C114 – Righteous

It didn’t take long before word came from the authorities that the two victims had been poisoned to death. They had been poisoned to death by arsenic, and judging from the wounds on their bodies, they must have been poisoned to death.

The identity of the deceased was also confirmed. They were an old couple who lived by chopping wood in the outskirts of Ye City. The woman was indeed their daughter. However, she was sold to someone many years ago.

Tang Yue heard that the whole person was in trouble. Who was so perverted that they had to sacrifice two lives to deal with him?

Crown Prince Zhao only said one word, “Investigate!” The bailiff who came to report immediately bowed and accepted the order.

It was not difficult to investigate such a bad scheme. The other party probably did not take those two lives seriously at all. At this point, Tang Yue firmly believed that the person who framed him was from a noble family.

Tang Yue asked, “If we find out who the murderer is, can we punish him?”

Crown Prince Zhao nodded affirmatively. “We should punish him. I was framed at will. How can I let him do as he pleases?”

Tang Yue asked again, “Is there a rule in the law stating that a person has to pay with his life?”

“Slaves kill people with the punishment of splitting cars. The civilians kill people with the punishment of beheading. If the civilians kill the nobles, they will kill the three families. The nobles are not guilty of killing slaves. Killing the civilians should be compensated with ten gold coins. Killing the nobles should be judged according to the severity of the situation.”

In other words, the two people who died were dead for nothing, and the money might still fall into the woman’s pocket.

“Let’s check that woman’s body. Her daughter, who was sold out, was able to watch her father and mother die in such a timely manner. There must be some inside information.” Tang Yue also wanted to know who had plotted against him.

Crown Prince Zhao gave the guard beside him a look. The other party quietly left without drawing anyone’s attention.

“Please forgive me for not treating you well today. We will hold another banquet to apologize to you!”

“You are being too serious. Today, we drank the wine of our brothers, ate the delicious dishes, and even watched two outstanding performances. However, we were unable to help. I am truly ashamed!” A white-clothed man cupped his hands and said.

Tang Yue remembered that he was the youngest son of a general. He was not good at martial arts and preferred literature. He was the most popular kind of handsome man in the world. His hair was disheveled, his long sleeves were loose, and his clothes were long. He had applied makeup and powder on his clothes. He had invited him over after he had interacted with him a few times.

Zhao Sanlang was in low spirits today. He did not make any noise when he was about to leave. He just stood next to Tang Yue and did not know what to do.

Tang Yue sent him away and asked him, “You still haven’t recovered from your shock? “Do you want me to drink with you?”

Although it was not a good idea to drink with him, it was not a good idea. But there’s nothing wrong with it now and then.

Tang Yue was a doctor himself. He knew the harm of alcohol, so he rarely let himself get drunk alone.

Zhao Sanlang raised his head to look at him and nodded slowly. “I’m sorry, brother. Today is such a festive day, but I still have to see my gloomy face.”

Tang Yue pinched his cheek and smiled. “It’s such a big thing. It’s worth it.” He said, “In life, you just need to grasp the people and things that you care about. Why should those people that you don’t care and those who don’t care be hurt by their actions?”

Zhao Sanlang smiled bitterly. “That’s my father.” He did not care about Noble Heir’s position, but this father-son relationship was not something that could be easily abandoned.

“Then work hard and try to attract his attention.” Tang Yue patted his shoulder to encourage him.

Zhao Sanlang thought for a moment. “I didn’t want him to pay attention to me. I just wanted to show him some results and let him know that I, Zhao Sanlang, am not a useless person.”

To put it bluntly, his father always felt that he was a piece of trash.

Tang Yue had never had this kind of trouble before, so he could not empathize with it. However, as one of his rare friends, he would always support him.

“Practicing martial arts is not as simple as you think, and it is not something that can be done in a day. If you start, don’t even think about giving up halfway. Otherwise, even I will look down on you.”

Zhao Sanlang sneaked a glance at Crown Prince Zhao and whispered, “How dare you?” If he said that in front of Crown Prince Zhao, it would be embarrassing if he did not finish it.

Crown Prince Zhao seemed to have received his gaze. He looked over and said, “From tomorrow onwards, you will be with Ping Shun. Every day, you will enter the Crown Prince’s Palace to receive training.”

