C94 – A Person I Used to like

Xu Yangyi told himself not to think about who Hee Jingyan would like and instead focused on his summer homework. However, no matter what, his mind couldn’t calm down. Xu Yangyi scratched his head and shouted angrily.

Ji Guangming, who was waiting to the side, was shocked by him. When he reacted and saw Xu Yangyi scratching his head, he asked worriedly, “Sister-in-law, what’s wrong?”

However, Xu Yangyi did not seem to be in a good mood, and said in a very harsh tone, “It’s fine.”

But at the bottom of his heart, he was like this: Fuck, why should I be angry! What the fuck am I fretting about! Isn’t it good for Hee Jingyan to like others? Then wouldn’t I be able to leave his side? When that time comes, I can go home and live my own life. I don’t need to be eaten by him, and I don’t need to worry about him messing with me.

Although Xu Yangyi comforted himself, he was still annoyed.

“Ah!” He was going crazy.

Seeing Xu Yangyi improve, but instead he grabbed even more. Afraid that Xu Yangyi would hurt himself, Ji Guangming quickly said, “Sister-in-law, if you don’t know how to do homework, I can teach you. My grades are not bad.”

Ji Guangming thought that Xu Yangyi was worried about this, so he offered his services to him. However, Xu Yangyi coldly glanced at him and said, “My results are also very good. I don’t need you to teach me.”

Ji Guangming’s mouth twitched when he heard that. He really wasn’t cute at all, but he also said, “Then why are you troubled?”

Not a job? It’s not like boys come to the auntie? What’s bothering you?

But when he thought of Hee Jingyan, Ji Guangming’s face suddenly darkened. Was it because he found out that he was trapped by the colonel? So are you angry now?

Like I said, Colonel, if you keep playing like this, your sister-in-law will find out one day.

Ji Guangming thought that it was because of this matter and started to worry about Hee Jingyan. However, Xu Yangyi suddenly asked him, “Did Hee Jingyan have anyone he liked before?”

“Huh?” Ji Guangming didn’t know how to react to this question. He was first surprised, then his face filled with fear. Did he finally ask me such a question? Then, she looked at Xu Yangyi with a bit of guilt in her eyes.

Seeing this expression, Xu Yangyi felt that something was wrong. His expression immediately turned cold, “You did?” His voice was extremely cold and filled with a hint of anger.

“This…” Ji Guangming’s eyes flickered, not daring to look at Xu Yangyi.

I’m dead. How am I supposed to answer that question, say yes? That would have been killed by the colonel, wouldn’t it? However, if he avoided his sister-in-law’s gaze guiltily and answered in such a manner, he would definitely be killed by her. What should he do?

Knowing that it wasn’t that Ji Guangming didn’t want to answer him, but that he didn’t dare to, Xu Yangyi’s eyes became even more dangerous. He changed the topic and asked, “Male or female?”

“Colonel used to be a straight guy, so of course he’s not!” Ji Guangming replied without hesitation after hearing Xu Yangyi’s words. However, he covered his mouth with his hands as if a great disaster was about to befall him.

I… It’s over. If sister-in-law were to cause trouble with the colonel, then I would be dead for sure. Ji Guangming was on the verge of tears!

When he heard that Hee Jingyan had someone he liked before, Xu Yangyi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat and felt uncomfortable. However, he still muttered to himself, “So he really wasn’t gay!”

Ji Guangming was worried to death when he heard Xu Yangyi’s words. A hundred thousand mud horses were galloping in his heart. Sister-in-law, is this the place to complain?

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