C95 – I’m in Your Husband’s Army

“That sister-in-law…” Ji Guangming suddenly hesitated and looked at Xu Yangyi imploringly.

Xu Yangyi glanced at him, “You need to go to the toilet? Yes, go on!” Pointing at the washroom, he suddenly replied to Ji Guangming’s words.

Ji Guangming’s mouth twitched, “Why is it going to the toilet?”

“Because you look constipated.” Finally, he started to do his homework again, but he still felt a little uncomfortable. Although he knew that Hee Jingyan didn’t like men before, he was happy to be spoiled like this now. However, he felt that Hee Jingyan was just playing with him.

But that’s not right! Is he joking with me? Kiss a man, hug a man, even want to go to bed with a man? Could this sort of thing really be a joke?

Xu Yangyi fell into a daze again. He began to support his cheek in annoyance, and kept pressing the ballpoint pen with his thumb.

If he wasn’t playing with me, then what was it? Do you really like me?

After saying that, Xu Yangyi laughed in his heart, but soon, he felt that it might really be like that, causing him to be confused again.

Fuck! That man can’t really like me, right? He cursed in his heart! However, his expression revealed a hint of joy. Then, he began to enlighten himself, “That’s right, I’m prettier than a woman. Hee Jingyan must be blind if he doesn’t like me.”

In the end, he even raised his nose as if of course he would like me, but in the next second, he was stunned. He clutched his head and shouted crazily, “Damn it, I’m sick!” To say that he was more beautiful than a woman was ridiculous.

“Ah…!” He sighed again, wanting to bury himself in the ground. His hand was fidgety as he grabbed at his hair. It seemed that he had been troubled.

When Ji Guangming saw Xu Yangyi return to his previous appearance, he became even more anxious. He looked at Xu Yangyi nervously, as if he had something to say, but he didn’t dare to say it.

What to do? To speak thus, to say that you will not quarrel with the Colonel in order to prevent you from having an argument with him? Is that so?

Xu Yangyi also seemed to be affected by Ji Guangming, he scratched his head in annoyance with a depressed expression on his face. However, Xu Yangyi’s cell phone rang, giving Xu Yangyi a fright and he immediately put on a nervous expression because he was afraid that it was Hee Jingyan.

Xu Yangyi glanced at the caller ID and saw that it was Yan Xingwei. He was so shocked that his hand fell down on his cheek. He didn’t expect to see Yan Xingwei calling him in his lifetime.

The reason why Xu Yangyi was so exaggerating was because Yan Xingwei always found it troublesome, so he usually wouldn’t do such a thing.

“Xingwei? In person?” Xu Yangyi suddenly said that when he answered the phone, he was in complete doubt.

Yan Xingwei sighed. He knew you would ask this, but he also said, “I’m in your husband’s army, No. 0 Training Field. If you come over, I, Second Brother, will definitely get you into big trouble, so you should come over!”

However, Xu Yangyi was surprised by the sudden appearance of Yan Xingwei in your husband’s army. He was just about to ask how Yan Xingwei knew about this, but Yan Xingwei had already died decisively.

“Huh?” Hearing the sound of doo doo doo doo, Xu Yangyi was stunned again. In the end, there was another “fuck” sound, which shocked Ji Guangming for a second.

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