“Yes.” Zhao Sanlang subconsciously straightened his body and nodded seriously.

Tang Yue scratched Crown Prince Zhao’s back. He was impressed that Crown Prince Zhao could intimidate everyone at such a young age.

Crown Prince Zhao glanced at him. There was a charming electric eye in his eyes. Tang Yue’s body shook and he quickly looked away.

Zhao Sanlang saw that the two of them were looking at each other. He felt that it was boring. After Tang Xiaolang got married, he would not be able to have such intimate contact with him anymore. He felt sad just thinking about it.

In comparison, Compared to that, it was not hard to accept that his biological father did not think highly of him.

“Tang Xiaolang, I will go back first.” Zhao Sanlang walked two steps back and whispered to him, “I will need you to take care of me in the Crown Prince’s Palace.”

Tang Yue rolled his eyes and said quietly, “When the precious sword is sharpened, it cannot be cut into pieces. When faced with adversity, it will produce talents…”

“Alright, alright…” Zhao Sanlang also ran away as if he was running away.

After half a day, the medicine shop finally quieted down. The number of people who came to see the doctor also decreased a lot. No one dared to drink the cold repelling soup. It seemed that even if everyone knew that someone was framing them, they didn’t want to take the risk.

Who knew if someone would really poison the medicine next time?

“When will Huangfu Chun come back?” Tang Yue had been busy opening a medicine shop recently and had forgotten about his hometown.

However, he knew that Zhang Chun’s adaptability was stronger than his. It took him a month to barely accept this reality. That kid had been turned into a prisoner carriage as soon as he arrived. He might not be able to survive, but he could still cheat Ping Shun’s food. It could be seen how good his attitude was.

“Do you miss him?” Crown Prince Zhao asked with a frown.

Tang Yue wanted to explain the meaning and use of the word “miss” to him very much. He answered helplessly, “He is only ten years old. I think he is my younger brother.”

“Has he recovered?” Crown Prince Zhao did not deny it. There were only four words on his face that said ‘I am not willing’.

“He is much better now,” Crown Prince Zhao said. “Hehe.” Tang Yue smiled awkwardly. He almost said that he was not sick.

“With their speed, they won’t be able to come back in a month. Besides, they still need to check their family fortune and find reliable people to represent them. It will only take them longer.”

“Is that Wang Dingjun your confidant?”

Crown Prince Zhao paused for a moment and nodded. “He is the son of the city lord of Yu Xin City. He will also be the future city lord candidate.” In other words, in the near future, another piece of land would be taken by Crown Prince Zhao.

“Will something like Zhao Sanlang not happen?” Tang Yue asked quietly. What if this city lord had several sons and was doted on?

“With me around, this won’t happen.” Crown Prince Zhao said those domineering words calmly.

“Have you thought about helping Zhao Xian? If he inherits the title of Duke, it will be beneficial to you, right?” As far as he knew, the military power of South Jin was mainly in the hands of State Duke. If he could rope these people in, it would be very beneficial to Lee Zhao’s future.

Regardless of the past and present, it was very important for a politician to have the support of military power. A government was born from a spear. This applied to any era.

The corner of Crown Prince Zhao’s mouth curved, “Isn’t that what I am doing?”

Putting Zhao Sanlang under his command represented his own attitude. He believed that State Protector would not mention the matter of establishing a prince in a short period of time.

Tang Yue gave him a thumbs up. “As expected, Your Highness is brilliant.” Or rather, he was the only one who could solve the problem so easily.

If it was anyone else, even if they ran to State Protector to take care of him, they might not care about him.

“How much do you know about State Protector’s illness?” Tang Yue had been keeping this in mind. When State Duke Heng had mentioned it, Zhao Sanlang had gone home to claim credit for it, but his father had rejected him without giving him any face.

Tang Yue initially thought that the other party did not believe in his medical skills. Later, he learned from Zhao Sanlang that State Protector’s illness seemed to have worsened. Occasionally, when he woke up in the morning, his body would stiffen and he would not be able to walk.

When a person reached old age, it was easy to avoid illness and avoid medical treatment. He always felt that every time he saw a disease, he would be one step closer to death. Hence, he was particularly conflicted.

