C52 – The Parking Lot

“What did you say?”

The woman who had been silent all this time said in surprise, “This car was stolen?”


The patrol officer nodded.

The woman was about to go crazy.

She thought that she had hooked up with a rich second generation, but she did not expect him to be a poor man.

The yellow-haired man was very regretful now.

In real life, he was actually just a lowly hoodlum.

He didn’t have money or ability.

His friends were also hoodlums.

One day, a friend drove this Porsche, and the yellow haired man fell in love with it.

He had always imagined himself driving a luxury car and casually parked it in front of a nightclub.

Those different girls would come to find him.

At the beginning, this yellow-haired man kept a low profile.

But after two or three days, he became more and more arrogant.

He made up an identity for himself.

He said that he was the son of a big entrepreneur, and came to this place to gain experience.

These women really believed him.

This woman with heavy makeup was the one he had just hooked up with this morning.

In order to show off his strength in front of this new woman, he had been bragging.

He was very arrogant when he drove.

After all, no one dared to hit a Porsche that cost more than three million yuan.

In addition, he drank a little wine, which made him even more unscrupulous.

He didn’t expect to meet these two people.

One of them was the president of Tianhua Bank.

The other was a rich man who owned ten billion yuan of land.

To these two big shots, this car worth more than three million was no different from a toy car.

“He’s too arrogant!”

“He’s finished. He might go to jail.”

“How can he afford to pay more than 3 million yuan?”

The people around discussed.

“Mr. Su.”

The patrolman looked at Su Ming and said with a smile, “This matter has been cleared up. If you have something to do, you can go ahead.”


Su Ming nodded, looked at President Chen, and got into the car.

This matter was just a small interlude to them.

However, not only did this yellow-haired man bear a huge debt, but his friends were also going to be imprisoned.

They quickly arrived at their destination.

President Chen drove the car to the parking lot skillfully. It seemed that he had been here quite a few times.

However, he found that there was no parking space.

This was a little troublesome.

Suddenly, President Chen saw a person get into the car. He couldn’t help but feel happy and hurriedly drove over.

Because the truck was big, it was slow to reverse, so a small car next to him parked in the parking lot.

President Chen hurriedly stopped the car.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see that I’m backing up?”

President Chen stuck his head out and said loudly.

“What does this have to do with me?”

After the driver got off the car, his attitude was incomparably arrogant.

This guy was wearing a suit and tie, looking like a successful person.

President Chen was very angry.

“Look carefully at the cars in the parking lot. Which one isn’t a luxury car? Why is your truck here?”

The man walked to the back of the truck and suddenly kicked the trunk. “Hurry up and drive this broken car. If you dare to hit my car, you will be in big trouble!”

With that, the man turned to leave.

“Did I let you go?”

At this moment, Su Ming got out of the car and sneered.

The man was stunned and sneered, “You want me to pay? Sure. No problem.”

As he spoke, the man took out a small piece of jade from his bag and threw it at Su Ming’s feet. “This is a piece of kata jade. It can be sold for a few hundred yuan. Is it enough for you to repair the car?”

As the man spoke, he looked at Su Ming as if he was looking at a beggar. He sneered sarcastically.

“Do you think I called you over because of this paint?”

Su Ming smiled faintly.

“Then why are you here?”

The man frowned.

“I’m talking about the things in this carriage.”

Su Ming patted his car gently.

When the man heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Are you saying that my kick just now broke all the vegetables in your car? I didn’t expect it to be so innovative to extort people now.”

He didn’t blame the man for misunderstanding.

It was a standard delivery truck, and the logo of cabbages was printed on the trunk.

The owner of the feed store thought that Su Ming was a full-time vegetable seller.

“What’s going on?”

At this moment, a faint voice suddenly came from the side.

The man turned around in surprise and found that it was an old man with white hair.

The old man looked to be around seventy or eighty years old. He held a walking stick, but he seemed to be in good spirits.

When the man saw the old man, his eyes immediately lit up, and he hurriedly walked over: “Old Master Zhang, why are you here?”


The old man took a look and the man nodded. “I like the pair of bracelets you gave me last time.”

“Those are nothing.”

The man hurriedly said.

“What happened?”

The old man’s gaze fell on Su Ming.

The man rolled his eyes. “He’s a swindler. I just lightly kicked his car. I’ve already paid for his car paint. He actually wants me to pay for the goods in the car.”

Su Ming laughed in his heart when he heard this.

Fortunately, the jade had not yet been released from the System’s protection period, or else it might really have broken.

The old man frowned, “This is against the law. While you are still young, do something serious.”

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