C54 – The Old Men Were Collectively Dumbfounded

Seeing Old Master Zhang’s actions, both Lee Tao and all the surrounding onlookers held their breaths.

Lee Tao was the most nervous.

If this thing was fake, then he didn’t need to pay for it at all.

But if it was real, then it was a huge sum of money.

Old Master Zhang suddenly sighed. The surrounding people were stunned and shook their heads in disappointment.

“I told you this thing was fake!”

Lee Tao immediately jumped out and pointed at Su Ming’s nose: “Do you still want to trick me with fake goods? Fortunately, Old Master Zhang is here today!”

“So it’s fake.”

“If it’s real, how could he just put it in the car?”

The surrounding onlookers shook their heads and prepared to leave.

“This thing is real.”

Old Master Zhang suddenly opened his mouth and said.


The surrounding people were all stunned.

“Don’t joke around!”

Lee Tao hurriedly said.

“Are you doubting my eyesight?”

Old Master Zhang frowned and looked at Lee Tao.

Lee Tao hurriedly shook his head: “I don’t dare, I don’t dare!”

“The reason I sighed was because I was sighing about myself.”

As Old Master Zhang spoke, his gaze fell on Su Ming. “After all these years, I think I’m an expert. In fact, you’re the expert.”

Old Master Zhang carefully took the porcelain bowl next to him. “Although this bowl looks a little shabby, it’s authentic. It’s a porcelain bowl from the Warring States Period of Spring and Autumn. It’s priceless.”


Everyone below was stunned.

The ceramic bowl started during the Summer and Summer Shang Dynasties and the Warring States Periods, and its descendants slowly evolved.

The technology of the Blue and White Porcelain was slowly developed during the later generations.

“Furthermore, this is not a porcelain bowl used by ordinary people to eat. This is something used by the feudal lords during the Warring States Period. It was well-made, and it had been preserved for so many years without any traces or damage. This is a miracle.”

Old Master Zhang held the bowl and could not bear to part with it.

“Old Master Zhang, look at the others.”

Someone below hurriedly said.


Old Master Zhang could no longer hold it in.

“This is the real work of Wang Xizhi!”

“This is Tang Bohu’s mountain and river. The ancient records recorded that this mountain and river painting had long been destroyed. It actually appeared!”

“This is a jade Buddha carved from Imperial Green Jade.”

Old Master Zhang was very powerful. He could tell whether something was real or fake with a single glance.

Every single one of them was real.

From the initial excitement and disbelief, Old Master Zhang had now become indifferent. He was already used to it.

These were the ivory chopsticks of the Qin Dynasty.

This was the inkstone of the Ming Dynasty.

Finally, Old Master Zhang’s gaze fell on a box in the corner.

It was filled with Bamboo Slips.

Old Master Zhang blinked his eyes and picked one up with his trembling hand.

“Oh my god!”

Old Master Zhang had some understanding of ancient culture.

Although the imperial court’s civilization had a long history.

In the five thousand years of civilization history, too many cultures had been destroyed.

Many historical blanks had become eternal mysteries.

However, Su Ming’s box of Bamboo Slips looked very casual.

It turned out to be a long lost book of the Pre-Qin that was recorded in the ancient ruins!

This would greatly supplement the blankness of the Pre-Qin culture!

These things were completely priceless!

Old Master Zhang held a Bamboo Slip in his hand, his eyes wide open.

He was so excited that his entire body was trembling, and he couldn’t even speak properly.

“What’s wrong?”

Many of the young generation below hurriedly asked. There were even two people who wanted to get into the car.


Old Master Zhang widened his eyes and shouted.

“Where is the cultural group that came today? Where did they go? Hurry up and call them over!”


One of them quickly ran out.

Old Master Zhang carefully put the things back and looked at Su Ming. “Hello.”

“You are my elder. You can call me Su Ming.”

Su Ming smiled faintly.

Old Master Zhang nodded and forced himself to calm down. “Su Ming, are these all yours?”

“Of course.”

Su Ming nodded.

“May I ask where you got these things?”

Old Master Zhang hesitated for a moment.

Su Ming smiled faintly. “It’s not convenient for me to say, but don’t worry. These things are fine.”


Old Master Zhang hurriedly nodded. “I was rude.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Why was Old Master Zhang like this?

Old Master Zhang’s status in the antique world was quite high.

Su Ming’s cart was full of expensive antiques, some of which were even extinct. Old Master Zhang had seen many good things.

He had seen many private museum collections.

The things there were no less than Su Ming’s.

Old Master Zhang would be amazed and excited, but he would never grovel and be so careful.

What was going on?

The group of people looked at each other.

The one who was the most dumbfounded was Lee Tao.

He was finished.

Someone who could make Old Master Zhang treat him with such an attitude meant that he had definitely found an extraordinary treasure.

Who was Old Master Zhang?

His status in the antique industry was very high.

But today, he was like a primary school student in front of Su Ming.

Before Lee Tao could react, a group of people suddenly ran over from afar.

“Make way!”

This group of people all had white hair.

They looked a little old, but their speed was quite fast.

“Zhang, where is the extraordinary thing?”

“Don’t lie to us!”

A group of professors with high positions in academia surrounded the back of the car.

“Why would I lie to you?”

Old Master Zhang looked at Su Ming. “Su Ming.”

“You can look at whatever you want.”

Su Ming smiled faintly.

Old Master Zhang hurriedly nodded his head. He trembled as he walked to the side, picked up a few Bamboo Slips, and gave one to each old man.

These old men were stunned.

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