C105 – Fart Your Mother!

“What?” When the disciples of Sword Pavilion who were hosting the registration heard this, they were still dumbfounded. Then, they raised their heads and saw that the mechanism on the Jolcana Road had already been opened.

“…” It had been opened??

“Turtle, someone has broken through the formation?!”

A few disciples of the Sword Pavilion were so shocked that they could even speak the Sugong Lands’s dialect. They looked at the figures on the plank road who were already moving forward along the plank road in a daze, and immediately panicked.

“Quick, quickly find someone… and see what’s going on with that person?”

A disciple of Sword Pavilion, a four-star swordsmith, Yi Dong. He was originally the abbot sent by his subordinates to help the Sword Singing Platform in Night’s Fall Sword City register for the Singing Sword Association. But he did not expect things to turn out this way. Apart from the disciples of the Sword Pavilion, there were very few outsiders who dared to go to the Jolcana Road.

The Jolcana Road was very difficult, it was even more difficult than the blue sky… This was not a joke, except for the fact that it was extremely dangerous. The Sword Pavilion had left the sword intent and formations for their own disciples to study. It was extremely targeted, how could an ordinary person handle it?

Although the Jolcana Road was open to the public, in most cases, there was still a mountain path that could be used to enter the Sword Pavilion. The path was fast and safe, and the disciples of the Sword Pavilion were also there to receive them.

Who would purposely go to such a dangerous Jolcana Road?

Why was there someone here today… What the hell, if something were to happen during the process of breaking through the formation… However, it would damage the reputation of the Sword Pavilion. After all, it was during the competition. Everyone came to the Night’s Fall Sword City in high spirits. They took a look at the scene. Someone had died in the Jolcana Road because of the formation.

Even if they saw a joke, they would still feel uncomfortable in their hearts.

Cold sweat broke out on Yi Dong’s forehead. He said to the side, “Pull him down. Where is the mechanism and the formation? Can you tell him to turn it off?”

The other disciples replied, “I’ve already sent someone to find the elder, but it will take some time. Communication talisman…”

Suddenly, there was a faint scream of pain coming from above. It was the scream of a person who feared the high. The disciples of the Sword Pavilion who had been traveling back and forth all year round were very familiar with this.

“What are all of you doing? Hurry up and get rid of them first! Didn’t you hear that everyone is going to disappear?!”

Yi Dong stared at the disciples who were looking at each other and hesitating. Could it be… “Manager Wang, if everyone could go to the Jolcana Road, they wouldn’t need to inform the elders like this…”

“No, that scream wasn’t…”

“If you have the guts, then who do you think you are? A disciple of the Sword Pavilion!” Once he got angry, he stretched out his hand and summoned a flying sword, preparing to go up personally.

“Damn it! It wasn’t easy for me to find an idle job, why did something like this suddenly happen?”

Yi Dong felt sad for his contribution points. The crowd beside him was stirred by the sudden stop of the registration of the Sword Pavilion disciples. Then, they noticed the movement of the Jolcana Road.

Damn it! If this continued, things would get out of control, and it would only get worse and worse!

Yi Dong looked at the young disciples angrily. “What are you guys waiting for? Are you done informing us? Hurry up and pacify these people who are participating in the competition. Don’t let them expand the situation anymore, understand?”

Those disciples of Sword Pavilion stared at him blankly, their eyes glazed over.

“Did you hear what I said?!” Yi Dong was so angry that he almost took out his flying sword and knocked on these idiots’ heads.

“I… I heard it, Manager Wang, but…”

“But what but?”

“He seems to have passed fifty Ren…”

“What fifty Ren? Bullshit! If he can reach fifty Ren, I’ll eat it on the spot…” Yi Dong cursed. Before he could finish his words, he was suddenly stunned and said in disbelief, “Fifty Ren?”

He suddenly turned his head. That disciple was still at a loss as to what to do and said hesitantly, “No, that’s not right. Why does it seem like he’s already above a hundred Ren…”

Yi Dong looked up in a daze at the figure that had just stepped onto the plank road. Just as they were frantically preparing to find the elder and stop the mechanism… As they comforted the crowd, they had already dodged all the traps and spell formations. They had reached the top of the Hundred Feet Cliff.

That was the most narrow and steep place in the entire Jolcana Road, a complete right turn. The plank road turned, and there was nothing in front of him. He wanted to change the direction of his movement technique in the blink of an eye. He had found a formation, the Gate of Life. Otherwise, if he couldn’t react in time… He would immediately fall down.

Although he wouldn’t die from falling into the White Dragon River, he wouldn’t be able to avoid serious injuries. He might even be unable to cultivate for the rest of his life.

Everyone held their breaths and became extremely nervous. They looked at the tiny figure at the edge of the cliff at a high place. He changed his movement technique a few times and climbed up the cliff. Without any pause, he directly went over.

Directly… Directly…

The disciples of the Sword Pavilion who were deeply aware of the terror of the Jolcana Road were completely stunned. They stared blankly at the top, and some of the cultivators who were registering also came to their senses.

There was a total of 150 Ren of the Jolcana Road. How long had this person spent?

Did he have half a cup of tea?

Probably… not?


The scene was very quiet, the sound of the machine had quietened down, and Guo Fan’s figure had already disappeared into the clouds, the stage that was covered by the clouds, Shuri’an, was silent.

Hua La…

Some of the stones fell down again and fell into the White Dragon River.

“Jolcana Road… is it that easy?” A disciple of the Sword Pavilion couldn’t help but ask.

“Easy my ass! I just went up to try it a few years ago, and I only walked fifty Ren before I was forced down by the Six Feet Strange Sword Formation. If it was really that easy, why are there only a few true disciples who passed the test after so many years?”

Yi Dong recalled the scene where he was scared witless by the sword formation and felt embarrassed.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had given up because of fear, he wouldn’t have been left idle.

The Sword Pavilion had always valued courage in the Jolcana Road’s trial.

Swordsmiths understood the sword better than swordsmen. They understood the sword intent and the sword soul. They paid more attention to the sharpness and courage of the sword. If they didn’t have the courage, they wouldn’t be able to forge a sharp sword.

The poem left by the founder of Sword Pavilion when he founded the Sword Pavilion was still written on the huge sword of Sword Singing Platform. It was “Killing intent from the heaven and earth will help me become a sword. I will sing a blood song once and for all. I will not betray the dragon and snake will.” The poem was written on the huge sword of Sword Singing Platform. It was Killing intent from the heaven and earth. It will help me become a sword. I will sing a blood song once and for all. I will not betray the dragon and snake will.

It could be seen that swordsmiths also had killing intent.

“You are the person in charge of registering for the Sword Singing Platform in Sword Pavilion?” A pleasant female voice suddenly came. Yi Dong turned around and saw a female crown wearing the robe of the Soaring Wisdom Sect.

He immediately coughed a few times to calm himself down. He cupped his hands and said, “Yes, I am Yi Dong. I am in charge of registering for this meeting.”

“The one who went up just now was my friend. He brought a mortal swordsmith to Sword Pavilion to participate in the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference. So he left Jolcana Road…” Song Ru sounded hesitant and confused, because she did not expect this at all. Whether it was the beginning or the end of the matter.

Until now, she was still in a state of hallucinations.

Yi Dong first showed an understanding smile and nodded. “Since it was Yu Xu’s Fellow Daoist who spoke, naturally there was no… Wait a minute, did he fucking bring a mortal with him???!!!”

Song Ru said hesitantly, “Hmm… It seems… it is indeed.”

Yi Dong felt like he had fainted.

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