C115 – He Was God-damn Handsome!!!

Not long after staying in the medicine store, Crown Prince Zhao’s guards returned with the news Tang Yue wanted.

However, that burly man carefully did not say it out in public. Instead, he whispered into his master’s ear.

Tang Yue could tell that something was wrong with the situation at a glance. The murderer behind the scenes was probably related to Crown Prince. Otherwise, why would he hide it?

Sure enough, Crown Prince Zhao frowned slightly. His expression was filled with doubt and seriousness. “It’s him?”

Tang Yue did not think of this “he” as “her and asked, ‘it’s because of you?’

Crown Prince Zhao hesitated for a while and nodded. “Leave this matter to me.”

Tang Yue was not unhappy. Since he was the one who caused the trouble, he had to solve it. Besides, he was not strong enough to challenge someone who dared to oppose Crown Prince Zhao.

Tang Yue had completely focused on politics. He had forgotten about this world. And there is a terrible creature called love rival.

For the next three days, Tang Yue would report to the pharmacy on time every day. Occasionally, he would receive a few patients with external injuries. For patients who did not belong to the surgery, he would treat them together with a few other doctors.

“Today’s situation is much better. After three more days, the scabs will form. However, you must eat liquid food within a month. Otherwise, it will be very painful for your grandson to go to the outhouse.” Tang Yue changed the medicine for the little boy who was diagnosed on the first day and told him a few words.

The boy had already woken up. He was lying on the bed with a numb expression on his face. Tang Yue was playing with him, and there was no light in his eyes.

Tang Yue thought of a word: ‘My heart is dead.’

He could not see many patients like this. In his previous career, some of the patients who had been sent here had attempted suicide. Their expressions and eyes were like this. It was as if their souls had been removed from their bodies and had lost all interest.

Tang Yue was not a psychologist. He could not treat mental illness, so he could only try to stimulate their emotional nerves.

“Your grandfather is old. He took you to Ye City to seek medical treatment. I’m afraid he begged many doctors to bring you here.” He’s not full yet and he’s not warm. He’s only wearing a thin one-piece shirt in such cold weather. He wants to wear all the fabric on you. What was it for? Didn’t he just want you to live?

“If you feel that life no longer has any meaning, then you might as well live for him. Wait for him to go. It’s not too late for you to follow him. Otherwise, how can you live up to his suffering?”

The grandpa covered his eyes and choked. He threw himself to the bedside and said, “Baby… you mustn’t be in trouble. What’s the point of living if you’re not here?”

Tang Yue saw that the boy’s eyes had rolled a few times. He sighed and said, “I don’t know where you came from. Since you have left that place, and no one knows you, why do you care about what happened to you before?” Don’t use other people’s fault to punish yourself and your family. That’s the stupidest thing.

“There’s one more thing I must tell you. My medicine store will only provide free medical consultation for three days. Starting from tomorrow, you have to pay all the medical fees by yourself. If you insist on dying, then you can only rely on your grandfather to pay the debt.”

The boy glanced at his grandfather. The old man had long white hair and a withered face. As the saying goes, he was already a person with one leg in the coffin. How could he repay the debt?

He tried to get up from the bed with his arms propped up. Tang Yue pressed on his back and said, “Lie on your stomach and don’t move. Otherwise, you will have to lie down for two more days after the wound is broken.”

The boy buried his face in his arms. His shoulders twitched and twitched. The suppressed crying came from below. Only then did Tang Yue let out a sigh of relief.

It was good that he could cry. At least it meant that he was still in a good mood.

“Thank you for your kindness, Young Master!” The grandpa knelt down and kowtowed. Suddenly, a hand was placed on his back. He was very skinny, but he was very determined.

The grandpa looked up. The grandpa and grandson looked at each other and immediately started crying.

Tang Yue left them some space. He made half of the room in the backyard as a ward. He would let the two of them stay here for the next few days. They would talk about it after they recovered.

It was impossible for him to take in every homeless person. This was a medicine store, not a shelter.

After the three days of volunteer medical consultation, the medicine store’s business was neither good nor bad. It was plain. In this era, medicine was very expensive. Doctors were even more expensive. Ordinary people would not come to see a doctor unless they were seriously ill.

