C114 – An Indecent Reward

Ouch! He had caused a ruckus! Looks like I don’t have to add oil to the fire.

Let’s quarrel! It was best to argue so that everyone in the cinema could see. I want to know if Mu Sifa will stand on your side when you, Shang Xiaojie, make a fool of yourself.

Elina sneered. The shock from earlier was gone. She was watching the show with a serious expression on her face.

Although Shang Xiaojie didn’t look at Elina, he still felt uncomfortable. It was as if he was being glared at.

He frowned. He was about to frown at Elina, but Mu Sifa suddenly held his hand. He suddenly pulled out a smile and said to Elina, “Assistant Ai is in a really good mood today! I don’t usually see you at work to see a movie.”

His voice sounded very calm, but when he looked into Elina’s eyes, there was a hint of iciness, as if he could see through Elina.

Elina’s heart immediately skipped a beat. She forgot that she was still working and wanted to take down Shang Xiaojie so badly.

“Oh, it’s actually like this. Last time, Auntie He said that she wanted to watch this movie, so she asked me to come over and help her watch it when it’s shown. If it’s not bad, Auntie He wants to come over with uncle.”

Elina immediately thought of this excuse. The Auntie He she mentioned was actually Mu Sifa’s mother, Hee Meier.

A large part of the reason Elina was able to work under Mu Sifa was because Elina’s mother and Mu Sifa’s mother were good friends. Otherwise, with Mu Sifa’s personality, if he didn’t like Elina, he would have let her off long ago.

“So that’s how it is!” Mu Sifa smiled again and didn’t say anything after that.

He … he believed it just like that?

Elina was surprised. She didn’t expect Mu Sifa to believe her so quickly.

Shang Xiaojie’s body froze. She … Did she know Mu Sifa’s family?

No matter how he looked at it, they seemed to have a good relationship, so Shang Xiaojie got a blow from this.

“What’s wrong? It’s not good to watch a movie?”

Seeing Shang Xiaojie with his head lowered, Mu Sifa rubbed his head and asked. He didn’t know if it was because he was in the cinema, but his voice was very soft, and it was pleasant to listen to, but at the same time fascinating.

Shang Xiaojie bit his lips and whispered, “Does she know your parents? Are you familiar with it?”

After saying that, he looked up into Mu Sifa’s eyes. He looked extremely pitiful, as if he was about to cry. The corners of his eyes were filled with tears.


Wu Junyi covered his mouth with his hands and muttered. He found that Shang Xiaojie really liked being jealous and would get mad at him at any moment.

“You’re still laughing? I’m very serious.” Shang Xiaojie punched him on the chest. His little face was as angry as a hamster.

“Okay, okay, okay. I shouldn’t be laughing at you. So, in order to compensate you, I’ll give you a reward.”

“Reward? What reward?” Shang Xiaojie looked at him dumbly, then cutely rolled his eyes.

Mu Sifa pursed his lips into a smile without saying anything. Afterwards, he openly closed the back of Shang Xiaojie’s head and sealed his lips.

Shang Xiaojie immediately opened his eyes wide. This was the cinema. Although it was dark, the people at the side could still see it, like Elina, who was sitting beside him.

“Muse, you… You let me go.” He quietly resisted and pushed Mu Sifa away.

However, Mu Sifa didn’t let him go. Instead, he continued to attack.

Shang Xiaojie couldn’t stay calm this time. His body was sensitive, what would he do if he made any weird noises?

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