C98 – Su Rong and Zheng Xuan

Zheng Xuan looked around from time to time. When Li Jia, the student in front of Zheng Xuan, saw Zheng Xuan coming over, he was annoyed by his bad luck. He had encountered this pervert, Zheng Xuan, time and time again.

“Senior Zheng, I really didn’t see anyone wearing a Ghost Face Flower Mask with a wound on his left shoulder.” Li Jia answered tactfully without waiting for Zheng Xuan to speak.

When Zheng Xuan heard Li Jia’s words, he was a little angry and said, “Why are you so useless!”

Li Jia lowered his head and thought to himself: It doesn’t seem to matter whether I can see him or not.

Li Jia said innocently: “Senior Zheng, don’t blame me for speaking too much. No one would wear a Wry Face Flower Mask and run around in the broad daylight.”

Zheng Xuan’s eyes lit up, grabbed Li Jia’s shoulder and shook him fiercely, “You’re right.”

Li Jia felt as if his shoulder was about to be crushed by Zheng Xuan when he was held back by Zheng Xuan. Li Jia was troubled, but luckily Zheng Xuan shook him and let him go.

Zheng Xuan instantly understood that Xiao Qi was wearing the Ghost Face Flower Mask because he didn’t want him to know his identity. If Xiao Qi left him, he naturally wouldn’t wear the Ghost Face Flower Mask anymore.

“Thank you.” Zheng Xuan suddenly said.

Li Jia was instantly overwhelmed, “Senior Zheng, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Zheng Xuan muttered something to himself and left in a daze.

Li Jia couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when he saw Zheng Xuan leave.

Zheng Xuan frowned as he walked along the road. Although he had figured out that Xiao Qi had removed his mask, he still didn’t know how to find Xiao Qi.

Zheng Xuan sighed and ran around in the forest.

A strong scent of bright orchid came over. Zheng Xuan saw a towering bright orchid tree. The tree had a large, bright blue orchid flower. It was incomparably gorgeous.

A teenager was leisurely sitting on a branch of an orchid, resting while leaning against the tree trunk. The wind blew his hair up and down, making his figure seem ethereal and ethereal.

The teenager lowered his head. Zheng Xuan mumbled in shock, “Mo Yi.”

Mo Yi smiled faintly and raised his right hand. Countless water arrows shot up into the sky. Dozens of birds in the sky were hit by the water arrows and immediately exploded.

Pieces of flesh and blood fell to the ground at the same time. Zheng Xuan was stunned for a moment. A lot of blood was spilled, and some pieces of flesh also landed on Zheng Xuan’s hair and clothes.

Mo Yi lowered his head and smiled faintly, “I’m so sorry! Senior Zheng, I didn’t even see you. Your body was splashed with blood.”

Mo Yi said this, but he didn’t feel sorry at all.

Zheng Xuan’s face darkened. He thought to himself, “What did you say? Did you not see that? Mo Yi is lying. This guy only attacked when he saw him. It was clearly on purpose.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Zheng Xuan said plainly.

Mo Yi shrugged and said, “As long as senior doesn’t mind.”

Mo Yi held onto the tree and stood on a thick branch. His smile was like a flower, beautiful enough to topple a country.

Zheng Xuan was standing under a tree. He was covered in blood and his body was covered in wounds. No matter how one looked at him, he was still in a sorry state.

Zheng Xuan stared at Mo Yi, a hint of doubt flashed across his eyes.

Mo Yi looked at Zheng Xuan for a while and sighed deeply in his heart. He tapped on the branch with his toe and jumped onto another tree. Then, he quickly left.

Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi’s back, his heart was empty, as if he had lost something.

Mo Yi closed his eyes and thought to himself: “Zheng Xuan, if you can recognize me at the first moment, it means that our fate has not ended yet. Otherwise, it would mean that we would be doomed.”

Zheng Xuan stood under the tree for a while and suddenly thought of something. However, Mo Yi had already disappeared, so Zheng Xuan chased after him in a hurry.

“Zheng Xuan.” Su Rong couldn’t help but grin when he saw the approaching Zheng Xuan.

Most of the students who had entered the finals now knew that Zheng Xuan seemed to have lost his mind and was not doing anything serious. All he knew was to find someone called Xiao Qi. There was no Xiao Qi in the secret realm, was there?

When Zheng Xuan saw Su Rong, he was delighted and immediately rushed forward to grab Su Rong’s arm.

Su Rong was immediately scared by the brilliant smile on Zheng Xuan’s face. He thought to himself, “Zheng Xuan really has a problem with his head.”

“Why are you grabbing me? Let go.” Su Rong said in disgust.

Zheng Xuan released his hand and said with some joy, “Su Rong, I have something to ask you.”

Su Rong calmly adjusted his sleeves and asked: “Did you want to ask if I saw a person wearing a mask with a ghost face flower? I didn’t see it.”

Zheng Xuan shook his head and said, “I’m not asking you that. I’m asking you — how old is he this year? Who are his parents? What was he doing when he was about twelve…”

Su Rong’s face became worse as he listened to Zheng Xuan!

Su Rong punched towards Zheng Xuan’s face, “Zheng Xuan, you bastard.”

Zheng Xuan caught Su Rong’s fist and insisted, “You still haven’t told me!”