On the other hand, a few noble families sent invitations to Tang Yue. They invited him to treat a doctor openly and secretly. It was as if they were ashamed of themselves.

However, he had discovered a few hidden illnesses. It was a pity that he, a surgeon, was powerless.

Everyone knew that he was about to marry into the Crown Prince’s Palace and did not dare to offend him. However, rumors started to spread among the crowd. The so-called Godly Doctor was just an undeserved reputation.

When Tang Yue heard this, he only smiled. He never thought that he was a Godly Doctor. In modern times, he was not a Godly Doctor. In ancient times, he was even more so.

This way, there would also be benefits. It was because fewer people came to see him, which made him feel much more relaxed.

But even if it was not like this, he should be busy with his own matters. Marquis’s Mansion had already started to get busy with his wedding.

The entire Marquis’s Mansion had been renovated for this joyous occasion. In Old Madam’s words, “The last time your father was married, it was your father’s wedding. It has been more than ten years. Finally, it is time for your grandsons to celebrate. It is time to be lively and lively.”

Although it was sad to occasionally think about whether his grandson was married or not, the old man was in a good mood and did not feel too sad.

Marquis’s Wife Zhao Shi’s mood was much more complicated. On one hand, she was happy that Tang Yue was no longer a threat to her. On the other hand, she was not willing to let Tang Yue marry into the Crown Prince’s Palace with such a good life.

One should know that she once thought that it would be a great honor for her daughter to be the concubine of Crown Prince Zhao. Now that Tang Yue was not only married but also the official concubine, how could they not be envious and jealous?

Especially the box of betrothal gifts and dowry, which made her jealous.

In order to match Crown Princess’s identity, Marquis’s Mansion prepared a hundred and twenty-four lift dowry for Tang Yue. This was on the surface. Large pieces of furniture were intended to be delivered first, not included in the dowry of 124 liters.

How much money and treasures was this? After Tang Yue looked at the list, he felt that he would not be able to spend it no matter how extravagant his life was.

Lidong arrived very soon. The winter in the south was very cold. Tang Yue’s house burned charcoal all night long. He felt that three layers of blanket was not enough.

Early in the morning, someone knocked on the door. Tang Yue turned around and asked while covering himself with the blanket, “Who is it?”

“Young dandy, it’s time to wake up. Young Master Xian is here.” Then he heard Zhao Sanlang shout, “Tang Xiaolang, you are getting married. Why are you so lazy?”

Tang Yue opened his eyes and glanced at the door. There were heavy cotton curtains in the room. There was only a faint light coming in, but it must be a sunny day.

“Come in.” He held the blanket and made it. He scratched his hair and waited for someone to come in to help him wash and change his clothes.

He had been here for almost half a year and was used to being served. It was only natural for him to enjoy such treatment.

He thought, in another year and a half, Had he completely forgotten the habits and experiences of his previous life and become a pure South Jin man?

After a while, Tang Yue put on a heavy cotton coat and went out with a fox fur coat. He ate breakfast at home. Zhao Sanlang shamelessly rubbed against him. Tang Yue suspected that his purpose of coming so early was not to ask him to go out, but to freeload.

After a few days of not seeing him, Zhao Sanlang seemed to have changed a little. His entire outfit had changed. He was wearing a long robe with much narrower sleeves. His hair was tied up high, making him look much more energetic.

“Mi Zhen from the Crown Prince’s Palace is raising people. Where is Ping Shun? Why isn’t he with you?” Tang Yue asked.

Zhao Sanlang lowered his head and stuffed spring rolls into his mouth. This kind of food could not be eaten in South Jin. Tang Yue had created it himself.

“It’s rare for him to take a day off. I don’t know which beauty he’s staying in bed with, but he doesn’t want to get up.”

Tang Yue’s eyes changed. He laughed coldly. He pinched his knuckles and said eerily, “Is that so? Then I really have to greet him later.”

In fact, Tang Yue was just worrying too much. With Crown Prince Zhao’s ability, there were plenty of ways to make a man lose his energy.

At this moment, Noble Heir of State Duke Heng was sleeping soundly with his head covered. He didn’t even have a dream.

