C54 – Mirror Image

“Oh, my God, he passed the sixth floor!”

“Could it be that he still wants to continue to pass the seventh level? Only Dragon God has managed to pass the sixth floor!”

“Do you think he will break Lord Dragon God’s record?”

“Impossible. I admit that this man has extraordinary talent, but he will never surpass Lord Dragon God.”

Outside Tower of Trials, when they saw the notification that Loong Chen had successfully passed the sixth floor, everyone couldn’t help but wipe their eyes.

They even thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Up until now, only Dragon God had passed the sixth floor.

Lord Dragon God was the strongest human expert.

Could it be that the person in the tower would also become the second Dragon God?

“Big brother, do you think Loong Chen can pass the seventh floor?”

Xiao Xiaoxun asked Xiao Yan, who was so shocked that he could not speak.

Xiao Yan wanted to say it was impossible, because in his opinion, there was no one who could break Dragon God’s record.

But then he swallowed that sentence.

Was it really impossible?

Previously, he also thought that Loong Chen would not be able to make it to the sixth floor, but a miracle still happened.

Would this person who created miracles continue to create another miracle?

“I don’t know, but I do know that even if he can’t make it to the sixth floor, his name will still resound throughout the Dragon God Temple and even the entire world. Because he has done something that only Lord Dragon God can do.”

Xiao Yan said with a serious expression.

Xiao Xiaoxun was not a member of Dragon God Temple, so perhaps she did not know what this meant.

However, he knew that those who could reach the seventh level of the Tower of Trials had unparalleled talent.

As long as he was given time, it wasn’t impossible for him to become the next Dragon God.

Loong Chen had no idea about the commotion in the outside world. He was stunned by the scene in front of him.

At this moment, a mirror appeared in front of him.

His appearance was reflected in the mirror.

What truly shocked Loong Chen was his expressionless face. In the mirror, he revealed a sinister smile.

“The challenge of the seventh level of Tower of Trials has officially begun. Target: Defeat yourself in the mirror.”

“Reward for clearing the level: You can choose any 6-star cultivation technique, combat skills, or other treasures in the treasure vault.”

The rewards for the seventh level were not divided into levels. This meant that in the eyes of the Dragon God Temple, almost no one could clear the seventh level.

After all, not even the Palace Master of the Dragon God Temple who claimed to be Invincible Dragon God had passed the seventh level.

“Am I in the mirror?”

Loong Chen squinted his eyes. In the next moment, he saw “Loong Chen” walking out from the mirror.

“Loong Chen” had been looking at Loong Chen with his bewitching expression.

“Who are you?”

Loong Chen suddenly asked. He did not know if this person would answer. He just asked casually.

“I am you.”

What surprised Loong Chen was that this “Loong Chen” actually replied to him.

“I have all of your abilities, or rather, I am you.”

“Your mission is to defeat me or kill me.”

Loong Chen took a deep breath. He finally knew why Invincible Dragon God stopped at the seventh floor.

Because the seventh floor’s test was too abnormal.

His opponent was himself.

Can you beat yourself?

Loong Chen didn’t even know what kind of a freak would come up with such a test. Could he pass it himself?

“I want to ask, until now, has anyone passed the seventh level?”

Loong Chen asked. He was asking about Invincible Dragon God.


The mirror image of Loong Chen nodded.

Only then did Loong Chen relax. Since someone had successfully challenged him, it meant that this wasn’t a bug.

As long as there was a chance to succeed, even if it was just a tiny bit, Loong Chen would never give up.

Loong Chen didn’t work so hard because of the so-called reward, nor because of the glory of breaking the record.

He was simply unconvinced. Since there was someone who could succeed, he would definitely succeed as well!

“Come on.”

Loong Chen waved at the mirror image of Loong Chen.

The mirror image of Loong Chen made a decisive move. Loong Chen instantly felt the pressure around him increase.

This was the Earth Domain, Gravity Field.

Almost instantly, the mirror image of Loong Chen rushed towards Loong Chen.


Loong Chen decisively used the other ability of the Earth Domain, the Repulsion.

Sure enough, the pressure disappeared very quickly. At the same time, the attack of the mirror image of Loong Chen arrived.

Loong Chen threw out a punch, and the two fists collided. Both of them took a few steps back at the same time.

“As expected, his strength is the same as mine. There’s no difference at all.”

Loong Chen had used the power of the World Dominating in this punch, but it was still on par with the mirror image of Loong Chen.

“The trial of thunder!”

“The trial of thunder!”

Both of them used the Lightning Superpower skill at the same time. Two bolts of heavenly lightning fell from the sky, but both of them managed to dodge it at the same time.

They were very familiar with these abilities. Therefore, it was impossible for them to defeat each other.

“If you haven’t thought of a way to defeat me, then I advise you to withdraw.”

The mirror image of Loong Chen smiled devilishly and said.

“I have an idea. You came out from the mirror. Doesn’t that mean that the strength you possess is actually the strength I had when I first arrived at the seventh level?”

Loong Chen suddenly asked.

This question shocked the mirror image of Loong Chen.

“What do you mean?”

“If my current strength surpasses my previous strength, can I defeat you?”

Loong Chen asked again.

“The method you mentioned is indeed possible. However, you are currently in the Tower of Trials, so it is impossible for you to increase your strength. If you leave this place and come back here again, my strength will still be on par with yours.”

The mirror image of Loong Chen understood what Loong Chen meant, but it shook its head and said.

“If that’s the case, then it will be easy.”

Loong Chen suddenly smiled devilishly and said in his heart.

“Pick it up.”

When Loong Chen was fighting with the mirror image of Loong Chen, he found that the mirror image of Loong Chen could also drop Attribute Points.

And from the mirror image of Loong Chen’s words just now, he could confirm that the strength of the mirror image of Loong Chen was only the strength he had when he looked at it in the mirror.

Then, as long as he picked up those attributes now, then his strength would be stronger than the mirror image of Loong Chen.

Even if it wasn’t much stronger, it was still enough.

“Picking up done. Strength attribute*50.”

“Picking up done. Speed attribute*30.”

After Loong Chen picked up the attributes dropped by the mirror image of Loong Chen, he felt that all of his attributes had increased by dozens of points.

Although a few dozen points were not much, at this moment, it was the key to defeating the mirror image of Loong Chen.

“Let’s end this.”

Loong Chen sneered and rushed towards the mirror image of Loong Chen.

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