C99 – Bedraggled

Mo Yi was afraid that he would meet Zheng Xuan when the teleportation talisman automatically shattered. Before the competition ended, Mo Yi pinched the teleportation talisman to shatter it and teleported out on the eighth day.

When Mo Yi appeared on the school’s teleportation formation, he claimed that he was targeted by a five levels Star Beast and that he came out on his own accord since he felt that he was no match for it.

Although Mo Yi didn’t manage to last until the last day, he received quite a lot of Star Beast and the Royal College’s instructors were quite satisfied with him.

Third Prince Mansion.

“Yiyi, how did you get out?” Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi and asked.

Mo Yi said indifferently: “I got targeted by the five levels Star Beast, so I took the initiative to come out.”

Mo Fei chuckled and said, “It’s fine if you’re lying to outsiders, but if you’re lying to me…”

Mo Yi smiled and said, “Young Master’s eyes are like torches. Actually, I came out because I felt very bored staying inside.”

Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi, holding his chin and said, “Yiyi, is there something on your mind?”

Mo Yi glanced at Mo Fei and said nonchalantly, “What worries me?”

“And you still say you didn’t. I saw peach blossoms on your face and the movements of the Red Luan stars. It seems that there’s a happy occasion coming. You must have run into someone you like in the mystic realm.” Mo Fei blinked and asked.

Mo Yi smiled coldly at Mo Fei and said, “Young master, you can’t judge the situation too well. Don’t learn from others, lest you misjudge others’ children.”

With a bitter face, Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi, “Seriously, my fortune telling is obviously accurate.”

Mo Yi rubbed his fingers, “I won’t be tempted by anyone. What is there for him to be moved by?”

Mo Fei: “…” Was there really such a thing?

On the last day of the competition, the last twenty contestants were simultaneously teleported out.

Zheng Xuan looked around uneasily. His eyes swept across the contestants one by one. All of them panicked a little when they saw Zheng Xuan’s burning gaze.

Zheng Xuan only cared about looking for people in the forest. He didn’t gain much, and he also lost his identity card. He wasn’t very high, so he was ranked tenth.

If not for the fact that a five levels Star Beast blocked Zheng Xuan’s way in the process of looking for someone, pissing Zheng Xuan off and knocking him into Zheng Xuan’s hands, giving him a five levels stellar nucleus, Zheng Xuan’s ranking would have been even lower.

Xu Zihan’s face was flushed red. He thought that with Zheng Xuan’s strength, he wouldn’t be able to get first place and be in the top three, but he didn’t expect that Zheng Xuan would actually be in the top ten. This made him, who had long since said that Zheng Xuan would have a good ranking, to be ashamed of himself.

Zheng Xuan swept his eyes back and forth in the arena. It was unknown what he was looking at.

Xu Zihan frowned and walked to Zheng Xuan’s side. He tugged on Zheng Xuan’s sleeve and asked with dissatisfaction, “What are you looking at? What’s the matter with you! Why is it only this little?!”

“I heard that you gave your identity plate to Wu Shangyong. You obviously beat him up, but why did you give your identity plate to Wu Shangyong? What are you thinking! To think that your ranking would be lower than Su Rong’s. You’re making me lose a lot of face…”

“A lot of people say that you’re looking for someone inside with a Wry Face Flower Mask on his face. Why are you looking for him?”

Zheng Xuan looked at the chattering Xu Zihan coldly. Xu Zihan was too concentrated on complaining that he didn’t notice the change in Zheng Xuan’s expression.

Zheng Xuan suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed Xu Zihan’s neck and pressed him against the wall.

Realizing what Zheng Xuan had done to him, Xu Zihan opened his eyes wide with disbelief written all over his face.

“Zheng Xuan, what are you doing?” Liu Da said loudly, his face was filled with anger.

Kill him! Kill him! A crazy idea sounded in Zheng Xuan’s head, causing his eyes to turn blood-red.

When the surrounding students saw this scene, they were all shocked. Originally, the group of students only thought that two people were playing with each other, but when they saw the ice-cold killing intent in Zheng Xuan’s eyes, everyone realized that Zheng Xuan was truly angry.

“Zheng Xuan, what are you trying to do?” Sensing that it was getting harder to breathe, the anger on Xu Zihan’s face turned into panic.

Zheng Xuan stared at Xu Zihan as his lips moved twice. He slowly said two words, “Bitch.”

“What are you talking about?” Xu Zihan asked in confusion.

Zheng Xuan narrowed his eyes slightly and increased the strength of his hands by 30%. He whispered miserably into Xu Zihan’s ear, “Xu Zihan, who was the person that replaced you to the secret realm that year?”

Xu Zihan’s head exploded as his eyes widened, “What are you talking about?”

“What did I say? Don’t you understand?” Zheng Xuan’s eyes were bloodshot and his voice was filled with violence, “You lied to me for three whole years, Xu Zihan.”

The surrounding students who were watching the show finally realized that something was amiss.

Xu Zihan clenched his fist and quickly calmed down. “That was me. Who else could it be but me?”

Zheng Xuan smiled sarcastically, “Is that you? Let me ask you, how many fish did I catch for you in the secret realm?”

Xu Zihan said with a rigid face: “I got so sick, I lost my memory.”

Zheng Xuan said sarcastically, “Did you lose your memory, or did you not have that memory at all? Right, it wasn’t you, so how could you have that memory?”

