C604 – Guan Shengwu Vs Emperor Qi (2)

“When did you compete with him?”

One of them asked.

“Eight months ago.”

“What was his cultivation at that time?”

“Early Imperial Emperor!”

“What about you?”

“I competed with him six months ago. At that time, Guan Shengwu was a mid Imperial Emperor!”



The surroundings fell into complete silence.

There was no other reason. Guan Shengwu’s strength had risen too quickly!

If what the people around said was true, then the person in front of him might really be him.

The surrounding people stared blankly at the sword wielding expert in the Void. A few people in the crowd had a look of admiration on their faces as they called him senior, but now, they were unable to open their mouths.

“It won’t be. Even if a person is the reincarnation of an ancient mighty figure, it’s impossible for him to improve so quickly. This person must be another senior!”

“That’s Lord Qihuang, someone who can be compared to Lord Qihuang Qihu. How can he possibly be someone from the Lower Realm? That’s why we must be mistaken!”

The surrounding people nodded in agreement. They must have mistaken for someone else.

“Guan Shengwu, you should feel proud. My bloodline supernatural power has not been used for tens of millions of years. This time, I will activate it for you.”

“Raging Flames Burning Heaven!”

An angry shout awakened everyone.

Those who were watching the battle were stunned. They looked at Guan Shengwu who was inside the Void in astonishment.

“It’s really him!”


The truth was right in front of them. No matter how many doubts they had in their hearts, they couldn’t admit that the person in front of them who was on par with Lord Qihuang Qihu was the Guan Shengwu who was on par with them in terms of strength.

“What’s the use of having such great talent? Isn’t he going to die soon?” Someone said in a mocking manner.

“That’s the bloodline supernatural power of Lord Qihuang. Back then, even an expert like Emperor Yin was injured by it.”

“Guan Shengwu is dead for sure this time!”

Those unwilling people immediately changed the topic and gloated.

No matter how much of a genius a person was, death was also death!

There was nothing to be jealous of.

The sky was lit up, and the air became violent. It was as if there was magma coming out of the Void, and the roars of Qilin echoed throughout the entire Yan Nong Jia.

At this moment, even the expressions of those experts changed.

This supernatural power was too overbearing!

“Worthy of being the supernatural power that can force Heavenly Prince Yin to retreat. Who can resist such an overbearing supernatural power?”

Guan Shengwu didn’t pay any attention to the words of these people. At this moment, only Qihuang remained in his eyes. He slashed out with his sword, causing the Void to tremble.

Qihuang sneered. Flames filled the sky as they rained down on Guan Shengwu from all directions.

A wave of energy that was so powerful that it could destroy the heavens and earth spread out with a loud bang. That terrifying energy wave swept across all directions.

The faces of those who were watching the battle changed dramatically. They hurriedly retreated a few thousand miles before feeling a little more at ease.

The Old Ancestor of Lin family, the supreme expert, looked at Guan Shengwu with a complicated expression on his face.

He wasn’t just a mid Imperial Emperor like what the man from Boundless Sect had guessed. He was a Heavenly King.

At this moment, the old Heavenly King couldn’t help but sigh at the rise of the younger generation.

However, his eyes were filled with pity when he looked at Guan Shengwu.

“Grandpa, is that person very powerful?”

Seeing the expression of the old ancestor of Lin family, a worried look finally emerged on Lin Ruoxi’s face.

The old ancestor of Lin family was stunned for a moment. He wanted to encourage the little girl, but the other party was Qihuang.

Seeing his expression, the little girl became even more worried.


The Qilin’s roar shook the sky. At this moment, a giant Qilin that was tens of thousands of meters long appeared.

However, it was not as peaceful and noble as the legends said. It only possessed ferociousness, madness, and even a trace of resentment.

“It’s a Qilin!”

“Lord Qihuang has revealed his true body!”

“Once the Qilin race has revealed their true form, it will be a sign of them going all out!”

“Guan Shengwu will definitely die this time!”

Some of them expressed that they were fine after being defeated by Guan Shengwu, but in their hearts, they were unwilling to accept it. They hoped that Guan Shengwu would be killed by someone else, which meant that there was no such thing.

Now that they saw that Guan Shengwu was going to die, their hearts were filled with joy.


Qihuang’s furious roar shook the sky. He suddenly swung his Qilin Claw, and a huge claw was about to grab Guan Shengwu, intending to squeeze him to death.

The scorching flames had even set the sky on fire. Apart from the Great Dao of Fire, there was no other Qi of Great Dao left.

“This courtyard is really unexpected to me. I never thought that besides that dog, there would be someone else who could reach your current realm. However, it will become a thing of the past!”

Qihuang coldly harrumphed. He increased the strength of his large claw and struck Guan Shengwu’s body.


Guan Shengwu dodged sideways to avoid the fate of being gripped to death. However, he was already hit by the claw. Blood instantly splashed out.


Lin Ruoxi shouted worriedly.

“Don’t come over!”

Guan Shengwu slashed out with his long sword. The Void instantly shattered, and countless sword lights protected him in the center.

At this moment, it was as if Guan Shengwu was in Hai’s body. The surging waves were not the sea water, but the endless sword intent.

What was swimming in it was not fish or shrimp, but the sword light.

Guan Shengwu’s expression was solemn. Facing the increasingly violent attack of Qihuang, he stepped on the ground and suddenly turned into a sword light, thrusting towards Qihuang.

Qihuang sneered. The flames on his four limbs turned black. Endless fog enveloped him, forming a layer of protection around him.

At the moment when the flames turned black, the Void on Yan Nong Jia seemed to be shrinking slowly.

The eyes of the Lin family’s old ancestor almost popped out of their sockets, “Qihuang, damn, your ancestor! Stop it now!”

The raging flames would burn the enemy to death, and it would also devour the surrounding Void. This kind of devouring was permanent.

Once it was devoured, the Void in Yan Nong Jia would never be able to return to its original size. This was the space where the Lin family could survive!

The old ancestor of the Lin family couldn’t care less about Qihuang’s strength. He immediately cursed.

Qihuang darted a cold glance at the Lin family, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t have the habit of talking to a dead person.

After dealing with Guan Shengwu later, a tiny Lin family could be destroyed with a single hand.

His body trembled. Countless Qilin appeared around him, charging towards Guan Shengwu one after another.

“Uncle, calligraphy and painting!”

Lin Ruoxi saw this scene, and her gem-like eyes were filled with panic. She shouted loudly.

However, Guan Shengwu did not take out the calligraphy and painting. If he took out his master’s calligraphy and painting, he could easily eliminate Qihuang, but that would give birth to inner demons in his heart.

Furthermore, this was also the pride and aloofness of a sword cultivator!

He wanted to fight Qihuang fair and square!


Seeing this scene, Lin Ruoxi became anxious, and the worry in her eyes became even greater.

Qihuang was cold, as if he had already seen the scene of Guan Shengwu being torn apart by him.

The surrounding people also began to feel pity for Guan Shengwu.


At this moment, a crisp sound suddenly rang out.

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