C51 – Liu Biao Blocked the Path of the Football Field

When Jiang Hao received the ball, Liu Biao also reacted and quickly chased after him!

But Jiang Hao raised his body and jumped up, throwing the ball straight away!


With a sound, the ball went straight in!

Instantly, after a series of screams outside the court, a warm round of applause rang out!

The students of Grade 12 Class 8 also kept calling out to each other.

“Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao…”

Liu Biao, who was chasing after them, had a bad look on his face. However, with so many people watching, he could not lose!

He came to Jiang Hao’s side and said arrogantly.

“Kid, I’m letting you all go. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you will end up with 0 points. At that time, all of you will cry!”

However, Liu Biao’s posturing failed. Jiang Hao just smiled and did not say anything!

On the other side, it was finally Zhou Yu’s turn to serve. As the ball was passed to Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu brought the ball with him, but was intercepted by the person in front of him!

At this moment, Jiang Hao saw the opportunity. He turned around and threw Liu Biao, who was staring at him, away!

At this time, Zhou Yu also saw Jiang Hao. With the goal just now, Zhou Yu was more or less confident in Jiang Hao, so he passed the ball over!

When Jiang Hao got the ball, he immediately brought the ball with him, and Liu Biao chased after him crazily from behind!

Not far from the board, Jiang Hao rushed up and made a violent slam!


The ball went in. Jiang Hao grabbed the bar ring and hung it on top of it!

When they saw this scene, the entire audience instantly boiled up!


“Jiang Hao, Jiang Hao…”

At this moment, even those who did not know how to play basketball were shocked!

Zhou Yu and the rest were even more ecstatic as they rushed towards Jiang Hao!

Liu Biao, who was chasing after them, was also completely shocked when he saw this scene!

This kind of explosive slam dunk was something that even he, who had practiced basketball for many years, could not achieve!

The screams of the surrounding people made his expression very ugly. He could only secretly console himself in his heart. This was an accident!

However, following Zhou Yu and the others’ cooperation, Jiang Hao was even more agile as he moved the ball. It was either a long run or a one-handed slam dunk!

All kinds of gorgeous moves that could only be seen on international football fields were displayed one after another. The atmosphere at the scene was even more explosive!

And the audience that was watching became more and more. Almost half of the students and teachers on the sports field squeezed over. Even Soong Wan brought a few students and rushed over when she heard the news!

Soong Wan’s few classmates kept calling Jiang Hao very handsome, which made Soong Wan feel inexplicably proud!

The people on the sports team changed again and again. Even Liu Biao was eating dirt behind Jiang Hao. He was as tired as a puppy, constantly sticking out his tongue!

Zhou Yu and the others finally understood where Jiang Hao’s confidence came from!

This kind of ball skill was something that they could never hope to achieve in their entire lives!

With a whistle, time finally arrived!

At this moment, when everyone saw the score of 100: 6 on the scoreboard, they immediately boiled up!

The boys from Grade 12 Class 8 rushed forward in a flurry, directly lifting Jiang Hao up and throwing him into the sky!

After the commotion, the crowd also gradually dispersed!

Everyone crowded around Jiang Hao and prepared to return to the classroom!

At this moment, Liu Biao and the others suddenly blocked the path of Jiang Hao and the others.

Everyone thought that Liu Biao had lost and wanted to take revenge on Jiang Hao and the others!

All of a sudden, they surrounded Jiang Hao in the middle. At the same time, they glared at Liu Biao and the others and started to argue with each other.

“Liu Biao, what’s wrong? You want to hit someone because you can’t afford to lose, right?”

“That’s right. You are such an adult, and you don’t mind losing face!”

“Come on! Who’s afraid of fighting? I don’t believe that so many of us won’t be able to cripple you!”


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