“Zheng Xuan, let go of me. I have a heart attack. If this goes on, I will die.” Xu Zihan said with a bitter face.

“If you want to die, then die. If you die, that’s for the best!” Zheng Xuan’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Su Rong looked at Zheng Xuan and his mind exploded. The word “secret realm” kept repeating in Su Rong’s head. He seemed to have thought of something.

Seeing that Zheng Xuan really wanted to kill someone, the teachers who were spectating on the side finally couldn’t bear it anymore. Although many of the teachers were not used to Xu Zihan being so arrogant and domineering in the academy, it was still quite an impressive matter for people to die in the academy.

“Zheng Xuan, let Student Xu go. If you have anything to say, we can talk it out in the future. After all, this is an academy.” A male teacher grabbed Zheng Xuan’s hand.

Zheng Xuan slowly let go of Xu Zihan after hearing his teacher’s words. He gave Xu Zihan a hateful look before turning around and leaving.

Mo Fei and Mo Yi, who were hiding in the crowd, were shocked when they saw this scene.

“Ah! I just saw Zheng Xuan pinching Xu Zihan’s neck. Did I see something wrong?” Mo Fei blinked as he spoke with a strange expression on his face.

Mo Yi lightly said, “No, they did have a falling out.”

Mo Fei shook his head and said with a face full of emotion, “This life! It’s just so capricious.”

The surrounding onlookers looked at Xu Zihan with schadenfreude.

Although the words of Zheng Xuan and Xu Zihan were fragmented, it didn’t affect the thinking of all the students. Most of the students guessed that Zheng Xuan must have liked that person in the secret realm and mistook that person for Xu Zihan.

Xu Zihan held his chest and lowered his head. Facing the ridiculing looks around him, Xu Zihan wished he could find a hole to hide in.

That year, Xu Zihan had been given a spot in the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm.

Xu Zihan was unwilling to go. After entering the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm, it was highly likely that he would die. Xu Zihan did not want to die.

Xu Zihan would not go, but someone from the Xu Family must go. Xiao Mei took Xu Zihan’s half-brother, Xu Ziyu to make up for it. Xu Zihan and Xu Ziyu both looked like fathers, so at first glance, they looked exactly the same.

Xiao Mei thought that once Xu Ziyu went to the secret realm, he would never be able to come out again. But she never thought that Xu Ziyu would actually survive safely. Because, when Xu Zihan came out of the Hidden Dragon Secret Realm alive, the elder of the Xu Family actually had the intention to record Xu Ziyu’s identity into his family tree.

Of course, Xiao Mei would not allow Xu Zihan’s possessions to be taken away. Thus, Xu Ziyu was plotted as someone who had colluded with outsiders to frame Xu Family and chased out of Xu Family.

After Xu Ziyu was kicked out of the Xu Family, Xiao Mei sent people to take a look and he lived a miserable life. With a few clan elders watching over Xiao Mei, she did not dare to care about Xu Ziyu anymore and just let Xu Ziyu fend for himself.

Three years ago, Zheng Xuan appeared in Xu Family and confirmed that Xu Zihan was his fated partner.

At that time, Xu Ziyu had already disappeared, and Xu Family Xu Qing did not want Xu Ziyu to appear. After all, he did not treat Xu Ziyu well, he was not sure what kind of feelings Xu Ziyu had for his father, but in order to climb up to Zheng Xuan, the entire Xu Family acted out a game of Li Dai Pian.

At the beginning, Xu Zihan was always very careful, afraid that his identity would be exposed, and would often be scared awake in his dreams.

However, a few months later, Xu Zihan found that Zheng Xuan’s brain was a little dull, especially easy to deceive, and his courage became bigger and bigger.

Xu Ziyu was an illegitimate child of the Xu Family. There were very few people who knew about Xu Ziyu’s existence in the Xu Family.

After Xiao Mei and Xu Qing executed a group of people who knew of Xu Ziyu’s existence, Xu Zihan was even more relieved.

As time passed, Xu Zihan began to feel that even if Zheng Xuan knew that he was not the one that was originally in the secret realm, Zheng Xuan would still like him and would no longer be careful around him and would instead become more picky.

Xu Zihan gritted his teeth as he looked at Zheng Xuan’s back. His eyes were filled with unwillingness. Zheng Xuan was so ruthless. Even if he wasn’t that damned Xiao Qi, they had known each other for three years! Three years of love, Liu Tie didn’t care at all, he actually wanted to strangle him.

“Zheng Xuan is weird, yet he’s so obedient to Xu Zihan. Is he the wrong person?”

“Just now when I saw Young Master Zheng’s posture, it seemed as if he really tricked me to death.”

“Didn’t you hear what Young Master Zheng said? For three whole years, Xu Zihan didn’t know anything other than how to take advantage of Zheng Xuan. I was wondering why Young Master Zheng liked him.”

“Tsk, how could he keep a low profile even if he’s tricked others. He’s always so arrogant. Now he’s exposed.”

“I heard that Zheng Xuan doesn’t know anything when he goes into the secret realm. He only knows to find someone. I think his real body has appeared.”


Fearing that Xu Zihan would not be able to hear them, the surrounding people started to loudly talk. Fearing that Xu Zihan would not hear them, the surrounding people started to ridicule Xu Zihan without restraint.

Lin Feiyu looked at Xu Zihan and secretly gloated. He had always felt it was strange that even though Zheng Xuan was silly, he didn’t look like a blind person. There was indeed an inside story behind it.

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