C44 – Roasted Lamb Legs

Although Zhang Xiaoloong had been excited ever since he obtained the divine power, he still felt tremendous pressure. He always felt that this kind of power shouldn’t have appeared in the human world, so he always wanted to conceal his own power when doing things.

Just now, he had finally figured it out. Since the divine power was given to him, it belonged to him. He used his own power. As long as he didn’t commit any evil deeds and did things that were worthy of the heaven and earth, why did he have to hide it?

This long roar could be said to have brought out the pressure that he had been suppressing for the past few days. It also contained the power of the divine power. Even if the tiger was standing there, it was afraid that it would be scared to the ground.

However, he did not notice at all that just as he was thinking about his aperture and not paying attention to the outside world, someone was walking towards him.

The sudden long howl shocked that person until he collapsed onto the ground.

When Zhang Xiaoloong heard this cry, he also came back to his senses and hurriedly turned his head to look. “Elder Sister Lianzi?”

He saw Lee Xiulian holding a basket in her hand. Her face was pale and she fell to the ground. Even her eyes were a little unfocused.

“It’s bad.” Zhang Xiaoloong also realized that this was his shout that carried divine power. It scared Lee Xiulian out of her mind.

As the saying goes, you scared your soul out of your body.

Fortunately, she was not too close to Zhang Xiaoloong when he shouted, and she was not his target. Otherwise, she might have died on the spot.

Even so, Zhang Xiaoloong didn’t dare to be neglectful. He hurriedly extended a thread of divine power and injected it into his body through his back, repeatedly nourishing his meridians and mind.

After about ten minutes, Lee Xiulian finally recovered her senses. She looked at Zhang Xiaoloong who was beside her and suddenly hugged him. “Awoo!” She cried loudly.

Being hugged by this plump body, Zhang Xiaoloong did not dare to break free. Although he just used his divine power to calm her down, he still wanted to let Lee Xiulian vent her emotions fully. Otherwise, he would become a sinner if any psychological trauma was left behind.

From this, he also realized that although divine power could be used, he still had to be careful in the future. Otherwise, he would not be afraid of exposing himself, and would be afraid of scaring or hurting others.

“Elder Sister Lianzi, are you alright?” It was only when Lee Xiulian stopped crying that Zhang Xiaoloong carefully asked, “Don’t be afraid. I just shouted a little loudly just now. I really am not a monster.”

Only then did Lee Xiulian let go of her arm and her face turned slightly red.

Actually, she had already recovered her strength a long time ago. After crying for a while, she felt that her entire body was relaxed, as if all the dirt on her body had been washed clean, not to mention how light it was.

It was just that she hugged Zhang Xiaoloong’s waist and used all her strength to lean into his embrace. She sucked on the scent of a man, as if she had sucked in some kind of charm. She did not want to get up no matter what.

It was not easy for her to have such an opportunity. She could hug a rare man openly. Of course, she would not let go of this opportunity. She wanted to cherish it.

“Then help me up. My legs are still a little weak now.” Hearing Zhang Xiaoloong’s question, Lee Xiulian also felt embarrassed to not be able to stand up anymore. It was true that her legs were soft.

Zhang Xiaoloong also felt relieved. From the way he talked, it seemed that he was fine. He quickly helped her up. “Elder Sister Lianzi, why are you here?”

“I saw that you haven’t seen anyone for the past few days. I heard that your mother said that she was exploring the land by herself. She also said that you didn’t even go home to eat today. I thought about coming over to see you. I’ll bring you some food at once.” Lee Xiulian glanced at the basket. “Fortunately, the things weren’t broken. You silly boy. What are you screaming about in this desolate land? You scared my soul away.”

“Hehe…” Zhang Xiaoloong scratched the back of his head and said perfunctorily, “I just wanted to practice my voice. I didn’t expect to be touched by you. My skills are really not shallow.”

“Now I learned to play pranks with my sister.” Lee Xiulian pushed Zhang Xiaoloong’s hand away.

She wanted to get closer to this new brother, but she knew that she could not rush this matter. If she were to rush it, it would scare Zhang Xiaoloong away.

Women were naturally more accurate in this regard than men. They usually knew when to relax and when to tighten. They would not rush over recklessly like men.

Of course, if a woman wanted to pounce on him directly, the lethality to most men would be quite great, but this one in front of them was definitely not one of the majority.

So she had to be very careful. If she caused a ruckus once, she would not look good in the future, and perhaps she would never have the chance to get close again.

“You should sit here and rest for a while.” Zhang Xiaoloong pointed at the border of the stone he had built.

That height was about a flight of stairs, and it was just nice to sit on it.

Lee Xiulian’s attention was initially on Zhang Xiaoloong, but she was given a big fright later. Only now did she see the scene on the other side clearly, and she was immediately shocked.

“God, it has only been a few days, and you have already developed these ten acres of land?” She covered her mouth that could not be closed and said.

“It’s alright. It just so happens that there aren’t many stones in this piece of land.” Zhang Xiaoloong found an excuse to speak.

The two of them walked to the side of the stone “flight of stairs.” Only then did Lee Xiulian notice what was in front of her.

“This stone…”

Pieces of clean stones of different sizes were arranged together. Although they were not deliberately arranged into any pattern, it was precisely because of this natural appearance that made it look even more shocking.

“They are all stones from this desolate land. I saw that there was no place to throw them, so I washed them and built them into the boundary.” Zhang Xiaoloong explained.

“Xiaoloong, you are so capable.” Lee Xiulian reached out and touched them. She touched the stone and asked reluctantly, “How did you build it? It looks good. Don’t sit on it too badly.”

“Don’t worry. This is made of stone. Not to mention you, even if ten people were placed on top of it, they would not be broken even if they stood on one spot.” Zhang Xiaoloong said confidently.

He used his Divine Power to change the shape of the stone. Every stone was closely connected to each other. In other words, it was like it was born. Naturally, it was more solid than any other wall.

Lee Xiulian heard this and carefully sat on the top. She could not help but touch the stone below. Then she quickly lifted the cloth on the basket. “Oh right, eat quickly. It is still warm…”

The basket opened and a large piece of roasted lamb leg was carried out from inside.

Zhang Xiaoloong couldn’t help but be surprised. The treatment given to him was a little too high.

“Silly brat, still looking. Quickly eat. You don’t want to live when you work. You have to remember to go home and eat. That stubborn old man of your father is also the same. You don’t go home and still don’t let your mother come to deliver food…” Lee Xiulian scolded.

Zhang Xiaoloong laughed. He actually knew that Zhang Daniu still did not want him to do it. He thought that as long as he did not help anything, Xiaoloong would not do it even if he knew it was difficult. Who would have thought that he had already completed it?

When the building was completed, the eyes of those who were not optimistic before would light up.

Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaoloong started to eat big mouthfuls. The lamb legs were roasted very happily.

Sitting on the stone steps, Lee Xiulian looked at the man who was eating big mouthfuls of meat. Then she looked at the empty wasteland around her and suddenly there was a fire. Hot. Her heart was beating faster and faster. She could not help but move closer to the man…

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