After breakfast, Zhao Sanlang sat in Tang Yue’s room for a while and chatted with him about his recent life. Not only did he show off his muscles that had yet to take shape, he even praised himself to the heavens.

“At first, His Highness only sent a guard leader to teach us some basic skills. Later, Brother Hu saw that we were determined, so he personally led us to train. He was only a few years older than us, but he really doesn’t look like us of the same generation.”

Tang Yue agreed with this point. Hu Jinpeng’s outstanding performance was well-known among the young generation of Ye City. This was also one of the reasons why State Duke Ann was always proud of himself.

As a father, his son would always be proud of himself.

“Then you have to persevere. Even I will look down on you if you give up halfway.” Tang Yue reminded.

“Needless to say, many people are waiting to see this young master make a fool of himself. How can they do as they wish?” Zhao Sanlang was fighting for his own life, but he was still alive. People usually lived for his breath.

“By the way, I have shown you the prescription and the way to treat your body. Father has invited Imperial Doctor Wu to diagnose your illness, and Imperial Doctor Wu has praised your prescription. Now that he has eaten it, he has not fallen ill these days.” Zhao Sanlang was really grateful for this. “I can’t thank you for your kindness. If you need anything from me in the future, just tell me.”

On one hand, Tang Yue wanted to help him ease the relationship between father and son, and on the other hand, he wanted to help Crown Prince Zhao win over State Protector. Therefore, he really didn’t want to accept this favor.

“Since you are brothers, why do you need to be so polite? It’s just a small matter. Your father’s illness can’t be cured in a single day. He can only rely on recuperation.”

Zhao Sanlang nodded. This was not only said by one imperial physician, but the other imperial physicians could not provide a good treatment plan. Tang Xiaolang’s skills were still better.

“What a joke. Outsiders think that your medical skills are just baseless rumors. They don’t know that they are all blind people!”

“That’s not what I said. I’m only good at surgery. There are indeed many illnesses that I don’t know how to treat. If I can take the title of Godly Doctor, I will also be more relaxed.”

It was not easy to wear a tall hat. One had to have sufficient strength and luck.

The two of them chatted for an hour before they were ready to leave. They waited until they were about to leave before they arrived. They were dressed in armor and looked even more impressive than Zhao Sanlang.

Furthermore, they were at least 20 Jin thinner than Noble Heir. Their faces were clearly visible, and they looked extremely handsome.

Fuck! The Crown Prince’s Palace was really raising people. Why were all the iron pestles ground into needles when they went in? And they even had plastic surgery effects!

The effect he wanted to achieve for Ping Shun was achieved in such a short period of time. He should really ask Tang Ya to come out and take a look. Perhaps that girl would want to marry immediately if she was bent on it.

He did not know which servant secretly went to inform Yueyang Marquis and Zhao Shi. The couple came over hand in hand and pretended to bump into each other. They stared at Ping Shun for a long time and almost burned a hole in his body.

“Haha… Noble Heir is really elegant. You are better than State Duke Heng in the past!” In terms of looks, he was much better than State Duke Heng.

With Tang Yue’s sense of beauty, the rankings of the four most beautiful men in Ye City could be refreshed. People like Xu Ziheng should be eliminated.

Marquis’s Wife was so excited that she almost shed tears. This was the perfect candidate for a son-in-law in her heart. She had to have a family background. She had to have looks and inner qualities.

She had heard that Noble Heir was now a rank six military official. He was still so young, and there was plenty of room for him to improve in the future. Even if he didn’t take the official path, with his identity as Noble Heir of State Duke Heng, it would be enough for him to become a noble in the future.

The more the mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law, the more pleasing she was to her eyes. If Tang Yue and the others weren’t in a hurry to leave the house, this old couple wouldn’t let them go. Before they left, they repeatedly reminded Tang Yue to bring them back for dinner.

Zhao Sanlang answered first, “Lord Marquis, please forgive us. Tonight, our nephews are spending the night on the mountain, so we will not come back to disturb you two.”

“That’s good too. Bring more people with you. Be careful. Although Ye City is safe, there are bound to be criminals on the mountain.” Zhao Shi warned him very carefully.

Tang Yue quickly agreed. He did not care whether she was sincere or fake, he did it with respect.

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