C104 – Don’t Panic Later

Lang Qing thanked the two seniors and said, “My master said he will repay you for your kindness… But I don’t have anything on me. If you need it, I can forge a sword for you two. The senior said that his sword was his natal magic weapon that he had nurtured since he was young. No other sword could compare to it. I don’t know how to thank him either.”

“Continue to stick to your ideals and win the championship of the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference. Naturally, you will repay him.” Guo Fan said casually, “He must have taken a fancy to your posture of fighting for your ideals again.”

Lang Qing was stunned for a moment and then nodded with his fist. “Yes! I will not let him down!”

Guo Fan thought to himself that he was really a hot-blooded youth just like in the game.

Song Ru heard him and turned her head. “Why do you seem to be certain that he will definitely win the championship?”

“I am not sure.” Guo Fan looked serious. “I believe in the power of my dreams, not to mention that even Senior Cui trusts him. He naturally has his reasons for letting me take him to Sword Singing Platform.”

He had really read the script…

The reward for completing the mission was a sword forged by Lang Qing. It was a purple grade weapon that suited the attributes of a player character. Although it looked like a normal sword, the attributes were completely different.

Song Ru nodded. “That makes sense. But Lang Qing, which swordsmith is your grandmaster? There are less than thirty nine-star swordsmiths in the history of Sword Pavilion. The Night’s Fall Sword City Lord is one of them.”

Lang Qing said honestly, “It is’ Shi Guanting ‘Shi Tu, the twenty-third nine-star swordsmith in Sword Pavilion.”

Song Ru was shocked for a second and then she suddenly realized something. “It is the swordsmith who fell in love with the previous patriarch of Profound Yin Family. I heard that he left Sword Pavilion and disappeared without a trace. I didn’t expect him to be a disciple of the mountain forest.”

Lang Qing scratched his head and said, “Master’s wish is to return to Sword Pavilion again. It proves that the relationship in this world is far more important than cultivation. So Master didn’t teach me how to cultivate. He only taught me how to forge.”

Song Ru blinked her eyes and was still stunned. How could a magic weapon be forged without cultivation?

However, whether it was Luo Shun or Guo Fan, they did not seem to care about it. Instead, they seemed to be full of confidence. It could not be said that they were full of confidence, but they did not find it unbelievable.

Guo Fan pointed at the sword case on Lang Qing’s back. “Just now, Senior Cui said that his sword case is not simple.”

Lang Qing touched the bottom of the heavy sword case with his backhand and said, The sword case is not simple. “This was forged with the blood and sweat of the grandmaster. Even if he did not have a cultivation base, he could still forge the [Soul Casting Box].”

This thing could be called a divine artifact.

Three main skills, one [Incinerating Materials and Jade] It could smelt all materials below the Void Refining Stage, one [Azure Sky Heart] could give the sword the soul, and the last [Sword] could be used. The second skill was [Incinerating Materials Jade].

Although he didn’t know what the theory was, it was still very mysterious.

That “Shi Guanting” Shi Tu later became the first 10-star swordsmith in the history of Sword Pavilion with the help of the Soul Casting Box.

The players guessed that Shi Tu had melted his soul into the Soul Casting Box based on clues. Simply put, it was not the box that was being forged, but Shi Tu himself or the box.

If that was the case, it would be scary to think about it carefully.

But it also made sense. Shi Tu and the previous family head of Profound Yin Family fell in love. In the end, both of them died of loneliness. Their obsession must have reached a state of obsession. It was reasonable for them to do such a crazy thing.

Song Ru sized up the sword case with a surprised look. Her eyes changed. Sure enough, she felt a vague trace of sword intent contained within. It was clearly just a sword case, but it seemed to be filled with countless swords.

“Then I must look forward to the Chao Chao Listening Sword this time.”

Song Ru smiled and encouraged.

No matter what, it was worth looking forward to a mortal challenging a sword forger of Sword Pavilion.