“It was all caused by the internal injuries left behind on the battlefield. The main reason is that my waist is not well. I have a chronic pain in my waist. When it is serious, it is very difficult for me to even stand and walk.” Crown Prince Zhao changed the topic and said, “Imperial Doctor Wu is the clearest about this matter. State Protector’s body was taken care of by him.”

Tang Yue quickly went to find Imperial Doctor Wu to find out about the situation. Judging from the description of the other party, it should be straight spine inflammation, but he was not sure if it was because of the labia or bone arthritis. If it was due to the hidden injuries in the early years, the former was more likely.

With State Protector’s current condition, it was not considered late stage. When he reached the late stage, the patient was bedridden all year round, and his waist could not bear the pressure. When the sacroilia and lumbar joints were both affected at the same time, the muscles around the vertebrae were clearly spasming. The spine of the waist became straight, and the movement was restricted. The normal curvature of the waist disappeared.

That would be a complete disability. It might even be a high level amputation.

Even in modern times, there was not much treatment for this kind of disease. Early treatment could alleviate the pain and reduce the strength of the spine. Late-stage treatment focused on correcting deformities and treating complications.

Tang Yue called He over and asked him to record a sentence. “The patient should regularly perform stretching exercises on the back and waist. He should sleep on the hard bed and lie on the flat bed. It would be best to lie on his back or stretch his back to avoid curling up on his side.

However, food that can resist rheumatism, such as garlic, fennel pepper, onions, and so on can be eaten in winter. It can help to warm the stomach and expel the cold. During normal days, you can eat more chestnut. Chestnut can help strengthen the kidney and strengthen the muscles and bones. It has a very good effect on rheumatism and paralysis, the strength of the muscles and tendons, and the relaxation of the meridians…”

In addition to food treatment, Tang Yue also went to the medicine cabinet and grabbed a few medicines. The medicine used to treat straight arthritis was mainly to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the colds. It could be used to strengthen the bones and strengthen the tendons.

Imperial Doctor Wu listened carefully. Sometimes he nodded and sometimes he did not understand. After Tang Yue wrapped the decoction, he asked, “Has young dandy seen such a patient?”

Tang Yue answered honestly, “Yes, I have seen him, but I have never treated him. I only know some of the causes and pharmacology of the disease.”

This kind of disease did not belong to his field of surgery in the hospital. He only knew some of it by relying on his many years of knowledge and his usual academic exchanges.

“I mainly treat State Protector with acupuncture. I usually tell him to be careful of the cold, but he did not find a suitable prescription. The effect is not very obvious.”

“Senior, you are being modest. Your acupuncture skills are very good. It is because of your care that State Protector’s condition can be stabilized. If he has reached the late stage, it will be difficult to save him. To tell you the truth, junior’s prescription only has the effect of relief and prevention. It cannot cure the disease.”

Imperial Doctor Wu nodded in understanding. There were too many incurable diseases in the world. He had spent his whole life trying to figure out how to cure them. He was powerless to cure many of them.

In comparison, Tang Xiaolang knew much more than he did. He really did not know who his teacher was. He must be some hidden doctor, right?

“Senior, please take a look at this prescription, right?” Tang Yue passed the written prescription to him. After all, his experience in using medicine was limited.

Imperial Doctor Wu hurriedly shook his head. “No, no, the prescription is the lifeblood of every doctor. Moreover, this kind of illness that no one else has touched upon should be passed down from generation to generation. This old man does not dare to spy on it.”

Tang Yue smiled and refuted, “Imperial Doctor Wu was wrong. Medicine is not something that can be improved just by closing the door and building a car. What’s the use of hiding the prescription and passing it down from generation to generation? Only a few people can be saved. If we study it together, not only can we improve the prescription quickly, but we can also save more people.”

Imperial Doctor Wu was moved. “This… Which famous doctor didn’t rely on one or two unique formulas? Who was willing to contribute the results of their lifetime’s research?”

“Young dandy is righteous!” Imperial Doctor Wu bowed to him and sighed in his heart.

“Senior, you are flattering me. If I was worried about my livelihood, I am afraid I wouldn’t be so generous.” Tang Yue joked.

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