C45 – Fright Sequelae

When Lee Xiulian’s innermost thoughts were uncovered by Wang Tiezhu that fateful day, she anticipated a tempest brewing. After all, no matter how understanding a man might be, he wouldn’t tolerate his partner having an affair.

Indeed, Wang Tiezhu’s countenance grew ominously dark. His gaze bore into her with such intensity that it seemed as if he might lose control.

At that moment, she was genuinely apprehensive that he might lunge at her with an overwhelming desire that could snuff out her very existence.

To her surprise, after she expressed her desire to stay in their home and simply have a child, Wang Tiezhu responded by tossing a pipe aside and giving his personal approval.

Lee Xiulian could discern that this time, Wang Tiezhu’s agreement wasn’t forced; he had genuinely considered it. Though this decision was partly prompted by circumstances, it was unlike a coerced concession.

This wasn’t difficult to grasp. Lee Xiulian yearned for a child, and Wang Tiezhu desired an heir who would bear the family legacy. At least for generations to come, there would be someone to carry on the lineage.

Typically, some rural families might adopt a son from relatives or cousins to secure an heir. Yet, this had never sat well with Wang Tiezhu’s family. The notion of adopting a child without blood ties had always troubled him.

Without a child, he believed he had little to offer a woman. Wang Tiezhu had assumed that it was only a matter of time before a woman left the household. However, when Lee Xiulian stated her sole desire for a child and no intention of leaving, Wang Tiezhu felt a more positive inclination than he had anticipated.

He could retain his woman and have a child, to boot. Moreover, this child would be his wife’s biological offspring. Given Lee Xiulian’s good looks, their future offspring, be it a son or a daughter, would undoubtedly be exceptionally attractive. Wang Tiezhu could foresee fulfilling his desires in the years to come.

It was true that Lee Xiulian had been unfaithful, but in Wang Tiezhu’s mind, wasn’t it merely a matter of time before it happened?

Wasn’t it just a case of lending some help? Such situations were not unfamiliar to him from his past experiences.

In his previous life, his sister-in-law had even sought assistance from his uncle, and his daughter-in-law had turned to his father-in-law for help numerous times. So, what could he really be considered as?

While Wang Tiezhu had been in the spotlight outside, his return home was filled with trepidation. This wasn’t a new development, and now that the situation had spiraled into chaos, he clenched his teeth and contemplated.

Surprisingly, the two of them found common ground. Since they were searching for a suitable candidate for this role, Zhang Xiaoloong undoubtedly fit the bill.

The young man was full of vitality and intelligence. Perhaps his child could even become a national champion in the future. Moreover, Zhang Xiaoloong was known for his honesty. Once this matter was resolved, he wouldn’t spill the beans. This way, the Wang Family’s reputation would remain intact, bringing joy to everyone involved.

This shift in Wang Tiezhu’s behavior was noticeable. He gleefully informed Lee Xiulian about her brother recognizing his brother, even personally settling the land issue.

He initially assumed things would progress naturally, but to his surprise, Zhang Xiaoloong didn’t show up at the Wang Family’s doorstep for several days. Wang Tiezhu, who had been prepared to act at any moment, grew restless.

There were certain tasks he wasn’t eager to undertake, but the more he dwelled on it, the more anxious he became. While he wasn’t in a hurry for someone to be intimate with his wife, he suddenly realized he was in his fifties. If he didn’t act soon, even if he had a son, he’d still need to raise the child.

Lee Xiulian had initially planned to take things one step at a time, but eventually, she was urged by her husband and even prepared a roasted lamb leg as a special gesture.

Lee Xiulian understood her husband’s eagerness, but she also knew that this matter couldn’t be rushed; it required time and patience.

If it were anyone else, just a beckon or a mere glance from Lee Xiulian would make them risk facing the ferocious guard dog and climb over the wall in the dead of night.

However, Zhang Xiaoloong was an exception. He required a gradual approach to stir his thoughts. Lee Xiulian had realized this since that day, and she saw that this young man’s intentions were genuinely pure. This situation might prove more challenging than they had initially thought.

Oddly, the more challenging it became, the more satisfied Lee Xiulian was with Zhang Xiaoloong. She was a virtuous woman, seeking a virtuous man.

She had felt a bit embarrassed about these thoughts at first, but now that her man had expressed agreement, her sense of guilt had completely dissipated.

When she brought him his meal, Lee Xiulian remained steadfast in her initial intentions. She believed in taking things slowly and naturally, letting things unfold when the time was right. Rushing it would only complicate matters.

However, something changed just now. Perhaps it was because she sat too close to Zhang Xiaoloong, and her imagination got the better of her, leading her to act on a sudden impulse.

In her mind, the heavens might as well be a comfortable bed. She no longer cared about anything else; her sole desire was to build a strong bond with Zhang Xiaoloong.

Zhang Xiaoloong was indeed famished. He had been toiling away, reclaiming the barren land, and the scent of roasted meat awakened his voracious appetite. As he devoured the meat, he noticed something unusual about Lee Xiulian.

“What’s wrong, Elder Sister Lianzi?” Zhang Xiaoloong asked, his hunger momentarily forgotten. He had just experienced a shock, and although he had used his divine power to regain composure, he couldn’t dismiss the possibility of lingering effects.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Xiaoloong became increasingly cautious. After all, he had recently undergone a significant ordeal, and despite using his divine power to restore calmness, there were uncertainties regarding potential side effects.

He recalled reading about this phenomenon before. It mentioned that when people get extremely frightened, their bodies react with fear as a protective mechanism. If this fear exceeds the limits of what the human body can endure, it can lead to various issues, from extreme anxiety to eventual physical and mental exhaustion, and in some cases, even death.

“I’ll take you back home. You need to see a doctor,” Wang Yao offered, and Zhang Xiaoloong promptly moved to assist her.

The thought of having something wrong with his throat, and facing Wang Tiezhu with that, was unbearable for him.

Lee Xiulian took the opportunity to grasp Zhang Xiaoloong’s hand. “No, my heart is racing uncontrollably. I can’t even stand. Please help me… with a massage…”

As she spoke, she guided his hand towards her chest.

Unbeknownst to Zhang Xiaoloong, his main concern was to prevent any potential aftereffects of her fright. When he extended his hand, he didn’t actually press it down; instead, he used two fingers to channel and concentrate his Divine Power, gradually sending it into her body through her chest.

The last time Lee Xiulian had experienced the comforting touch of Divine Power, she hadn’t been conscious, so she had no recollection.

However, this time she was fully aware. As the Divine Power coursed through her, she felt every pore on her body quiver, akin to having consumed the most rejuvenating elixir in the world. None of her 36 million pores felt discomfort.

Zhang Xiaoloong didn’t let the Divine Power linger solely in Lee Xiulian’s heart. He was concerned that other parts of her body might be affected, so he methodically followed her meridians, clearing any blockages along the way.

It felt as though warmth was spreading throughout her entire body. Everywhere it touched, a sense of bliss washed over her, making her feel as though she could happily surrender to the sensation.

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