The three of them soon arrived at the Sword Singing Platform of Night’s Fall Sword City.

A tall platform made entirely of black iron stood between the city wall and the tall green mountains behind it. Chains extended to the bridge between the cliffs and connected to a huge sword on the platform.


Behind Sword Singing Platform was Ice-Crowned Heights. The rolling waves of the White Dragon River were as close as lightning.

It didn’t feel like it in the city, but it could be clearly heard when one arrived at the Sword Singing Platform.

It was more than a hundred times more spectacular than in the game…

Guo Fan exclaimed in his heart. He raised his head and looked at the cliff wall behind Sword Singing Platform. The cliffs on both sides were as high as a thousand Ren, and one could not see the top of the cliffs. He could vaguely see countless chains on the left and right side of the cliff. It was the Cloud Mountain Mist Shield. Just looking at it made one’s heart tremble.

From time to time, he could see some tiny stones falling from the sky.

This was the north side of Night’s Fall Sword City. The further one went, the more Shu Country would be in the mortal world. This Emtou Heights stretched across the east and west, and the seventy-two peaks continued to rise and fall. It was shaped like a sharp sword, piercing through the clouds, and the White Dragon River that passed through the north and south cut it in half at the waist. This caused the cliff to be extremely steep and steep.

Only after that did people open up paths and passes, chiseling open the mountain cliff and taking off the beam. It formed a narrow and narrow passage, called Jolcana Road. After that, there was the mountain gate of the top sect, the Sword Pavilion, which was made up of sword forgers.

Sword Pavilion monopolized the nine peaks of Emtou Heights. They were connected by iron chains and nine empty pavilions. Layers of iron chains crossed the tall and steep mountain peak and formed a chain bridge that birds could not cross over the White Dragon River.

Every year in the Tide-watching Sword-listening Conference, hundreds of sword forging furnaces of the Sword Pavilion built on the Cliff Mountain were opened at the same time.

Smoke rolled like ink, and the raging flames roasted the iron chains until they were as red as blood. When it collided with the waves of the river, the sound was like a sudden clap of thunder, and the white fog that was produced extended for hundreds of miles. It made people feel as if they saw a white dragon soaring into the sky. At the same time, thousands of swords roared at the same time. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

This was the grand occasion of watching the tide and listening to the sword.

Later on, the people of the Sword Pavilion had added all kinds of formations to this Jolcana Road, and it had become a barrier for this sect that specialized in swords.

However, most of the time, only a small portion of these formations were activated, and they were used as the trial of the disciples.

At this moment, the Sword Singing Platform was crowded with people, and it was bustling with activity. All of them were cultivators who had come to register.

Song Ru was wearing the robe of the Soaring Wisdom Sect, which made her stand out among the crowd. These cultivators consciously made a path for her, and then they cast their strange gazes at Guo Fan and Lang Qing.

Guo Fan stopped in front of the Sword Singing Platform and said, “Daoist Priest Song Ru, I will bring Lang Qing to the Sword Pavilion. You can go and register first.”

Song Ru thought that since he had Luo Shun’s communication talisman as a token of appreciation, it shouldn’t be a problem for him, so she nodded and agreed.

Guo Fan brought Lang Qing to Sword Singing Platform and said, “Don’t panic later.”

Song Ru felt that something was wrong when she heard this. She pondered for a while and suddenly reacted. Her pupils shrank and she turned around. “Wait, where do you plan to bring him to Sword Pavilion?”

“Jolcana Road.” Guo Fan’s voice had already drifted far away. Song Ru looked up in a daze and saw Guo Fan grabbing Lang Qing’s figure and landing on the plank road above Sword Singing Platform.

“Crack…” The sound of gears rotating suddenly rang out. On the plank road, pebbles fell down.

The Sword Pavilion disciples on the Sword Singing Platform below looked back in surprise. Then, they cried out in shock, “Someone has entered the formation!”

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