C115 – As Long as You Shang Xiaojie Are Dead That’s Great

Why isn’t he letting me go yet?

Shang Xiaojie was so embarrassed that he was about to die. Now, he was extremely afraid of being seen by others. His heart was beating wildly.

Shang Xiaojie was a good boy, how could he have done such a thing in a place like this!

Thus, when Mu Sifa suddenly kissed him, he was completely terrified.

However, he couldn’t show it because of the situation he was in.

“Mu Sifa, let me go…”

Shang Xiaojie placed his hands on Mu Sifa’s chest and tried to push them apart. However, how could his strength match Mu Sifa’s?

“Be good, no one will see you. Look, isn’t that pair over there doing other things as well?”

He pointed at the couple below them and showed them to Shang Xiaojie.

Shang Xiaojie looked over and found that they were even more exaggerated. The girl’s shirt had been unbuttoned.

And because their side was very close to the corner, very few people noticed it. So at this moment, they could see what the two of them were doing. It was probably only Mu Sifa’s side.

“You must have done it on purpose, didn’t you?” Shang Xiaojie smacked Mu Sifa unhappily because their seats were at a dead end. No matter how you looked at it, Mu Sifa had chosen to choose such a side seat for the convenience of something.


He laughed evilly.

“I’m not guessing, you bad guy.” Shang Xiaojie snorted softly.

“How could I be a bad person? Can a bad guy come to the movies with you? I can love you that much?”

There was a hidden meaning to this pain.

No matter how dumb Shang Xiaojie was, he was still able to hear it and immediately blushed.

“You, you, you scoundrel.”

Mu Sifa had an innocent look on his face, “I didn’t do anything now, how am I a hooligan?”

He raised his hand up high, indicating that he had been wrongly accused.

Shang Xiaojie was the one who believed him. It was clearly a trap, yet he was still lying.

“You want to trick me into eating me up again? You big scoundrel, I don’t believe me at all.”

Shang Xiaojie shook Mu Sifa’s hand to prevent him from messing around. His voice was full of complaints, as if a second could make you bleed from your nose.

Actually, Mu Sifa didn’t think about doing this sort of thing. He chose this kind of position because he didn’t want anyone to disturb the two of them.

But now, he had to tell Elina who was the one qualified to stand by his side. He wanted her to take advantage of the situation and retreat, so that she wouldn’t force him to make a move.

“Then, how about I let my wife deceive me?” Raising an eyebrow, evil and evil.

Shang Xiaojie’s face instantly exploded. His whole body was unreasonably red. “No way. If you keep playing, I’ll be angry.”

Ye Zichen looked like he was really angry. He looked away from Mu Sifa, but his gaze bumped into the ferocious Elina.

Shang Xiaojie was shocked. His face quickly turned back to Mu Sifa’s side. His heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He subconsciously held Mu Sifa’s hand tightly.

Scared, scared the hell out of me.

Because she was in the dark now, Elina’s expression was ten times scarier. It was normal for Shang Xiaojie to be scared.

At this moment, Elina could no longer pretend to be smiling. After all, Mu Sifa and Shang Xiaojie were flirting so brazenly in front of her, so it was impossible for her to calm down.

Shang Xiaojie, Shang Xiaojie, Shang Xiaojie, how can you be so close to Mu Sifa? Why?

Her anger was unconcealable, and her eyes were wide open.

Suddenly, she let out a series of sneers. That’s right! As long as you, Shang Xiaojie, died, it would be great! As long as you die, no one will fight with me for Mu Sifa, right?

His expression gradually turned as if he had been possessed by some evil spirit. It was a very scary sight.

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