.


Loong Chen nodded again.

Just outside the Tower of Trials,

“He truly conquered the seventh floor!”

“Am I in a dream? He’s actually surpassed Lord Dragon God’s record!”

“Unbelievable! He’s even considering challenging the seventh floor again? Could it be that he aspires to become the first person to reach the pinnacle of the Tower of Trials?”

At this moment, a multitude of spectators had gathered outside the Tower of Trials, surpassing the crowd present when Loong Chen initially entered.

Ever since Loong Chen ascended to the seventh floor, a considerable number of onlookers had flocked to the Tower of Trials, eager to witness who possessed the ability to surpass the record set by Invincible Dragon God.

On the eighth floor of the Tower of Trials, Loong Chen regarded the individual before him with utmost seriousness.

It was not a creature twisted by mutation or a reanimated corpse; it was a fellow human.

This adversary was a Level 5 Evolver.

Loong Chen’s objective was not to defeat this individual but to endure their onslaught for more than ten minutes.

Before acquiring the mirror image and extraordinary talent, Loong Chen lacked the confidence to withstand a Level 5 Evolver’s assault for ten minutes.

After all, despite both being Level 1 Evolvers, the gap in strength between a Level 4 Evolver and a Level 5 Evolver was like night and day.

Loong Chen could dispatch an ordinary Level 4 Evolver warrior, but triumphing over a Level 5 Evolver warrior was an impossibility.

After all, he was merely a Level 2 Evolver.

However, thanks to the mirror image and extraordinary talent, along with a life-saving spatial extraordinary talent, he managed to endure for the required ten minutes.

Five minutes later, Loong Chen’s form began to fade, and he reappeared outside the Tower of Trials.

He had overestimated his capabilities. A Level 5 Evolver proved overwhelming, and in just five minutes, the Tower of Trials had declared him defeated.

“It appears that I still have much room for improvement.”

Loong Chen reflected inwardly. The presence of a ninth floor in the Tower of Trials suggested that someone had reached it, signifying that he was not the most formidable among his peers.

“Why are there so many people here?”

Loong Chen gazed out from the tower, his curiosity piqued. He recalled that there weren’t so many people outside the tower when he entered.

Furthermore, why were all these people now fixated on him?

“Loong Chen.”

At this instant, Xiao Yan and Xiao Xiaoxun approached him.

Xiao Yan regarded Loong Chen with a mix of admiration and curiosity.

“Loong Chen, you’re truly extraordinary. You’ve reached the eighth floor.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes sparkled as he spoke.

“Do you realize you’ve shattered Lord Dragon God’s record? Your name will undoubtedly echo throughout the Dragon God Temple from this day onward.”

Loong Chen surveyed the onlookers and knew that what Xiao Yan said held truth.

His name would likely become known to many.

Nevertheless, Loong Chen wasn’t concerned about his reputation. He’d broken through to the eighth floor to test his own abilities.

“Brother Xiao, where can I claim my rewards from the Tower of Trials?”

Loong Chen inquired. He’d already excelled on every floor, promising substantial rewards.

“I’ll escort you there.”

Xiao Yan promptly offered and guided Long Chen to the reward collection spot.

The surrounding crowd couldn’t help but part to make way for them.

In this post-apocalyptic world, strength was revered, and the Dragon God Temple was held in even higher esteem. Loong Chen’s display of power and talent naturally commanded everyone’s respect.

Following the reward collection, Xiao Yan asked Loong Chen.

“Loong Chen, have you ever been to the cultivation chamber?”

“The cultivation chamber? What’s that place?”

Loong Chen inquired. His initial stop had been the Tower of Trials upon his arrival.

“The cultivation chamber is another treasure within the Dragon God Temple. Time inside passes several times faster than in the outside world. In other words, one day of cultivation in the chamber equals several days outside.”

Xiao Yan elucidated quickly.

If their friendship had initially been sparked by Xiao Yan’s sister, witnessing Loong Chen’s talent had now genuinely endeared him to Xiao Yan.

“Time differential?”

Upon hearing Xiao Yan’s explanation, Loong Chen’s interest was piqued.

The concept of a chamber altering time was truly astounding.

“Take me there to have a look.”

Loong Chen promptly requested, his curiosity piqued about this cultivation chamber.

Xiao Yan nodded and prepared to guide Loong Chen to the chamber.

On the way, Loong Chen suddenly halted.

He spotted a familiar figure not far off. It was Dugu Lengyue, who had recruited Loong Chen back in Jinling City.

Dugu Lengyue, at this moment, donned a white gown. Her countenance was as icy as her attire, and paired with her snow-white garment, she appeared ethereal.

Standing beside her was a young man.

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