C42 – The Difference Between Paper Tiger and Real Tiger

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. They didn’t understand how that Master Fangsan, who usually didn’t receive outsiders, had his eyes set solely on Lu Zheng. Could it be that he regretted not going out to greet him and was afraid of neglecting his distinguished guest?

No matter what, being able to be personally entertained by Master Chen Guang was a good thing.

Because of his rebirth, Zuo Shaoqing had a little respect for ghosts and gods. He gave Zuo Shaoyan instructions before walking towards the Main Hall.

Xicheng Temple was not big, Zuo Shaoqing saw Buddhist statues along the way and sincerely bowed to them. When he arrived at the Great Hall and saw the family still kneeling, his heart was moved. He decided to do the same for Lady Ruan.

He remembered that Lady Ruan’s funeral was very simple. Luckily she had a son, otherwise he would not even be able to enter the Zuo Family Sect’s shrine. He would have to bury Lady Ruan’s body alone in the wilderness.

The death of a person is like the extinguishing of a lamp. The mother who thinks so much about him is no longer in this world. Zuo Shaoqing’s heart was slightly stifled.

Kneeling in front of the Buddha, Zuo Shaoqing clasped his hands together and closed his eyes, thinking to himself, “Since the heavens are willing to give me a chance at rebirth, then I must pity the resentment of my previous life. In this life, I will take revenge and have my revenge, and it can also be considered a cycle of karma.”

After the incense was served, Zuo Shaoqing called over a young monk and asked him about his plans.

“I want to conduct some law and order for my deceased mother to comfort her soul in heaven. I wonder if her master in the temple is free?”

That little monk looked no younger than Zuo Shaoqing. He looked amiable, had delicate features and exuded an otherworldly aura.

He asked crisply, “Does Almsgiver want to do the 79-49 day training hall?”

Zuo Shaoqing glanced outside the temple and asked, “Are you going to stay in the temple for the next forty-nine days?”

“No need. Benefactor only needs to prepare a set of clothes, shoes and socks from before your death, and to copy out 749 scriptures. After you finish reading these 49 scriptures in front of Buddha, the rest can be done by me.”

Zuo Shaoqing nodded in satisfaction. If it wasn’t for Lu Zheng who lived in Zuo’s Mansion, he would have really wanted to use this opportunity to stay for a few days.

“Then I’ll be troubling little master. When I return later to prepare the things, someone will send them over.”

When he turned around and walked out of the hall, Zuo Shaoqing immediately saw Zuo Shaoling walking towards him with his filial daughter, whom he ‘coincidentally’ met along the way.

Obviously, Zuo Shaoling also saw this gloomy Third Brother. The smile on his face froze for a while, and then he glared at Zuo Shaoqing, telling the girl to go in first.

After they left, Zuo Shaoling glared at Zuo Shaoqing, “What are you doing here? Get out!”

Zuo Shaoqing felt it was funny. His second brother had pretty good skin. He even looked like an elegant young master.

“What did Second Brother say? This is a temple, so it is natural for me, your brother, to come and pay my respects, right?”

“Pfft, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking in your heart. Isn’t it just because you’re thinking of the name of the Proclamation of Golden Distinction? Hmph, go and dream about it!”

“Second brother’s words were wrong. Our Zuo Family do not even have the qualifications to enter the Conference Test, doing this sort of daydreaming would be useless.” Zuo Shaoqing raised his eyebrows and revealed a mocking smile.

Who didn’t know about Zuo Family? The one who wanted to make a name for himself the most was Master Zuo?

Zuo Shaoling’s expression changed as he raised his leg to kick Zuo Shaoqing. Unfortunately, this time Zuo Shaoqing didn’t have the intention of obediently getting hit and nimbly dodged the kick.

Zuo Shaoling had bullied this little brother of his, who was born in a concubine, since childhood. However, ever since the battle at the entrance of the academy, he found out that his younger brother, who had always been submissive, had actually changed.

“Second brother, I advise you not to make a move here, otherwise… It’s not good for Master Lu to see it!” Zuo Shaoqing patted his spotless clothes and sneered, “I’m afraid second brother has forgotten everything that father told me before he left, right?”

Such an impulsive and irritable Zuo Shaoling was not a challenge at all. Zuo Shaoqing felt that he had been extremely foolish in his previous life to allow him to bully him.

“Don’t think I won’t dare to beat you up just because that guy is here! Is he going to stick his neck out for a bastard like you? Furthermore, as the elder brother who taught the younger brother a lesson for being disobedient, no one can find fault with it!”

Zuo Shaoqing applauded and applauded Zuo Shaoling’s rare intelligence. He leaned against the pillar with his hands folded across his chest, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What does Master Lu think?”

Zuo Shaoling was shocked and quickly turned around. Sure enough, he saw Lu Zheng standing behind him, looking at the two brothers with an expressionless face.

The fire that had been rising in him just a moment ago was immediately extinguished.

Lu Zheng had a domineering aura. This kind of imposing manner, which had been through the battlefield, was incomparable to Zuo Shaoling, a playboy who only knew how to walk a dog and fight a chicken.

Zuo Shaoling didn’t even dare to look Lu Zheng in the eye. In front of him, Zuo Shaoling was as obedient as a rabbit. This was the difference between a paper tiger and a real one.

Just as Zuo Shaoling was getting distracted, Lu Zheng opened his mouth and asked, “So, why?”

Zuo Shaoqing smiled, “I thought it was natural for brother to teach his disobedient brother a lesson.”

“I have neither brother nor brother.” The point is, don’t ask him that.

“I thought Master Lu wouldn’t stand up for a little bastard like me.” Zuo Shaoqing added with a smile.

“Do you need me to come out?” Lu Zheng glanced at Zuo Shaoling, who was no longer in a state of mind, raised his eyebrows in disgust and walked into the main hall past the two.

Zuo Shaoqing snickered, turned around and followed his. He didn’t forget that there was a woman who wasn’t kind at all.

As expected, the moment she entered, she saw the filial daughter that had the looks of a supporting willow looking at Lu Zheng. Although it was impossible for her to know Lu Zheng’s identity, she could tell from Lu Zheng’s temperament that he was not ordinary.

In her opinion, this one was much better than the embroidered pillow that Zuo Second Master had.

“This young master doesn’t look like a local, does he?” However, Lu Zheng completely ignored his.

She did not give up, bit her lower lip, and weakly said: “I want to help my late father, but I have nothing to offer. I don’t know if you can lend me some silver, but I’m willing to serve you.” Then, he gave Lu Zheng a coquettish look.

Zuo Shaoqing’s heart skipped a beat, he quickly went up to block her line of sight, cupped his hands towards Lu Zheng and said: “Master Lu, this temple’s backyard has a thousand year Wishing Tree, can I take you to see it tonight?”

Lu Zheng’s eyes narrowed and a hint of a smile actually appeared on his face. He said in a cold voice, “Lead the way!”

Zuo Shaoqing turned his head and gave Liu Xi a warning look. Then, he followed behind Lu Zheng and walked out of the Great Hall.

He thought as he walked: I should talk to this woman sometime. Let her remember who I am! You still want to be Lu Zheng’s slave? Let’s see if she is qualified!

After passing by the front yard, Zuo Shaoqing led his group onto a remote road. He was hesitating and didn’t know how to start. Although he wasn’t worried that Lu Zheng would fall for that woman, if he couldn’t resist the temptation, he would immediately fall in love… The consequences could not be imagined.

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