Su Rong looked at Zheng Xuan ferociously and smiled angrily, “I’m telling you, why should I tell you about my lover?”

Zheng Xuan frowned and said sullenly, “You’re a couple?”

“Of course.” Su Rong’s expression was ferocious and his voice was full of vigor, but he still felt a little guilty.

Zheng Xuan ground his teeth and glared at Su Rong. “You lied to me.”

“Deceiving you? Why should I lie to you? I am the trusted aide of the Third Prince, and Mo Yi is the trusted aide of the Third Prince’s Consort.” Su Rong said proudly.

“You’re lying!” Zheng Xuan glared fiercely at Su Rong.

Su Rong looked at Zheng Xuan in confusion. “Zheng Xuan, you really are strange!” “What does Yiyi have to do with you? Your fiancee is Xu Zihan, looking at your current appearance, do you think that you don’t know that she’s your fiancee?!”

Zheng Xuan gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Yihe, he might be my fiancee. We might have been engaged before.”

Su Rong looked at Zheng Xuan angrily and said in a loud voice, “Zheng Xuan, continue speaking nonsense and slander Yiyi’s reputation. I’ll fight it out with you!”

Zheng Xuan insisted, “What I said is true.”

Su Rong couldn’t help but explode. He ignored the fact that he couldn’t win the fight and swung his fist towards Zheng Xuan’s face.

The two of them did not use any Origin Energy, but only punched each other. The two of them were like two wild beasts that were fiercely attacking each other, and it seemed as if they would not stop until they were dead.

When Lou Feng and a few other students walked over, Su Rong and Zheng Xuan were already bleeding from the head.

“What are you doing?” Lou Feng asked in confusion.

The corner of Su Rong’s mouth was cracked, while the corner of Zheng Xuan’s eyes were bruised. Both of their clothes had become tattered.

Seeing a few people come over, Su Rong and Zheng Xuan stopped their hands at the same time.

“Be careful when you speak. If you go mad, then go mad. Don’t drag other people into it. If you implicate others, then I will get someone to sleep with your family’s Xu Zihan!” Su Rong flew into a rage as he replied.

Lou Feng and the rest looked at Su Rong in surprise. Everyone felt that Zheng Xuan should go crazy after hearing Su Rong’s words. However, things did not go according to their plan.

Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong with a calm expression and said indifferently, “Up to you!”

Su Rong widened his eyes as he looked at Zheng Xuan in disbelief. Was this person Zheng Xuan? This thousand-year-old infatuated person, was he going to change his personality?

Su Rong was not the only one who was surprised. Lou Feng and the rest were also confused.

Su Rong stared with wide eyes, looked at Zheng Xuan and solemnly reiterated, “I’m serious, I really went to find someone to sleep with Xu Zihan.”

Su Rong was afraid that Zheng Xuan wouldn’t be able to hear clearly, so he specifically emphasized Xu Zihan.

Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong calmly and said word by word, “I say, it’s up to you.”

Su Rong: “…”

“Are you sick?” Su Rong asked with a dark expression.

Zheng Xuan saw that he couldn’t get anything out of him, so he turned around and walked away.

Su Rong watched as Zheng Xuan left and held his breath.

Lou Feng’s eyes narrowed as he watched Zheng Xuan leave.

“Su Rong, what’s going on with Zheng Xuan!” Lou Feng asked.

Su Rong shook his head and said with disgust, “How would I know? He was crazy about Xu Zihan all those years ago, but now he has gone crazy again. He doesn’t like it anymore, who knows what he’s going to do.”

Lou Feng frowned. He had already heard about Zheng Xuan’s case. The crux of the problem should be the person Zheng Xuan was looking for.

“Yiyi, I finally see you.” Su Rong looked at the familiar person in front of him in surprise and ran towards him excitedly.

Mo Yi looked at Su Rong, who was laughing foolishly, and said, “It’s you!”

Su Rong looked at the fragrant roasted chicken and said with slight jealousy, “Yiyi, you’re so relaxed. You still have time to roast the chicken.” He was ordered by his mentor to break into the top ten. Time was of the essence; even if he was hungry, he could only nibble on two fruits.

Mo Yi said plainly, “Since I’m free, I might as well do it.”

Su Rong twitched the corner of his mouth. If the teacher knew what Mo Yi did on stage, he would definitely vomit blood.

Mo Yi smiled and said, “Do you want to eat it?”

Su Rong immediately nodded, “Yes.”

Mo Yi tore two chicken wings to give Su Rong, Su Rong has not tasted meat for a long time, eating with relish.

“Ah! If you see Zheng Xuan, stay away from him.” Su Rong instructed.

“Why?” Mo Yi asked curiously.

Su Rong shook his head and said, “I don’t know if he has a broken head, but he suddenly came over to ask me, how old are you, who are your parents, what were you doing when you were twelve, and more importantly, you knew what it was. He actually said that you and he were bound to each other for life, this guy must have some kind of delusion.”

Mo Yi glanced at Su Rong and asked, “Did he say that?”

Su Rong nodded and said, “Yes! “The whole lot of them are crazy.”

Mo Yi smiled faintly, “Since you know he’s crazy, why do you care about him?”

Su Rong nodded and said, “You’re right. Ignore him.”

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